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The Urealms Googlewhack

A googlewhack (if you don't know) is a rare occurrence where you search two words into Google and get only one, single result. It's really rare because Google mostly gives either hundreds of thousands of results or none at all. It's made even rarer since you aren't allowed to be overly specific with the search, it must be only two words.

Anyway I went to go to Rob's Twitch channel by searching what I normally do, "rurikar twitch". Even though his Twitch isn't called rurikar anymore it still gives the result because it used to be called that.
But I misspelled "rurikar" and typed "ruri[]ar" instead, replacing the 'k' with an 'r'. Turns out "ruri[]ar twitch" is a googlewhack!
Please note that I replaced the 'r' with a [] because if I typed the actual phrase into here, then this page will be included in the search results and the googlewhack will be destroyed. Please take care NOT TO POST THE PHRASE BELOW. I'll post a picture, though.

Oh, as to what the one result actually is... well... I wouldn't exactly recommend clicking the link. It should only be viewed from the outside. Like a tiger enclosure.

[Edit: I removed the picture because of concern for what the actual website it leads to is. I might repost an edited/censored version later. You guys can just google it for yourself if you're dying to know]

But yeah, congratz Rob! Your Twitch channel is only one letter away from one of the rarest possible internet occurrences.


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