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New Universe, Same Rules (Mostly) World of Aspects URealms Adaptation

If you want to just skip to the cards, they are down below. You can read the rest of the content later. Reading what is inbetween would just make it easier to understand the contents of the cards.

This is an adaptation of my Fantasy Universe that I have been writing for a number of years now using the rules and methods provided in URealms. Adapting my laws, my races, and my world has really forced me to see my universe from a new perspective, but translating them into cards with URealm's rules has always proved challenging. I have already written a lot of content for my Universe, so as to not overwhelm everyone like I seem to do for so many others I will adapt and provide at a slower pace and in bite sizes. Enough rambling, let's just get into the meat of this.

Lets paint a picture. What is my universe about?
My universe is roughly the same as URealm's, except mine divides the magic system more and actually goes for a literal more anime approach, while also reflecting our own human history. I want it to reflect our Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance time periods but through the eyes of different races. I am willing, however, to rewrite history on some matters like women in arms or gay marriage, the same that RAWB has done, but I will not ignore the facts about our human conditions, like that women are less likely to pick up the sword because they are less aggressive than men. Women can and will fight in this world, but men will still outnumber them in the field. This is irrelevant information, however, as I will not penalize or institute stat differences for gender choice, nor do I think there should. Now RAWB is gonna ban me for politics.

What races, magical elements, and gods do I have?
10 races, 2 pseudo-races, 12 elements, 12 goddesses. For this first batch of cards I could only cover pieces of some races. The goddesses have jurisdiction or rule over a magical element, like the Dragon-Gods in URealms, but most goddesses here have a child race that they sculpted from the clay.

Lux: Goddess of Light
Child Race: Angels
custom card

Ignis: Goddess of Fire
Child Race: Salamanders
custom card
custom card
custom card

Undine: Goddess of Water
Child Race: Mermaids
custom card
custom card
custom card

Terra: Goddess of Earth
Child Race: Gnomes
custom card

Vita: Goddess of Life
Child Race: Nymphs
custom card

Tempa: Goddess of Wind
Child Race: Harpies

Heima: Goddess of Ice
Child Race: Snowmen

Mercura: Goddess of Metal
404 Race Not Found

Anima: Goddess of Death
Child Race: Wights
custom card

Umbra: Goddess of Dusk
Child Race: Imps

I need to go now. Additional balancing and brain storming is required, by all means, be vocal about your opinions. I will need all the help I can muster.


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    As I said before, balancing is still on the docket. I just wanted to get each race's gimmick out. 
    Those are the first 10 goddesses, and the last two are Sophi'avi: Goddess of Wisdom (Arcane) and Voro'avi: Goddess of the Void. Both of these are the elder goddesses, or rather the mothers of the other goddesses. Both of these goddesses, however, do not have child races. The mentioned pseudo-races are the Mutts, those with the blood of 3 or more races, and the Fallen, the servants of Voro'avi that have been personally selected by Voro'avi herself to be her champions.

    The reason that I split each race's details into 4 cards (Yes, 4. Race, Body, Spirit, and Ability) was because of the mutt, the pseudo-race who's gimmick is picking and choosing cards from other races. Mutts during character creation would pick 3 racial cards; a body, a spirit, and an ability, but I have been considering merging the spirit and ability cards as the spirit cards have been very light. Again, balancing and stuff.

    The Fallen are an interesting bunch though. They are not a race, but they are converts. Their racial abilities are replaced with these cards upon becoming champions.

    Lycanthrope: custom card
    custom card
    Vampire: custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    Ghoul: custom card

    I still need to do a lot of balancing and figuring out how to handle things, but they are getting done slowly. If anybody has any suggestions or better ways of wording things I am all ears.
  • There is a certain direction that I wanted to take with each of my races, although I fear that with the current balancing each race's abilities are too isolating, making each race far different. I guess this is an exaggeration as each race only has one real leg over others in one field. What did I want to do with each race?

    Strength: Healing
    Weakness: Dark
    Ability: custom card
    Maybe I should make this one once per game.

    Strength: Damage
    Weakness: Water
    Ability: custom card
    I forgot to add to this one that the Battle trance ends when you do not get attacked for a turn.

