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The Sandbolds predictions ( well some of it i got very side tracked with time travel magic )

Next weekend is the schedualed time for the first campaign of 2018, and if everything is the same as it was last year we will be getting a preview video on Monday, as such I'm going to give my predictions for the storyline and possible events that may happen in the campaign, firstly we should point out that the players will be playing the kobolds who were saved from the crews of Bopen's crew because of an event in a previous show, it's also good to point out that the kobolds who saved the children also took 'Ghostblade' who may or may not be the child of Lyn Azveltara depending on how the lore pans out, this makes it very likely that we will hear atleast a passing mention of the edgelord himself if not a cameo. Now onto the main part, the players will be playing as the children saved by the sandbolds, this and the fact that the campaign is literally called 'The Sandbolds' makes it very likely that the players will be part of the mysterious group we have never heared mentioned outside of a legendary 'The scrolls of the sandbolds, the item hourglassofthesandbold a sidequest that got side tracked ( goddammit poor deadbones ) and some mentions from presumably Nader Leomaris in his mad scrawlings, so what do all these things put together point towards? I believe that it's very likely that the Sandbolds are some sort of time travellers/ time 'police' since to my knowledge no character has ever mentioned them specifically despite their seemingly insane control of time, this would it make sense if they were from the future and travelled back in time or and hear me out because I'm very hopeful about this, They live in a realm independent of time, or atleast have a completely different concept of time, we know this is possible because of the TOUW showed that the rooms inside the tower are inside the realm of holding and with the time travel stuff that happened to Nisovin where he was even able to see himself in the past proves that Urealms allows for backwards time travel albeit the only character we know can achieve this is Quintara Lotus herself, if you look at all of the time travel magic in urelams every single one of them is part Arcane basically proving that time travel is down to the arcane element itself ( i mean season 3 or a new legendary item could f*** this argument but oh well ) So why did I take so much time on time travel magic in urealms? Honeslty I'm not sure but I just wanted to try to make this argument, ok now I'm done digressing I'll just get on with it. If the Sandbolds lived in their own realm or if they lived outside of time it would mean that they could see every event that ever happened and ever will happen as such they could change tiny little events like saving a few children and swiping a murderer to make the future better. If everything I said is correct I believe in this show we will see a lot of time travel, the characters changing things in the past and influencing events and maybe even past campaigns and most likely more Old God shenanigans.

Sandbolds may be time travellers/ time police, Time magic is a powerful form of arcane magic, Sandbolds might show past campaigns and events. This next campaign will be good no matter what.

Stuff I didn't bother including because I have no idea how to write properly as shown by this whole post.

The Beenu might have been sent into the past OR sent into the realm that we know by the Sandbolds as some sort of punishment due to how technologically advanced and alien to the realm they seem. 

The sandbold ruins mentioned in the side quest 'Scrolls of the Sandbolds' could be due to an accident with time/realm magic, transporting some sort of building/'s into the past or into the realm we know and contact with this realm cause it to instantly become ruins. 

