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New Campaign Jan. 27th!!!
What could the new Divine Desicion be? This is really interesting especially because it will affect the ending!


  • Hope it's not Goblins and Hobgoblins, because they should already be a playable race. :p

    If I had to guess, I would guess Elemechs or Ogres, the two races that were possible in Season 1 that just never happened for whatever reason.
  • he didn't say playable

    I bet it's either the turtle lords or shellmind. Would make more sense giving them some lore rather than introducing even more races
  • Judging by the other tweet, it must be dog. 
  • Forn maybe? 
  • Come on sillies. It's obviously the Phineas race everyone wished for for Christmas ;)

  • Gnolls would be one of my first guesses, and perhaps Forn for the second.
  • Hoping it's Forns and Shellmind if Rob is still using them
  • I have a strange suspicion that it's gonna be Sheazites and Ogres, both really cool options in my opinion!
  • Hoping its a campaign where we see kobolds chilling with thor and then with one of the wishes that thor still owes them we have a character say a race name to be created. 
  • Just wanna point this out, I doubt it'd be a race we've already actually seen in the show; Playable or Not. - Especially since it doesn't say "playable race", but just "race".
  • I really hope we get Bee People. I can't remember if it was ever established, but they had the idea of having Queen Bee be a city for all the other bee people, who would be like spartan warriors. That sounded super fun.

    Either Bees or the tree people would be epic.
  • what about Humans is one of the races? We did saw James in LAG and if i remnber correctlly he say it was a human not just some odd baby looking thing 
  • Rob doesn't like humans.
  • Yeah, like Maris said, I'm pretty sure (97.5%) that it won't be humans since it's still a "roleplaying game" and well, humans are like the ultimate cop-out in a roleplaying game.
  • inb4 the races are goblin and highbear
  • I wonder if this will be a newly created race, or a race that has been around for a while. I think the former would make more sense. 
  • I hope goblins and/or hobgoblins are on the list. Preferably normal gobos over hobgobos, but if not, I know Rob will have some good races in store.
  • Gnolls/A Elf Variant race like sheazite or Bloodsnake Lamia race
  • If I had to guess (like lots of people have but I'd like to contribute) it's going to be basic stuff we've already seen that just haven't or isn't a playable race yet. Highbears, Goblins, Ogres, or Gnolls? To choose just two for a Divine Decision we have to try to keep in mind where the story is and has been going and two paths for it. I think Highbears, since they have been around for a long time and we have been doing a LOT of stuff early in URealms timewise, and maybe Goblins, not much storywise for this accept we have been doing a lot of Elf stuff and there is a connection there but the main reason being that people just really like Goblins for some reason :hmm: 
  • Actually, thinking about it, I think we're going to be getting 2 completely new, completely unseen races, and only one will exist in the Realm (the other will either never exist, or only exist in stories and fiction). I don't even think it'll be a choice between Forn and Shellmind, as they both are (so far) 'canon'.
  • could vote be between two playable races, dose that work in lore?
    the divine decision is us old gods with complete power over the realm, if we are voting for what race we get to see be "playable". that kind of doesn't make a lot of sense lore wise(that would be to meta). especially if they were races we've seen before like ogres and high bears. 
    however if we are voting to make an entirely new race exist(a race not seen before) that makes more sense in lore. we are creating new

    TL;Dr The two choices would make more sense if they were never before seen races 
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    it won't matter either way for me, but i kinda hope the new races don't include some kind of Troll. I've always fancied my own brand of Trolls as canon in the Urelms universe unless proven otherwise, and having some other thing pop up and call itself a Troll would most likely prove otherwise : p  (GDI Urelms forum i'm not doing :peace: i'm doing the tounge-face emote gawd! git it rite!)

    other then that though i can't think of any common fantasy races / names of races that aren't already involved.

    Things that already exist in the Urelms universe:
    Orcs (kinda)

    Things that are unique to the Urelms Universe:
    High bears
    Ageless (Kinda)

    Things that exist in Wow / D&D that have yet to be introduced / made canon in Urelms:
    Ents (?) (Had to look up races in D&D for everything after this one)
    Boggards / Murlocks (Fish/frog people)
    Aarakocra / Tengu (Bird people)
    Aasimar (angel-people)
    Bugbears (not present in WoW)
    Tiefling / demon people (Wow's Draenei might count for this)
    Centaurs (i think?)
    Naga / yuan-ti / snake-people

    most of those latter creatures are pretty rare in terms of universes in wich they exist, limited to D&D, warcraft, and/or maybe one or two other things like Guild Wars,

    i would like to see more Urelms-unique races however, like the "Orgi-bobas" or the "Goolash" or whatnot, just random made-up things that aren't anywhere else. so if anything i'd hope it would be those,
  • @friskyBrisky Well, there is one more to that list as they were talked about I think once a while ago, but that would be the bee people, whatever their names were
  • Well Im hyped for this campaign 
  • wait wait wait

    What if the vote is really about making a race playable, but in universe it would mean making them vulnerable to Old God influence. In essence, we would vote on which race to enslave to our will potentially.
  • @Noubi i like that thought but am worried for the race
  • @Noubi Doesn't every race technically already fall under that? We've controlled Goblins, Spiders, Turtles, etc, but they're not playable.
  • You mean in the show or in a homebrew setting? Technically yes, one can control companions and turn into random beasts, but in canon I don't think we've ever seen a player start as one of those (except gobos) or had them connected to the Order and the old gods.
    If this next campaign is indeed the sandbold one, it would make sense that the DD is connected to the Order of Chaos, which we know so little about. @UnluckyBimi
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    @Noubi Not as companions, but as general beings. We caused spiders to appear in GPO (thus, we controlled them at that time) we've even controlled (and killed) a dragon before. We've already controlled Goblins in quite a few different ways. - They don't need to be players for us to control them. - Edit: Okay, I misremembered. For some reasons I thought the woodcarvers turtles were a donation, but they weren't. Scratch turtle off the list.
  • In that sense, I get ya.
    I just always thought of donations in universe as some kind of magic (of the blood kind, if you will) and when those events go off we take indirect control by casting a wicked spell using this alien magic (cash) we have over the in game actors. But when a player "plays" a character they take full, direct control over that elf, dwarf etc. just like Spiff did with Lyn.
    I guess with this theory I'm just trying to fit a square peg in a round hole and it may really be just a meta decision @UnluckyBimi
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