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Alright so, his passive is that when close to being defeated he restores stamina and gains a new set of abilities. But they awoke from their illusion or whatever and didn't get to see the new abilities. Any ideas of what those abilities could have been? 


  • Creation magic?
  • Well, his illusion was beaten/killed so we can't even be sure that the abilities we saw were his actual abilities (now to the actual question): I feel like it'd be powerful magic along the lines of a pyroblast (maybe a tiny bit weaker but not limited) or being able to use Creation Magic, like Viizko said.
  • @UnluckyBimi so basically, if they were his actual skills, and he was to actually gain access to the creation magic, he would have unlimited power essentially? 
  • @Aero103 He already has access to creation magic. - However, being able to use creation magic wouldn’t give you unlimited power. Him being imprisoned is proof of that, and even the dragon Aspects don’t appear to have unlimited power themselves. (Although that’s a bit rash of me since we haven’t really seen them other than a few odd Golestandt appearances). 
  • @UnluckyBimi Hope we get some more explanation on the power they actually contain in S4. Or at least soon. 
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