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Death of a divine OOC (4/4 full for now )

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Xeros Garon Mason, former believer turned divine has turned on his world, killing mortals left and right, the Dwarves and Thor himself have been killed by the the deranged divine, however before thors death he managed to mortally wound Xeros causing him to lose his true divinity leaving him vulnerable to mortal weapons and spells. Xeros, unable to return to the realm of holding ordered his Fiends to build him a castle till he could regain his powers and finish what he had started.

You will be playing one of the men or women preparing to attack the Divine Castle and kill Xeros, you will be joined by an army of NPCs to help you along this task but be advised all possible precautions should be taken, tho Xeros has become weaker it doesn't mean he isn't still dangerous. 

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gold roll and pick any race other then Dverg or Dwarves because they no longer exist in this realm, characters who have met Xeros across many different universes can be used instead of making a new character. If you make a new character normal forum rules still apply.

@gushy48 Alvin_Valen
42 stamina
180 stamina
170 stamina
Raven stamina 100
Stamina 37


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