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Soar the Skies and Map Out the Area with "Cloud Raider"

Hi guys! I'm here to show what I made. It's based off of a Character skin from a MOBA that I really like. It's based off of the Moba Vainglory, the guy amed Vox and his Skin Tiers.

custom card

I decided that, with this idea, you are a pirate like class that likes to stay in the crow's nest or high above, and has the ability to use sound to talk to his Allies without going down, and relaying what he sees. And are god at making maps for the future, or to show to the captain. This class is like a ranged Swashbuckler, but it deals less damage, unless you invest a lot of gold into it to do much with the abilities and Spells. But it has quite a lot of roleplay potential, like seeing sound, being blind, but can move around due to them using echolocation. Or just being a famous map maker

I'm up for suggestions, since this is the first class I made, and like, I would appreciate feedback. And I'm willing to share my thoughts on balancing and why I made some abilities like this, or why I named them like that.

"This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!"
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