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The Bronze Cyrpts [Revamped]

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Quick note: This campaign uses my own custom lore so you may want to change up things to fit within your own lore or the vanilla lore.

The Bronze Crypts

Campaign Info
Encounters: 5
Difficulty: Easy | Medium | High
The Map:

Meta Info for Players
  This is a combat focused, dungeon delving campaign with the opportunity to get loot during the first two encounters. With how the map is this campaign is pretty linear unless the players roll lots of critical successes and skip parts of the map.

   This campaign takes place in the ruins of Dugyur(Dug-yur), a small mining town in The Mountain Region of Dwairhaim that was well known for its export of Bronze and strong warriors. Dugyur was built into The Mountain and during a landslide Dugyur was entombed into the mountain as everybody inside the town either died instantly or starved. Necromancers are very common in Dugyur and although there once was a Necromancer that used the dead bodies of the Bronze Battalion that Necromancer has moved on so now there are dead Dwarven Warriors that will try to kill anybody that attempts to enter their home.

Character Creation Set Up
Races: All
Classes: All

   You and your fellow party members have been hired by the Guild of Explorers to go into the ancient Dwarven Ruins of Dugyur(Dug-yur), a small mining town that was well known for its export of Bronze and strong Dwarven Warriors. Dugyur was built partially into a mountain and once there was a massive landslide Dugyur collapsed. You have three objectives, map out the ruins, take notes about anything going on in Dugyur and to find and take as much loot as you can to share with the guild.    

Misc Information
  The part of Dugyer that the players are exploring used to be the base of a large private army called The Bronze Battalion, the BB were Mecenaries that were hired by Rodoroc to help claim the parts of Dwairhaim that used to be governed by the Elves.


  There are three types of fighters inside The Bronze Battalion.

  • Dwarven Barbarians: These Dwarven Barbarians are frontline fighters that used battle axes and are hyper aggressive.

  • Dwarven Mages: The Dwarven Mages doubled as both support and as healers.

  • Dwarven Scouts: The Dwarven Scouts were sneaky and used hit and run tactics, they usually carried around crossbows and short swords for quiet killing.


   There is lots of loot inside Dugyur, inside this part of the ruins there is lots of Armor, Weapons and Books about battle tactics and fighting styles. Not to mention the large amounts of gold and gems that are a bit more hidden away.

  Play around with the Lighting feature inside Tabletop Simulator to set the ambience better, there is almost no light sources inside these ruins so the party will be very limited on how well they can see. If the party is very strong you can limit how far they can see.

  There are two types of Dwarfs in Dugyur, dead Dwarves that still have flesh and Skeletons. The Dead Dwarves will attack people who get close however the Skeletons take much longer to attack and instead merge their bones into a Skeleton Golem like creature.


Ambience for outside of combat

Combat Music for Encounter 2

Combat Music for Encounter 3 or Alternative Combat Music for Encounter 3

Music for Encounter 5

Encounter 1

  “You and your party members have just entered the Dugyur Ruins. You are currently in a large room that has lots of boxes and crates and a few skeletons inside of it. The room itself is very dusty and there is a thin cloud of dust that prevents you from seeing everything right away. The only source you guys have is the light from the hole you guys climbed down from.” -> Character Introductions.

  The script for you to read off already describes the setting of and the picture of the map shows you where this encounter takes place. There are tons of crates and chests in this first room, the players will most likely try to open these. If they do open them then have them roll, if they get a 1 then it will house a monster of some sort and a quick skirmish will ensue. If they roll anything else then give them loot based off of their roll, make sure to not give them anything too good right away.

  Once the players leave the first room they will find themselves in a hallway, to their left there is a large stone door with blue gems inside of it. This door is a roadblock and doesn’t serve much purpose and the only way through it(for both sides) is to get lucky and roll a 20. On the ground there is 4 Bronze Pressure Plates that trigger the Arrow Traps lining the wall, however these Arrow Traps are busted and do not work. Once the party leaves this hallway then the next encounter will begin.

