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What are some of your favorite/fondest DvZ and/or LoM moment? (also starring a half-assed poem)

With DvZ and LoM coming to a close, shall you join me down a trip on good old memory lane?

Some of my favorite memories of DvZ (since i didn't play too much LoM) are of course admin games, who doesn't love getting killed by dragons or Mother Nature or death. But besides those I remember being a golem who one-shots dwarves, my first time being Bruce Willakers then getting one-shot by a zombie launched via creeper back when the spawn protection for mobs gave them insane strength buffs, and also protecting the cake shrine instead of the actual shrine. Good times.... good times

Anyhow, what're yours? is it getting killed by Rob? Being a worthless squid? CLOCKS?!? or was it making new friends online and discovering a great community (you guys) and a great guy, Rob 

And now a half-assed poem, because fuck it that's why!

Well its been real, 
its been fun
We'll miss DvZ
and LoM

With great meal,
of Stone Cake
of Jimmy Juice

There's been times
Fun and Sad
There's been times
Filled with Lag

For some
We've made Clocks
with Chests
but no locks

We've fought Skeles
Wither and Tall
We've been zombies
with some Balls

There's been Cowards
and some Heroes
defending crafters
Blame Niso

Joking and Fun
Drinking then Done
We die again
then fight again

Thanks for the times
With friends a many
and the great games
also I'm a Jimmy

Half-assed Poem
-By LogicallyMad

uh, Praise the Cake


  • fighting AT ATs
  • I’ve always done really dumb stuff in dvz. I’ll remember my countless expeditions I’ve done into the mountains or onto a boat to settle down till 2nd shrine because we didn’t fancy archery and we couldn’t get procs up. Fighting in the ravine of grapevine and getting 50 kill kilstreaks over and over as ai came down just fast enough for it to keep going. The games as bruce where I order the dwarves to do stupid Rp stuff, either building monuments, going on quests, rewarding titles, somehow it always turns into a burden. The last bruce game I had was where i ordered the dwarves to find deadbones on the where’s dead bones map one thing lead to another and I sent people to the gulag and starting awarding people titles all in the name of bruceism or favioratism socialism so the people who don’t whine and have a good attitude don’t have to shovel poop and get to be my generals. The skeleton Bopen of the vile bouswazee came and the panzer golems followed suit. The game continued with us yelling propogranda, such as, “Not one step back!” It ended at the final shrine everybody damning the nazi zombies to hell. I have too many fond memories to pick a faviorate or even have a top 10. It would end up as a top 25! Dvz has influenced me a lot and it will live in my heart forever.

    I wish they could add old dvz maps as all the sever now is nostalgia, i would like if they could add them if it’s not too big of a hassle which it probobly is. 
    R.I.P Raenil.
  • It was in the first Bruce's Gym server i think, where Willikar's mountain was still up and we ate cakes and such. i remember one game where me and one other guy were able to hold off hordes of zombies at the front gate just by ourselves, the two of us defending one of the two halls all alone, while a majority of the other dwarves held off the other hall.

    Until i realized they weren't, and the zombies had gotten through their defenses long ago, making our stand moot.

    For LOM it had to be joining the Netherward, our teamspeak is still up and running to this day. Some people have wandered off and not returned over the years, but we still keep in touch, they're still netherward, and they're still my friends. And all the funny lore we've made like our rabbit gods, one player being the physical embodiment of the netherward itself, and  the fact that i have explosive munches and cause things to blow up when i'm in space.

    And you know, those times where we all dressed up as creepy Vonkie Dolls and stalked around the map, or opening the mall portal into an enclosed area with us :P

  • Any organization thing the paladins try to due do to we will all ways get said track for about a hour or so
  • dvz, i remember a mod or admin coming on turning into a dragon and while everyone else ran i stood and fought
  • coe's birthday with his m8 danky kang
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