Uhhhh if you read of this I salute you, I'm bad at this sort of thing


  • I've expressed this a lot, but I'm going to add some things to this list as well:
    • I believe that this campaign might be one of the most recent campaigns we've seen in the "proposed timeline" that was proposed by rob in Den of Devils. This is because the players will be playing as the Kobolds rescued in The Skeleton King. Now, while we don't know how fast/slow Kobolds age, I surmise it's around the same age as humans for simplicity sake. Because of that, I believe this campaign will be one of the most recent that we have seen
    • I believe the roster for the campaign will be Roamin, Deadbones, Justin, and Coe... I believe this because:
    • This is gonna be the PvP campaign of the season, where the Sandbolds will be fighting the people who destroyed and pillaged their village. I believe this because the Kobolds most likely have harbored some hatred for the attackers of the village. They killed their "clansmen and clanswomen" and pillaged everything they had. Also. Ghostblade might try to assassinate one of the Player Characters in this campaign. This is because he is a Halfwit (or was a halfwit) and can be easily fooled into thinking Bopen is an enemy, and his crew needs to be taken out. That might lead to the campaign being Ghostblade leading the vengeful Kobolds to where Clott, Tobias, Luca, and Are'ani are, and PvP might ensure.
  • @Emperor ;
    if im wrong about the Sandbolds being time travellers your most probably at least half right about these things, my issue is the fact that the Sandbolds, DO NOT appear in any campaigns ( at least outside of frozen time ), in normal lore or attack the skeleton king or infact any of the characters despite the fact they seem completely at their mercy, this makes me think that they cannot just fight or do what they want, if this is true what did they do with the Kobold children and ghost blade? Would they let them just go and hunt down Bopen's crew? How can the 'passifists' be the main focus of a combat campaign?
  • @Murlin22 ;
    Even pacifists can be pushed to war. Having your whole village destroyed... Might piss a few people off. And I mean, they took Ghostblade (a man who has killed numerous Dwarven kings mind you) with them. That means they're gearing for something.
  • @Emperor ;
    bit the Sandbolds ( the ones who save the kids ) are most probably not actually from the village, now maybe they might have just moved the Kobold children to a safe haven and brought along Ghostblade along for the reason of war but why would people with such immense magic power need an assassin? They could just stop time and kill whoever they want 
  • didn't rob say in the behind the scenes for touw 2 that the rooms aren't actually in the dimension of holding? i might be mis-remembering something.

    Also find it weird that time would be arcane magic. for some reason i have it in my head that in this world the saying is "Light is Time" or something like that. i /may/ be confusing this with a different setting, possibly dark souls., hard to say.

    while i rather doubt it, a group living in a plane / pocket dimension that isn't the realm of holding would be neat.
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    @TamTroll ;
    i remember him saying that it is in the realm of holding in the behind the scenes but maybe I am misremembering, the reason I say time magic is arcane is the fact that literally every time based card/spell in the game is at least half arcane and yeah if we have a realm of holding there can certainly be other realms infact I think Dalfgan is in another dimension too
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    I think the campaign will certainly lead to confronting some of Bopen's crew at least
    similarly to how Buckaroo's was all about investigating, and later confronting the Murder Bros

    A big thing affecting the campaign, is the lifelines donation event
    which means those rescued Kobold children, can be selected as player characters, not sure if they're mandatory or not though

    if the Kobold children were killed, then guessing from the event description, and what Rob said to the party after "if you kill the child, you effectively kill yourself in the future"
    then maybe some of Bopen's crew would have been Semi-scripted to die during the Sandbold campaign, avenging them

    But now, who knows what'll end up happening, but it should certainly be an interesting campaign
  • Soooo.... the campaign preview seems to be very different from what I could have imagined, Maelstrom knows about the Sandbolds and seems to have been part of them at some point, this means that them being time travellers is basically torn in half. I'll just wait for the great stream now before theorising anything else because although I have a theory I don't feel like it's good enough to warrant its own post
  • @Murlin22
    I don't think it's really torn in half, as the Video description, while saying him as 'Maelstrom the Kobold', it refers to the sandbolds as his Brethren.

    And there's also the consideration of the fact of Maelstrom's full awareness of the Old Gods: Perhaps we unknowingly provide him the power and means to do big feats, he was said to be able to clearly overpower the 3 Sandbolds in the Video after all, and they have Phanto's manipulation of the universal laws gift with them.

    The Donations Page does refer to them knowing where and when Time Magic is used too, calling them watchers of the realm (which may be outdated with Phanto's death.), so I don't think you was even that far off with the idea of them being Time Police.
  • @Murlin22 That's why I stopped being a part of those 'Gain Points if you guess a Campaign Correctly' Threads. I never got anything important right. :peace: 