Encounter 2) A

  “As you leave the hallway you enter a room with no lights, on the ground lays 3 Dwarven corpses. Two of them looked to be mighty Warriors judging from their battle axes on the ground next to them and their scars from battle, the other body looks to be a mage judging from his staff leaning up against the wall and his robes. What would you guys like to do?”

  This is the first combat of this campaign and the mobs are supposed to teach the players the types of enemies that are in this campaign. As the players investigate the bodies they will raise from the dead as their flesh turns partially green and chunks of their flesh fall onto the ground. In this combat there are 3 Dwarven Barbarians, 2 Dwarven Mages and a Dwarven Scout. In the first wave there is 2 Dwarven Barbarians and a Mage, they will play normally and when you deem it fitting the second wave of Dwarfs will show up.

Dwarven Barbarian x3

  In this encounter there are 3 Dwarven Barbarians, these Barbarians play hyper aggressive and are meant to scare the party. The Dwarven Barbarians’ skill set is designed to be somewhat of a duelist while still putting out a lot of Damage.

Stamina: 150 each

Anytimes: 2 each

Deathroll: NA (Dies when lowered to 0 Stamina)

Abilities / Passives:

Basic Attack: 40 Damage Battle axe (Should just use Double Frost)

Berserker / Double Frost (General Goto Action)

Berserker / Cleave (General Goto Action if you can hit at least 2 People)

Swashbuckler / Parry (General Goto Defensive Action or Anytime Action)

Berserker / Seismic Slam (Use whenever you think is a good time)

Dwarven Mages x2  

   The Mages are more of a support than a Damage dealer although their goto Damage source isn’t necessarily bad. The Mage focuses on Freezing the players and creating Rough Terrain underneath the players. The Mages should hang out in the back and support their allies, because they can heal they should be targeted first.

Stamina: 75 each

Anytimes: 2 each

Deathroll: NA (Dies when lowered to 0 Stamina)

Abilities / Passives:

Basic Attack: 1 Damage Oaken Staff (Never use unless you’re doing something fancy)

Custom Ability / Meteor EX  (General Goto Action for Damage)

Custom Ability / Ice Snake EX (General Goto Action for Support)

Companion Ability / Mark of Healing EX (Use when someone needs a heal)

Dwarven Scout

  The Dwarven Scout focuses on surprising the party by sneaking behind the party and dealing damage from the shadows. The Scout can fight from range with the Mages however you can be a lot more effective with your hit and run tactics.

Stamina: 125

Anytimes: 2

Deathroll: NA (Dies when lowered to 0 Stamina)

Abilities / Passives:

Basic Attack: 25 Damage Shortsword, 25 Damage 15 Range Crossbow (General Goto Action)

Swashbuckler / Lunge (General Goto Action, deals 40 Damage if the Target doesn’t see you)

Spellthief / Invisibility (Use to maintain stealth to combo with Lunge)

Spellslinger / Showdown (Use to burst down a Target with Basic Attacks or Lunges)

Encounter 2) B  

   Once the party has dealt with the reanimated Dwarfs they have two options, go deeper into the dungeon or to investigate this side room. If the party decides to push on then skip the rest of this paragraph.. If the party decides to investigate then they will find this large door that is made out of pure Bronze slightly open, there is a very faint light inside this vault as a magical light provides dim light from above. The main thing with this vault is the amount of treasure inside of it, everybody that takes something out of this vault will get 500 Gold and 2 Random Treasure Items. When the players are done getting loot have them roll, the person that rolled the lowest has a cursed Treasure Item that will whisper into the back of their minds and Charm them during the 3rd Encounter, if somebody rolls a Critical Failure then they also have a cursed item regardless of everybody else's roll.

