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{Possible Spoilers} Jebediah - Drunken rambling of a Sandbold, or a Martyr of the Light?

I found it funny that Millbee chose Jebediah as his first betraying desciple's name (it's heavily implied to actually be Malestrom, and if you're reading this after the campaign we'll know whether it was or we got No Tricks-ed). There is a Kobold named Jebediah in URealms, Justin's character in Den of Devils. Jebediah was a Doomsayer preaching about the end of times, the most likely form of which would be the death of Kalisto since the other recorded "doomsday" scenario was the death of Phanto.

Millbee accidentally created a very real scenario, where his second desciple, Jebediah, believed in the end of times and sabotaged an attempt at Phanto's revival in order to prevent doomsday. Keep in mind that his Attribute is Insane, so his perception of what the revival of Phanto would cause is likely entirely irrational.


  • @GypsyCow
    I mean, the name "Jebediah Moonkiller" would make sense because of this
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    @GypsyCow So what you're saying is, Jebediah and Maelstrom were both Millbee's desciples, Jebediah screwed something up (potentially on purpose), and both Jebediah and Millbee blamed Maelstrom (who is Millbee's own son) for the failure?

    That would awesome if that were Canon, but I have a feeling it's not.
  • @friskyBrisky I doubt it would be canon, but if Rob decided to go that route it would definitely fit the characters.
  • @GypsyCow ;
    I see your theory, and I raise you the idea that, No Jebediah is not one of Milbees disciples but a different sandbolds disciple entirely, think of it, Justins character from sandbolds has the very real posability to become Jebediah
  • There's one problem... Millbee's character did say "Maelstrom Jebediah Moonkiller" at one point after Maelstrom's name was brought up, so unless that was just a crazy sandbold rambling and combining the two it makes less sense.
  • I'm pretty sure Millbee just gave a random name because he didn't realize what Rob was trying to setup for him and then added his random name onto Maelstroms name after being told his name because he was pretty crazy. I also doubt Millbee has watched any campaigns.
  • I do like how Millbee actually questioned whether his character would understand the Old Gods like Maelstrom
    he actually made the connection 
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