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Suggestions/Fun ideas for some Hybrid Animal Monsters.



  • been thinking of having something silly like a Mars Gnometrap (Venus flytrap)  made by Quintara Lotus after she got so tired of gnomes and the question the came with.
  • @LexderMob tiny plant dude or big plant dude?
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    @Qu33nAce they play as gnomes so something that can be seen as dangers for a gnome. big or small doesn't matters that much.

  • @LexderMob you said you enjoy play on words monsters, what of a dandelion?
  • @Qu33nAce o by Rob don´t i feel stupid. of course they should be dandelions! thanks that works perfectly. 
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    here are some monsters i have used in my campaigns. just gonna put up the main cards for now as i am reworking some of their Abilities (most of them where not originally design to work as companions), more will most likely show up in the future.
    custom card 
    custom card 
    custom card 
    custom card 
    custom card 
    custom card 
    custom card
    custom card 
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
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    have just hold in a winter campaign and here are some of the monsters i used in that campaign, 

    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card

    here is the final boss of the campaign, it is probably a bit to strong to be a companion, but have made a companion card of him anyway just because i can. as a boss it had 300 stamina.
    custom card     
    Companion Ability / Frost Slam (custom)
    Companion Ability / Hail Storm (custom)
    Companion Ability / Northern Wind Whip (custom)
    Companion Ability / Frost Stone Bomb (custom)
    Companion Passive / Freezing Over (custom)
    Companion Passive / Bitter Cold Aura (custom)
    Companion Passive / Ice Maker (custom)

  • i am gonna have a desert campaign next week called God Spawn and is in need of desert themed monsters, if anyone have any ideas i am all ears. right now i have two monsters ready, the big end boss and a trap type monster but would need about 4 more for the campaign. 
  • Pebble Serpents: Kind of like Onyx, but more like blood snakes. Maybe they drain life, but what I imagine is they would aim for player's treasures.

    Flash-Lite: A Will-O-Wisp/Flame Spookie that heals overtime if outside with the sun. They dissipate whenever they're knocked into a somewhat cold area, or at least hate ice magic. Their attacks always blind targets or something. 

    Burroughs: A type of Spider/Venomburner that live in deep holes, kind of formed into ant mounds or warp pipes, idk. Players can hear them moving from a tile or two away, but if they are directly within it or are on top of the pile, Burroughs can use Suprise Death as a no-roll. 

    You're welcome or you're not. Hope these work.  ~_~
  • @Caprikel i made a Rattigator for my game (recur) which i liked 
  • @LexderMob ; i made a Rattigator for my game (recur) which i liked the name of
  • @Nene ; i like the Burroughs, have been looking for more opportunity's to extend my spider lore. 
    gonna write that one down.
  • Sandstorm the dragon, a dragon that lives in the desert, he is a urealms dragon so he’s the size of a mountain. He uses creation magic to make the sand around him liquidy with waves. Any person standing in sand when sandstorm is around will fall like they’re standing in quicksand and suffocate. The sand is only liquified when sandstorm is borrowed in the sand. Once he jumps out of the sand and starts flying above them, the sand stops it’s motion. Until sandstorm borrowers under the sand again. You could have the players be dragging a ship around with them, that they jump in once sandstorm is near. 
  • @kreeperkiller63 i already have a boss monster. but will writ him down for future use. 
  • The other suggestions I have the scarabs enemy’s form Castle crashers, and the moldugas for Zelda breath of the wild.
  • You could always try rock monsters. Maybe they look like rocks until you get close, then they pop up. You could also have it so they can only be damaged if they are popped up.
  • @LifeWarrior ; rock monsters is a bit too vague. need something more than that to build a encounter. 
  • @LifeWarrior you mean something like rock crabs?
  • some sort of cactus monster perhaps? like golem style or a gila lizard that has its entire back coated in varies cacti, kinda in the image of a porcupine. itd also let it disguise just below the surface with only the cluster showing
  • @Qu33nAce ; a cactus monster. i think i can work with that idea. 
  • I live in the desert, and there is no shortage of creepy crawlies here.

    You could go for the simple Coyote. Just put about 4 of them surrounding a larger one, easy simple encounter. (Then again, I REALLY enjoy the idea of a Cryote: Cryo-Coyote. Doesn't really work in Desert, unless it's a Tundra desert,,,)

    Ant-Lions? Ants the size of small cats, but with manes, tails, and teeth? Very weak, probably a one-hit kill, but there are like 40 of them.

    The Tarantula Hawk! Lots of ways to spin this terrifying name. In real life, it's a fairly large wasp that hunts Tarantulas. In your game, you could make it anything from a spider with wings, a bird with a stinger, or even a bird with eight legs!

    Take a neat magical spin on Roadrunners? Fast, of course. Maybe it's markings can charge electricity as it runs, then tries to... defibrillate you with his electric wings? Not really sure, but sounds cool in my head.

    Oh man, I almost forgot about Scorpions and Snakes. Give a scorpion the venomous face of a snake, and as you enter the room, you hype up the encounter by describing an echoing rattle. Give him lots of earth magic, and he could either be a formidable boss, or a dangerous "Halfway-there" mini boss.
  • @Ninjathis ; i love some these ideas, gonna take a day to thing about them to see how i can make them work.

  • @LexderMob Tasmanian Devil / Angelfish I know you most likely don't need more but I thought it was a nice combo for a minor animal monster.  :3
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    @Beelzejaw ; if i get a lot of suggestions it only means i have ideas for monsters in future campaigns. so don't worry about giving me suggestions. don´t think i can get to many of them. 
    Tasmanian Angel sounds fun so might use it in the campaign after the next one. 
    that one is most likely gonna be a early days of magic campaign.

  • @Helicoly yes, kind of like that. It's a very stereotypical monster but it still can create some fun encounters
  • @LexderMob I imagine that the party walks into some desert ruins to check them out, when suddenly all of the rocks around them get up and start closing in.
  • What about a bare bear, basically a furless bear that is twice the size of a normal bear
  • @LifeWarrior ; ok so Stealthy RockLobsters then.
  • i would just take the time and thank for the suggestions, i now have the monsters that i need. after the campaign i will post the monsters i used here. i will most likely ask for more ideas in the future when i build other campaigns,
    so until next time be well  :)
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