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Urealms Drawing Prompt Redux #1 - Rick Snot

        Hi everyone!!!! I've been missing the old drawing prompts @Qu33nAce ; made for everyone, so I thought "in my infinite wisdom" (yeah like I have any)  it would be a bright idea to try to bring it back prompts for the community (... and myself). 

   So here's the breakdown on whats going to happen every other week (as long as I don't forget) I'll post a new Drawing Prompt to bring about the community's artists.... possible.... maybe.... hopefully. This will be completely open and optional. It doesn't matter how you draw, or even if you use other creative media. All you have to do is make something that you want to create no matter how good, bad, lazy (*cough cough* me), etc. it is.

So without further ado let's start this weeks drawing prompt            (Please don't sue me)

                     ----[ Prompt Start ]---
With that all said and done, Welcome to the first prompt

This week will be based around Rick Snot everyone's (at least mine) favorite dungeoneer extraordinaire and "Accidental" Captain of the Bocoe.  (Also Nisovin's apprentice) 

While anything is allowed, all that I'm going to ask is that you have Rick Snot in the forefront of the art you create. You can add anything extra to it as well... so yeah.

All Ahem's in the picture's will be appreciated 

 Due by February 10 at 12 pm PT
 Keep it clean, which means nothing explicit that will make it NSFW
 Don't take anyone else's work
 Just be nice, please
 Also have fun

Well good luck (and hopefully everyone is okay with me doing this)

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