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Suggestions/Fun ideas for some Hybrid Animal Monsters.



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    how about some sort of nuckelavee or a hippocampus?

  • @Qu33nAce ; i could put a porcs upper body on a large bores back. maybe give a horse a fish head. or mix the two and put a fish upper body on a horse back? Nuckcampus/ Hippoelavee sound kind of fun.
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    i have been thinking about doing a creature that is a mix of words that rhymes, the Feer (Deer/Fear). a scary looking creature with dark long fur antlers that are jagged and sharp. it stalks people in dark forest areas using sounds to fill the people with paranoia. it waits to attack until the victim is scared enough. it very present make people see horrific visions.
  • A lizard wizard, casts a blizzard, while he jizards.
  • How about Sea Dogs? Mermaids/Pot Puppies? :p
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    i would prefer something not to basic. @kreeperkiller63 ; that idea has already been done to death

  • @Qu33nAce ;Isn’t the nuckelavee that weird horse creature from Norse myth that lives in Scotland?
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    @Murlin22 ;  it's often described as a skinless horse with a skinless human upper body on its back. it's from Orcadian mythology to be exact
  • @LexderMob ;
    wait is that horse thing from RWBY a Nukelavee?
  • @Murlin22 ;  it is inspired by it yes 
  • @LexderMob I've got a couple of Kobold Hybrids; Lowbolds (Low Bears+Kobolds), Kowzols (Wowzers+Kobolds/Raskum+Kobolds), and Wolfbolds (Wolves+Kobolds). Are those of any interest to you? :p
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    i could use one of them as some form of tribal people on the island @friskyBrisky ; i will have to think about it 
  • well now if we're talkin' kobolds then how about this... maybe?
    There's a rare kind of Kobold that can be found in an area with high concentration of metals (such as rich metal veins or metalworking factories), pretty hard to name with the kind of constraints we have for this race but someone will probably figure something out.
    Yes, I'm sure you remember that kobold geology thread and considered all kinds of kobolds there could be in the world, but these are not the rocky kind, they are the very rare metallic kind. The only known instance of this so far is Tania Grayson from GPO campaign (Ironskin + Thick Fur Rainments), but perhaps you may see these other kinds too.

    Just like you can harvest a dvergr rope from a dvergr dwarf, you can also harvest refined metal substances from sharp-furred kobolds assuming you have the specialized tools to do so. From iron to steel to obsidian to even titanium, perhaps you'll be lucky and find a sharply dressed kobold in a cave near you.

    There is one very unique tribe of kobolds that seem to have something akin to steel wool, and while their fur isn't quite as malleable as others it is very fine and highly conductive, which shows during the rituals or festivals or whatever else they have on a regular basis. Being able to 'spin' or twist their wool in a variety of ways allows for exciting displays of sparks and light, creating exhilarating night performances many travelers would be dying to see. Gods damn this world is awesome.
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    @knguy ;  preferably we keep the focus on beast and monsters in this forum. sup races and stuff like that already have their own forums. i know you are not the first one that suggested this type of thing, but i say this now before things starts to sidetracked too much.
  • I suck at hybrid animals/monsters (all I can think of currently, is Beenu and the classic gryphon, bird + cat combo) but I'll see if I can't figure something out. Just gotta look through a whole list of mythical creatures and other hybrids first.
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    @knguy ; its ok, its not like you are in any rush or any thing, take your time and see what you can come up with. i don't think i'm too good at coming up with ides ether, that´s why i made the forum after all 
  • @Murlin22 what @LexderMob said the ocean was a big part of the orkney islands, hence they have a a bit of folklore surrounding it. another better known critter would be the selkie, which could take the shape of a beautiful woman by taking off their seal skin. fishermen would often steal these to force the selkie to marry them....rude

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    @Qu33nAce you have just given me an idea, i will make Eikles! a seal that can wear a elves skin in order to takes the form of an elf that then lets them walk on land. walrus then have a tradition of finding this seals stealing their elves skin in order to bind them to the sea, so that they can then force them be their wife's.
  • Porcs+Beenus=?
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    @Patatacheese flying pigs :smileporc:

    actually....saehrimnir...maybe? or some sort of boar based on him. he is an immortal pig killed by the gods each night and regenerates the following morning. so he is some sort of god pig, why not re-imagine him with wings and feathers. maybe he has little piglet bird children things
  • Groundbolds +  glam sharks = Landsharks?
  • @Murlin22 in urealm it would probably be called a Groundsharks or a Glambold
  • Ground shark sounds cool
  • @Murlin22 Air Sharks (Vharks), Sea Sharks, now Ground Sharks. No where is safe from Sharks in the realm! :p
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    so been trying out switching the words making up two word animal names and make a creature out of that, like Eater-ant (Anteater) a gluttonous type of ant that consumes entire ecosystems. the ant grows fatter and larger the more they eat. they are considered one of the biggest and most dangerous pests in the world as a small Eater-ant colony can quickly grow out of control.
  • @NeoReaperXIII ; nice to hear :3 , then i just need two more and then i have what i need for my campaign this Saturday.
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    @LexderMob hey, if you still need some, this website has a lot from all across the spectrum of beasties that you can mess with

  • @Qu33nAce ; i do need a last sea monster to use as the last boss. have been checking the previous links you provide a while ago. will likely find one on this site, so now there's only a need for a plant monster then i'm basically don and ready. 
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