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Stamina allocation

So, for the base character creation table set up each person starts with 50 stamina there when allocating the stamina do I add or adjust the stamina? 
for example, I have the stamina of 55 from class cornerstone race etc.. would he then have 55 r 105 stamina?
I feel like this is obvious but I just don't get it for some reason, and i'm planning my first campaign as a game master and want it to be balanced properly.


  • 55 it's at 50 because that's the average. I think.
  • @Finche They would have 55, the default of 50 I think is there just so you dont have to go up from 0 each time.
  • Yes, 50 is usually the average for most characters and non important npc's. I usually set the stamina bar down to 0 and add stamina each time they get a card that adds stamina.
  • As above. I actually use the stamina bar on the board as a gold tracker during character creation, so that everyone can see it. The starting number is irrelevant.
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