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Custom Printing of URealms

Just for fun I was thinking about printing out every card in URealms (2,154 Official Cards). Of course I would print off at least 4 sets of the cards so in case players wanted their own fireball each they would have to ability to. While looking around online I can only really find one place to "bulk print", only about 600 cards at a time. I would personally want them in plastic for when I travel out to rainbow gatherings (hippies in the woods for a little while), that way if it rains I wont risk getting them damaged. It would roughly cost about $2,500 in all with proper boxes for carrying. Basically I was wondering where I might be able to find a place to print off around 8,500 professional looking cards for cheaper.

This of course would be strictly for personal use and in no way selling these! URealms is obviously not my right to distribute. I'm simply just a fan.


  • I'd wait until season 3 rolls around at this point, since it's been very heavily hinted that nearly every card is gonna change nad new ones will be added including roleplay spells and items
  • @Murlin22 I assume you mean season 4, but yeah I was just price checking around. This will be something i'm waiting to do till around this time next year. and until then i'll likely print off small cards onto think-ish paper at a staples or something like that.
  • @MoistForGnomes ;
    yes o meant season four sorry about that
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