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About 330ish Legit (Sarcastic) Facts About Urealms. You Know The Drill By Now.

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Fact 1. The real reason Rob decided to create Urealms, because DnD has to much Math!!!
Fact 2. Bopen is actually all of Deadbones's broken dreams manifest into a physical form.
Fact 3. Against popular belief Sixelona's more of a Butt Thigh person.
Fact 4. The Guys always record Character Creation shirtless, except Justin who instead goes pantsless.
Fact 5. Fact 4 is the most likely to be true since we've never seen them record with Facecam.
Fact 6. Roamin regularly adopts elephants from Japan.
Fact 7. Roamin loves doing 1000 pushups in nude.
Fact 8. Roamin thinks Barringsters are nice people.
Fact 9. All Ageless follow Deadbones example.
Fact 10. Deadbones is the mostly likely to try to f!ck a Dragon.
Fact 11. Deadbones is a follower of Quintara Lotus.


  • I think Fact 8 is the most likely to be true, followed by 10 and then 4 (and thus 5).
  • High quality meme dude
  • Fact 1 is actually true though
  • Fact 12. Fact 13 is a trick.
    Fact 13. Fact 12 is no tricks.

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    Fact 14: Maelstrom and Bopen are (literally) alien to this realm; they were brought in by Rob using Dark Magic on the Internet from their respective series (Unforgotten Realms and The Nuren Campaign, respectively).
  • Fact 15: "It's not racist if it's right."
  • @friskyBrisky Bopen was from Nuren not DvZ originally
  • @Dolfinmaster Huh, I didn't know that Nuren was before DvZ 2.0.

    Will fix!
  • Fact 16: Roamin never pays his taxes, because its the tax that gets ya!
    Fact 17: Nothing Happened
    Fact 18: Bopen did nothing wrong.
    Fact 19: Spiff is actually a girl.
    Fact 20: Roamin and Nisovin are the same person.
    Fact 21: Rob's, and The Guys bad memories are what cause most of games changes.
    True Fact 22: Justin's Favorite Character is Jax.
    True Fact 23: Neena Brando and Nate Tack were first characters to have sex mid-campaign, followed up by Buzz and Bertha. 
    True Fact 24: Rick Snot despite being Nisovin's discipline, Nisovin's in all of his major has never mentioned Rick Snot, but has mentioned Bocoe, and it's Crew.
    Fact 25: Spiff likes One Piece, so she's alright in my books.
  • Fact 17 opened my eyes.
  • Fact 26: Roamin's mom pays the taxes cause it gets her everytime
  • Fact 11 Aren't we all followers of Quintara Lotus?
  • Not a lot of people realize this, but Deadbones is actually American.  He obviously speaks with an American accent, and Rob has said in the past that the whole "born in Ireland" thing is just a lie to pick up women.
  • @Turnip i kinda already knew
  • Fact 27: Gnomes like in many fantasy worlds have a squeaky loud voice, Why you don’t hear it is because gnomes are just loud dwarves that are far away from the center of the screen 24/7 making them less loud and tinier.
  • Fact 28: Once you get 6 Shithead points you get instantly decapitated by Bopen.
  • @CasualCow Lol  how many do i have right now? i am scared
  • Fact we know where gnomes come from
  • Its not gay if you payed your anti-gay discrimination tax
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    @xa44 ;  Yes
  • Fact 29: Bopen is a shota
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    @UnluckyBimi These are sarcastic facts, the joke is i'm saying that the Shota theory thing isn't true. Jokes are always funnier when you explain them!  >:)
  • @CasualCow But jokes have a slight truth to 'em... Bopen isn't a japanese boy... He's a loli.
  • Can we get some magical girl bopen fanart
  • Fact #30: Every campaign has had someone named Dave
    Fact #31: Justin can only name 2 schools of magic
    Fact #32: All of Millbee's characters are just porcs with illusion magic.
    Fact #33: Dwarves are, canonically, absolute animals in bed.
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    Fact 34: Roamin still thinks wind is an Element.
    Fact 35: Half of Morgana Marie's body weight comes from her Mammries.
    Fact 36: Kohai Chan is really Millbee's Naruto OC
    Fact 37: Kuroyami is actually the love child of Sasuke Uchiha and S
    Fact 38: If Kuroyami and Bei would have sex they would at least need 5 buckets of blood.
    Fact 39: I'm sorry for putting that picture in your head.
    Fact 40: If Rob was a Power Ranger he would be White Ranger
    Fact 41: If Roamin was a Power Ranger he would be Red Ranger.
    Fact 42: If Justin was a Power Ranger he would be Green Ranger.
    Fact 43: If Coe was a Power Ranger he would be Blue Ranger.
    Fact 44: If Deadbones was a Power Ranger he would be Black Ranger.
    Fact 45: Deadbones would kill himself upon the realization he can never be Purple Ranger.
  • Fact 46: Six loves Yuri.
    Fact 47: Six loves killing Deadbones's Hat.
    Fact 48: Six's Favorite Anime is Keijo!!!.
    Fact 49: Six doesn't have a Boobsmithing licensed.
    Fact 50: Lily has tried to overthrow Six several times, but was never successfully.
    Fact 51: Six has the tendency to change the subject, whatever she is asked about her sister Sevenlona.
    Fact 52: Six is an honorary member of the BDB.
    Fact 53: The Forums will celebrate Lyn's Death.
    Fact 54: Six's power level is at least over 6,000.
    Fact 55: Spankings would get the point across as well as being fun. -Rob 2018
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