    If I had to guess, based on the Donation events, I'd have to guess that the Sandbolds are preparing for some massive war that ultimately destroys them (as read at the end of Azveltara Z).
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ;
    Oh yeah I didn't read the donation page but I guess you could kind of read it that way, but I had no idea that they were connected to phanto or knew when time magic would happen, but if Maelstrom is fully aware of us and could kill followers of one of the original dragons who like you said and on the donation page says they can bend reality he must really be a powerhouse in some way, maybe his eye holds some sort of old god magic ( or Meta magic ) that can make him do anything if we allow it
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    @friskyBrisky ;
    I believe that it wasn't a war that wiped out most of the sandbolds but maelstrom himself with the help of us as  they call him a 'traitor' 
  • @Murlin22 I mean, it could be a war against Maelstrom (1 Kobold against 100 Kobolds probably means the law of Ninja Conservation is in effect), but we have no idea what the what the DD is going to be, except that it's going to involve Maelstrom doing something.
  • @Murlin22
    Right now, that's kind of my thinking, that to the Sandbolds, he has a source of virtually limitless power to wield, while Maelstrom is aware that he can only truly use it with Old Gods acting to do it, as it'd be very simple for us to decide to wipe him out one day if we wished.

    I'm still looking through some things though, like how powerful Maelstrom may be comparatively, as in the Video, we got 3 Sandbolds with clear names and ties to Maelstrom, potentially high-importance Sandbolds maybe?
  • @friskyBrisky @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ;
    Yeah we've seen just how powerful old god artifacts can be, the goblet of mysteries for example can literally bring people black form the dead with no problems, that's way more powerful the greater lay on hands a legendary spell that seems to inflict a sin. Imagine the power of an actual weapon using old god power, if we're talking about maelstrom's eye being some sort of old god artifact what could it do? Give him visions of the future, via old god messages allowing him to be untouchable in combat and unable to Miss with his blades? But until we see an Elven council campaign I'm holding out on even considering making a urealms power scale as rob has hinted that any one of the Elven council members ( who Quintara Lotus herself is techinically a member of ) could deal with an army of ageless alone
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    Yeah, who knows what it hides, and what it may do?
    For all we know, the eye could give him full time travel and let him go back and wipe the existence of the Sandbolds completely, other than himself, so they slowly fade into non-existence right in front of Maelstrom to show the Old Gods what he is capable of.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ ;
    yeah, I feel like anything to do with us has to be activated via donation events or DD's like with the sins and the goblet of mysteries, it makes sense since he would use our power to do it, so what I'm saying is he can do literally anything because we always complete donation events now XD
  • Maelstrom’s eye is what let’s him see the old gods. the way I think about it, is maelstrom watches urealms live. He knows what we know and more
  • @kreeperkiller63 ;
    a good theory but I don't actually think he can see us because how could he? We're not actually gods, we're not there, perhaps he can feel our influences and descisions but I don't think he can 'see' us
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    @Murlin22 it was in a blood tome from the buckaroos, where it was hinted that maelstrom could see us. 
  • @kreeperkiller63 ;
    it was probably meant as metaphorical sight as opposed to actual sight
  • edited January 2018
    @Murlin22 ;
    it was the third blood tome. the way it is worded, and what we have seen maelstrom do and act. it seems more than likely that he can indeed see us. atlest to some degree. probably.
  • Well we're going to have something to do with Beenu due to the line of Maelstrom saying "collection of dead birds are hardly a relic" So I'm pretty sure we're gonna get something with Beenu and with the line where Maelstrom jokes about It being "gold in here" and says sorry It's cold in here so we're going to also maybe get something to do with gold related lore or maybe another one of those weird golden golems that we had in Dundinborough
  • @Sgtdevel ;
    yeah, I bet the Sandbolds can probably use dragon gold or something 
  • well enchanters can also used dragon gold so that is not really is but not to big
  • @Pufflemore ;
    i mean actually using it, in the into video the female sandbold ( I forgot her name ) seemed to be casting magic with a golden aura, that could just be a random light spell but I imagine each element has its own colour and I don't associate gold with any of the main elements
  • @Murlin22 or it could be sand magic like how it some what cannon that blood magic (dark and light) is a red color. They are sandbolds after all.
  • @Pufflemore ;
    true it would make sense for them to be sandbenders but I don't know what possible sand magic spell she would cast at maelstrom that wpuld do **** all ( maybe they should of wished for a pyroblast )

  • The Sandbold took ghostblade with them, but they were also really interested in Bopen. But why? im hoping we get to know more about that in this campaign...

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