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Character Archive Chapter 1: Not Finished May Bad

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Yumi and her Band of Thieves made their debut in the very first campaign Band of Thieves. Now let see if these characters stood the test of time and see how strong was Yumi, Squinks, Gracias, and K4 actually. 
 I'll be look at these 7 categories, and I'll rating them on a 5 point scale.
-Power: the amount of Damage and/or Actions a character can perform each round, and how efficient they are in this category.
-Defense: the amount of Interrupts(Blocks, Dodges, Anytimes) can perform each round, and how efficient they are in this category.
-Intelligence: how smart a Character is.
-Range: how far a Character can attack from. 
-Thickness: how well a Character can take a hit.
-Utility: how much Utility a Character has.
-Mobility: how much Movement a Character is capable of, or how is a Character at Closing the distance.

I uploaded it on Accident. 


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    Well, I'll still be waiting, this seems cool, though the real question is are you going to be using the S3 equivalents of their abilities or not? If you're using the S1 abilities then they are ridiculously weak, they were dealing around 5-7 damage a round, and now a fireball does 25.

    Still looking forward to it though! :smilebold: 

  • @KaeawynShifter I was going to upload for at least a month, well I still have class archive.
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