  Moving on from the upper section of this encounter the party will find themselves at merging pathways, there isn’t much here besides a set of broken arrow traps and a giant rock that fell through the roof and into its current spot. Beyond this there is a little living room like area with a dead Dwarven Body with simple clothing on the chair and on the couch, when the players approach they will attack but before they can reach the players their bones and flesh will fall off and they will be out of commission. If the players investigate the bookshelf then tell them that the books are about battle tactics & fighting styles. To progress to the next room you twist the door knob and the door will slide to the right into the wall.

Encounter 3

  “As the giant stone door slides into the wall you see 2 large stone pillars, as you guys enter in you see another set of pillars and then you see a dead dwarf standing up and grabbing his axe that was by his side, you look around and see two more figures standing up, a Mage and another Scout. As these Dwarves stand up the door behind you guys closes, combat has started.”

  This combat is similar to the previous one with the mobs as the three Dwarves are like super versions of the Dwarven Barbarian, Mage and Scout. All of the Dwarves play like how the normal versions of themselves do. This is a pretty straightforward combat, the Barbarian will be putting out the most Damage and will be in the Players’ face while the Mage supports the Barbarian and the Scout attacks from behind and remains annoying with her invisibility. The party could technically skip this encounter by running past the mobs and opening the next door(which opens up like the door that the party used to get into this room) but the mobs will chase after them.

Hrolgus Stonejaw (Dwarven Barbarian)

  Hrolgus Stonejaw was the Bronze Battalion’s General who led them to victory in almost every battle he has commanded. Hrol is a master of Melee Combat whos job is to burn the player’s anytimes, if the players defeat Hrol then Theodrick and Marani will fall pretty quickly because they depend on the players focusing Hrol.

Stamina: 500

Anytimes: 5

Deathroll: NA (Dies when lowered to 0 Stamina)

Actions: 2 if the party is powerful

Ability / Passives:

Basic Attack: 30 Damage Greataxe (Shouldn’t use over Doublefrost)

Berserker / Double Frost (General Goto Action, deals 60)

Berserker / Cleave (Use when you can hit at least 2 people, deals 40)

Berserker / Trample (Use this to get into Range or to damage the players, deals 35)

Swashbuckler / Parry (General Goto Anytime/Defensive Action)

Berserker / Seismic Slam (Use to shut somebody down)

Warrior / Second Wind (Only use if the party is demolishing this encounter)

Warrior / Battle Roar (Use if the players are focusing Theodrick and Marani)

Berserker / Death Wish (Should use Double Frost with this)

Theodrick Frostfall (Dwarven Mage)

  Theodrick Frostfall used to work in Rodoroc as a history teacher who taught about great wizards of the past and battles. He helped Hrolgus create battle plans and also teaches the Bronze Battalion Mages spells. He supports from range and should keep Hrolgus alive, because Theodrick has the ability to heal he should be taken out first by the players.

Stamina: 350

Anytimes: 5

Deathroll: NA (Dies when lowered to 0 Stamina)

Ability / Passives:

Basic Attack: 5 Damage Wand (You should never use this)

Custom Ability / Meteor (General Goto Action)

Custom Ability / Ice Snake (Use to prevent the players from getting close to you or Marani)

Runemaster / Mark of Healing (Use whenever someone needs healing, has 10 Range)

Sorcerer / Mana Shield (Use if somebody is about to be hit for a lot)

Sorcerer / Ice Tomb (Use if somebody is about to attack yourself or Marani for a lot of Damage)

Sorcerer / Windwake (Use if the players try to focus you down with Melee attacks)

Marani Flamefoot (Dwarven Scout)

  Marani Flamefoot was once a personal assassin for the King of the Mountain however once the King she served under was killed by a challenger she became a member of the Bronze Battalion and now works as both a spy and assassin. She is probably the most dangerous of the three because she has the ability to force Death Rolls onto Targets, she becomes a lot less dangerous once Hrolgus dies because then she has less people for the Players to attack.

