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Quickly Creating Classes and Custom Cards Coincidentally between Classes. Corn.

I like making custom cards in URealms, who doesn't? I don't really post them t often though as it doesn't really seem like a thing people are incredibly interested in. That being said I have a 3 hour break once a week between two of my courses so I figured I would try and burn some of that time by doing a SPEED CLASS CREATION CHALLENGE for myself. I gave myself one hour to make a custom class from scratch. Then either later that day or the next one I'm going to refine it and fix any mistakes and try and balance it to be better. I'm going to be trying to do this once a week on Mondays for shits and giggles for myself. 


Okay okay okay I know it's Wednesday and I said I'd be doing this Monday. I did this Monday but didn't get around to posting it until today. For the refined cards I'll make an update in a couple hours when I can get home and post them.
Cards made in under an hour:

Just the base card nothing fun to really talk about here other than high starting gold for reasons I'll talk about later.

Okay THIS is the bread and butter of the class. Without this card there is no point in picking the professor so the reason why the professor starts with 700 gold is because of this card. They have the option of having multiple Pupils, but they miss out on having all the materials they may need to teach their best. This class and card make for an interesting roleplay experience between players and some awesome combo potential. That being said it needs to be reworded slighted as not all abilities should be able to become  bonus action.

This ones quite cool, real teachery professor theme going on with the extra credit. Tad overpowered I think and there's a very easy way to fix that making the passive more realistic and fun if you ask me, but we'll get to that later today.

Here's one that's name needs to be changed because I completely spaced and forgot it's a name of a Wizard Passive but no matter. The idea I was going with here is that the student needs to learn from the master to be successful or else they've failed. I.E. doing better. One thing that needs to be changed or added rather is what happens on a tie.

So here's a little meme that's one of four of it's kind. This and 3 other spells should be the only ones which can trigger the Pupil's passive use an ability as a Bonus Action thing. Other than that the only thing that needs to change is the addition of spell elements

This one's just kind of a mess, I like the idea t's just the wording doesn't make complete sense and that's what I need to mess with, as well as possibly making this a limited. As with 3 pupils and 3 empty inventory spots on each that just trading your action for giving out 9 bonus actions which is just fucking stupid.

This one I like quite a lot and may also need to become a limited based on what I said above.

Behold! The ice variant of fire fling whose range should be reduced!

Behold! The arcane variant of fire fling whose damage must be converted to just a base 5 over a 3x3 area!

Here's a nice class related armor whose Stamina granting should be doubled and whose cost should be cut.
A fun passive that needs to be reworded a touch but shooould be fine otherwise.

Behold! The Earth variant of fire fling that needs it gem changed and reworked slightly!

Another funny meme that can prooooooobably be abused but I mean I think it's neato. Needs a slight rework.

And that's all, any suggestions, questions, memes, or comments can be posted below and I'll put the updated cards on later tonight as well as making the beginning paragraph sounds less stupid since i no word good now.

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