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Lore question- Azveltara Z- Fighting Power 8

Within the Azveltara Z campaign ending we see a pre-recorded section which describes the events that took place in Fighting power 8. Throughout this section animations and sound effects become more and more distorted until the end when the whole screen shuts down, revealing the announcers in a strange place, with what looks like a P smeared on the wall. The announcers appear to not notice the change and this effect is only really shown when they go off topic from the tournament. 
Basically my question is what the hell is going on through this section? My best guess is that the entire tournament is fake and we where viewing a hallucination, along with the 2 announcers who are insane, and making the whole thing up. If this is true, then does that make the whole campaign just the imagination of 2 crazy dudes in a cave (I swear I heard Rawb mention something about a cave). But because we saw Caynon Nailo at the start of the campaign is a seemingly normal (all be it annoying) mentality, perhaps all the events we saw really did take place, but something later happened to cause the 2 announcers to go insane and begin commentating over their past memories of tournament 8? 


  • I don't know why but for some reason I want to know how that Fighting Power shirt plays into all this.
  • ...What "P" are you referring to?

    Are you talking about the red mark? Because that is the symbol for a Sin of the Unforgotten.

    It seems that these Sins only happen when we, the Old Gods, are being referenced or spoken to. Such as at the end of the Tournament, where Rawb is selling the shirt. 

    I don't see any possibility of the Tournament not having actually occurred... But, I suppose anything is possible. That's what makes URealms fun for me!
  • Manby the old god cult was effecting the broadcast somehow we do see TVs in the realm at times
  • @Cryptic_Cobra I believe rob said in the behind the scenes that the announcers were in a cave and reliving the old glory days fighting power 8
  • @Ninjathis
    Correction, that is NOT a Sin, that is the symbol for the Order of Chaos, which is different, though similar enough that it is frequently used instead by fans. If you really want to see a Sin you can look at the donation event from Lyn Azveltara Gaiden where we gave her a sin, it looks different from the Order of Chaos symbol, and I'm too lazy to actually post a picture here.
  • My bad. They look too similar and mean essentially the same to me, (seeing how closely they are related) that I can't remember the difference.
  • Im not really a huge lore hound so I only really know the basics about the Sin's of the unforgotten. I know that they are basically caused when the old gods intervene in the affairs of the mortal realm (aka chat donates for a miracle to happen, or if someone destine to live (because death would break continuity) gets saved from a death.) Im pretty sure that's the only way we can commit sins, but I still don't see why that would explain the mark on the wall and the fact the two announcers are basically insane (thank you @Sweatingdwarf123 ; for confirming that).  From my understanding all events of the campaign did indeed happen, but the final section we are really only watching them recall their time as announcers for the event (aka the event is cannon, but our understanding of it is only through the warped mind of the announcers; so some facts may be wrong) 

    Am I wrong about that assumption? or do we just not know yet? 

    As for the Order of Chaos, i'm not as familiar with this. Is there a specific campaign that had this as a major plot point that i might have missed? Would love to go re watch it too learn more. Or could you just explain the basics of what the order is and how it is important?
  • @Pufflemore also the only tv I can recall is the one from the Many Gobos of Pat. Seeing as the entire campaign was scrapped and is no longer cannon.... doesn't that mean the same for TV's?
  • @Cryptic_Cobra The order of chaos was found in a translation of the book at the end of Azveltara Z... They killed the sandbolds or something along those lines
  • @Cryptic_Cobra we saw Phense watching a TV in the trailer for AZ and we can somewhat safely assume the Beenu have something on the lines of a tv given they have PCs 
  • @Pufflemore Phineas is insane.
  • @knguy still we saw PCs in AZ (the Beenu ones) so we can assume they got something on the lines of a tv
  • @Cryptic_Cobra The Order of Chaos was mentioned by Maelstrom in TSK. As far as we know it is a group of self-sentient characters like Maelstrom that can see past the fourth wall. Also everyone who won a divine decision is a member of the Order of Chaos now. 
  • The announcers are in a cave (you are given some pages in elf that show what cave that is) and they have lost their minds and are just reliving their glory days. You will get to meet them again.
  • Is it just me or does the tower of ultimate wizardry and the symbol for order of chaos kinda similar?

  • Is madness in a cave the effects of our bleed into the realm. While we have no evidence yet of if we effected those folk, it would sound like (given all the chaos imagery) that could of been one of the outcomes if someone dies with our mark.
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