Stamina: 350

Anytimes: 5

Deathroll: NA (Dies when lowered to 0 Stamina)

Ability / Passives:

Basic Attack: 30 Damage Dagger (Shouldn’t use over Flamelance)

Wizard / Flamelance (General Goto Action, deals 30)

Wizard / Pyroblast (Use when effective)

Swashbuckler / Lunge (Forces a Death Roll if the Target doesn’t see you)

Spellthief / Invisibility (Use to maintain stealth to combo with Lunge)

Encounter 4) A

  “After the door slides into the wall you enter another large room, the only thing you can see right away is a large statue of a Dwarven Paladin and another dead Dwarf who tries to attack you guys however his flesh falls off of his body as his bones also fall to the ground. As you move in you see a couple of Skeletons on the ground. What do you guys want to do?”

  This segment of Encounter 4 is really quick, the only thing of importance is the statue which is of Vanear Gallantshield who was the King of the Lowlands 400 years ago and who was also an important figure inside of the Grand Paladin Order.

Encounter 4) B

  “You guys walk into another room however this one is a giant chasm in the ground, this pit goes down for what seems like forever and there is no clear way around.”

  This chasm used to be the barracks for the Bronze Battalion however it fell into a sink hole when Dugyur collapsed. The best way around it is to shimmy across on the right hand side of the room or to use Magic. If somebody falls into the pit they must Brutal Deathroll(50/50), if they fail they fall into the pit if they survive they manage to stay out of the pit. You can decide if they fall into the pit because there isn’t a good set of numbers that should automatically make you slip, however rolling a Critical Failure is fine.

Encounter 5

  “You guys leave the chasm behind you and you enter another room, the only thing of interest in this room is a Skeleton with a golden locket around their neck. What do you guys do?”

  This final encounter takes place across the entire board and it triggers if somebody removes removes the locket off of the Skeleton of Brazor Silverhead, the founder of The Bronze Battalion. This necklace was enchanted by the necromancer that onced use the BB as his minions to kill off any other necromancer that tried to use his minions. This Encounter is only hard if the players are rolling bad for sprinting and if they don’t have movement abilities.

  Once a player removes the necklace from Brazor they will hear a rumbling coming from the wall in front of them as this section of Dugyur is starting to collapse on itself and create a cave in. Every round Dugyur will collapse 7 spaces, the party will most likely go for the door and once they realize that it is broken they will have to use some anytimes to go to the door leading to the chasm. Their movement speed when crossing the chasm by chimmying is capped at 5 without using multiple anytime actions. When they get to the door leading to the Paladin Statue room is a Bone Golem whose only job is to block their way so the party has to dump a lot of damage into this Golem to kill it so they can progress.

  After the first bone golem the party runs through the room with the three Dwarfs, both of the doors are open. Once they enter the lounge area there is another Bone Golem in the 3 by 3 hallway with the busted arrow trap so the party has to funnel through. Up by the treasure room there isn’t any Bone Golems however in the first hallway the players entered there is another Bone Golem waiting for them and it is doing the same thing the previous Bone Golem is doing. Once they are past this Bone Golem they are home free.

  “You guys run up and climb the rope as Dugyur collapses behind you, you climb up to the surface as you cover your eyes from the change in light. You guys have successfully cleared The Bronze Crypts.”

Bone Golem

  The Bone Golems are made up of the Dwarven Skeletons found throughout this Campaign, they have around 60-80 Stamina depending on your party's’ damage output and have no abilities and can not attack. Their only objective is to body block the players from moving forward.


  • Oh hey I played this, it was pretty lit
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    I have revamped and rewritten this campaign so I have another campaign at my disposal to GM whenever i'm bored. The quality of this campaign has been drastically improved so I hope you enjoy reading through this or perhaps hosting it for yourself! Also if you're interested in potentially playing it I will be hosting this Campaign whenever I feel like it on the Urealms Unified Discord server.

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