    Strength: Balanced
    Weakness: Ice
    Ability: custom card

    Strength: Durability
    Weakness: Life
    Ability: custom card

    Strength: Minions
    Weakness: Death
    Ability: custom card

    Strength: Flight
    Weakness: Lightning
    Ability: custom card

    Strength: Durability
    Weakness: Fire
    Ability: custom card

    404 Race Not Found
    Strength: NA
    Weakness: NA
    Ability: custom card

    Strength: Necromancy
    Weakness: Earth
    Ability: custom card

    Strength: Illusions
    Weakness: Light
    Ability: custom card

    Yes there are still spells and classes and the likeness, don't worry.

  • Now that some of the hype and discussion from the recent campaign is over, what should I focus on revealing and adapting next?
    • Expand on Racials
    • Introduce Magic and Skill cards
    • Reveal History and Lore
  • Of course, what was I thinking? Nobody cares unless you are important. Regardless of my petty emotions. I will take the easier lore reveal.

    There are two main "factions", the Bonum and the Malum. The Bonum are composed of the goddesses Lux, Ignis, Undine, Terra and Vita. The Malum are composed of the goddesses Tempa, Heima, Mercura, Anima, and Umbra. The Bonum and Malum live in an almost peace, because Sophi'avi forbid them from harming each other or the mortal races, but the goddesses found a loophole where they can enlist the service of mortals to do their bidding. So if a goddess has a problem with an individual, they find a mortal they like. The Bonum races are the children of the Bonum goddesses and they are generally very similar physically. The Malum races are also very similar to the Bonum races but each Malum race as a funky skin tone, horns, and a tail. 

    Angels are the children of Lux, the goddess of Light. They have blonde hair and gold eyes and they like to live in rolling plains where the sun shines bright. The Angels consider themselves and their goddess to be superior to all others making them incredibly vain and arrogant. Statistically they are rather vanilla/balanced with the exception of exceptional healing abilities.

    Salamanders are the children of Ignis, the goddess of Fire (Technically Heat). They have red hair and red eyes and they like live in incredibly hot and dry climates like deserts. The Salamanders are proud and passionate and are often described as intense.They are also fierce warriors that never turn down a fight. Statistically they favor offense much more over defense. 

    Mermaids are the children of Undine, the goddess of Water. They have blue hair and blue eyes (I swear it expands past color color.) and they like live as close to the ocean as possible. The Mermaids are considered relaxed and easygoing but are also extremely opportunistic creatures. Statistically they are very adaptable.

    Gnomes are the children of Terra, the goddess of Earth. They have brown hair and brown eyes and they like to live where rock and soil is most exposed such as canyons and hills. The Gnomes are very stoic in nature, being very difficult to impress or upset. They are also known for their stumpy stature, being beefy than other races but also noticeably shorter. Statistically they are very durable and hardy. 

    Nymphs are the children of Vita, the goddess of Life. Yes Life is an element. Life is pretty magical. They have green, pink, or peach hair and eyes and like to live where life is abundant such as dense tropical forests. The Nymphs are pacifistic by nature, they view all life as a precious gift by the goddesses and treasure it. Statistically they favor animal companions and healing.

    Harpies are the children of Tempa, the goddess of Storms (Technically Wind and Lightning). They have Turquoise (Blue-Green) hair and eyes, pale yellow skin, short tail, and rigged horns and they like to live where the sky is most open to them such as cliffs and mountain roosts. The Harpies are very whimsical and spritely and have a lust for adventure but are greedy and easily distracted by shiny objects. Statistically they are very agile but dainty. 

    Snowmen are the children of Heima, the goddess of Ice (Technically Cold). They have ice blue eyes, white hair, pale white-blue skin, ram-like horns, short fluffy tail, and being especially hairy and they like to live in incredibly cold climates like tundras and taigas. The Snowmen are cold and do not trust individuals of other races, being very isolationist by nature. Statistically they are balanced favoring durable. I don't know about the pale white-blue skin, I haven't found a good color pallet yet.

    Wights are the children of Anima, the goddess of Death. Yes Death is an element. Death is kinda magical. They have charcoal black hair, blood red eyes, pale white skin, ringed horns, and long tufted tail (Lion's Tail) and they were forced to live in unappealing barren wastelands and dry savannas where they adopted a very nomadic life style. The Wights value life highly as they are very in tune with the spirits of the departed and are very gentle in nature. They are the only ones that can use Necromancy (Maybe?). 

    Imps are the children of Umbra, the goddess of Dusk. They have night black hair that shines purple, purple eyes, dull blue skin, forked tail, branch-like horns and being almost as tall as gnomes and they like to live where there is little light, but they are mainly nocturnal. The Imps are well known for their mischievous and fun-loving nature and their better than average luck. Statistically they are the best for causing trickery. 
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