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Suggestions/Fun ideas for some Hybrid Animal Monsters.



  • Snape,  Snake + Ape
  •   im not adding anything to this thread other than saying that i love it....buuuut if you need some ideas for some beasties heres a few fun sites that i enjoy using sometimes to frankenstein monsters
    (ps seventh sanctum has a ton more random generators than just for monsters)
  • @Qu33nAce ; this is almost to much info thanks! i know what i will be doing for the rest of the day.
  • I have like two hybrid animals that I made up... but they're mine so... yeah.
  • Night-hares (snake+spider+rabbit)
    The night-hate is dangerous creature that has a long snake like scaled tale with a rattler on it, the rattler can mimic sounds of prey. With its tail it can coil up and spring forward at speeds around 45mph. But it can only launch around 5ft. The night-hare has 8 impressively long legs at 9inches, the legs work similarly to a spiders, but due to its weight being around 20 pounds, it has to puncture the surface it walks on. This creature has such a trumendice grip and can puncture most wood with ease, glass breaks with little problem but metal it cant pierce. This creature is incredibly fast in general despite its initial lunge, moving at around 25mph on average, it has an advantage to most creatures. The night-hare secretes a numbing salvant from its fangs that can numb most creatures into a paralyzed state. While its prey is paralyzed, it wraps it in many thick layers of iron like webbing and drains it of its blood nearly completely, leaving it alive but dying for scavengers, this state is survivable. When it can't find prey it dines on small bugs, berrys and some leaves. It is known to attack unsuspecting travelers and collect silver. This creature hunts in packs when young and grow to hunt alone. They lay snake like eggs wrapped in iron thread cacoons in their hunting grounds. The night-hare is asexual and can self-procreate thus one can cause hundreds as they only lay eggs once a year, but they do so for a month and lay up at minimum 50 and up to 200. These creatures don't die of old age and continue growing until they can no longer sustain themselves. The most common way they die is canabilism from their young, or vise versa. The night-hare sheds its skin every 4 years and the skin hardens into a fine and rare leather. When the night-hare is hunting, it coils its self up into a ball and uses its legs to constrict its shape into a bunny with red eyes, predators typically fall for this trick, as well as hunters. When the night-hares prey gets close it prounces and bites, injecting its paralyzing salve. You stay concious the entire time, as it numbs your muscles, its been described to be similar to your arm falling asleep. The night-hare is white on hatching and darkening to the typical average grey as they age, the older they get the darker they look. They can camouflage for those who see in infer red and night vision, giving them an advantage to anything that doesn't see like typical people do. The Night-hare is a true nightmare.
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    @DeltaDdragon I have an idea for a Sea Bear creature too! :p
    Except mine are Ageless Thrall-like mishmashes of High Bears, created by one of Yvander's messed up children and forced to live under the frozen seas...
  • @LexderMob Direcorn sounds good to me  :)
  • @Viizko ; now that´s a description if i ever seen one. writing it down 
  • omg you guys are giving me so many ideas! 8V
  • @Irishxlily ; good to hear, they are a really creative bunch. so many good suggestions  :)
  • Pearock Peacock/Rock, a stone with feathers or a Peacock with stone feathers
  • i would like to thank you all how came with suggestions, gonna play the campaign on Saturday night this week so hopefully everything goes well. if people still have ides there's nothing stopping you from sending more. could very likely have need of more funny creatures in the future and other might have need or just appreciate the funny ides you come up with.
  • Sharktopus. A sharkhead with tentacles coming from where the neck would be.  No I haven't been watching old scyfy original movies
  • @Bready ;   no but you might have watched sharktopus vs whalewolf that was released in 2015. and if you haven't watched it dont watch it. its bad like really bad, not even fun bad
  • This whole thing is why I got Chimeras in my expansion :peace: but let's see..
    There's Monkeyfish, but how would a Monkeysquid look like? 
    Giraffehog? Beerilla(Bee Gorilla)? Mantis Wolf?
    At least the last three should be new enough xD
  • @JackOfTheFlames ; probably splatoon but with monkey features instead of human ones
  • @JackOfTheFlames ; yeah but there no pun or gimmick to it do. the best ones and most you would see in urealms have a name pun or a fun gimmick with them.
  • A coconut and an orangutan 

  • @LexderMob where's the gimmick and pun to a monkeyfish?:P
  • So yeah I got two totally original ideas.
    One of them is called a Woof-lf. Pretty much a hybrid of a Wolf and Doggo. They like to woof a lot but they're also wolves and do the whole pack hunting thing.
    My next is called the Sharkat. It's a ferocious, aggressive cat with fins that really does not like people. Just because it can, it can barrel roll in midair or underwater for a speed boost, which is used for ramming people.
  • @JackOfTheFlames ; its a parody of spider monkey and cat fish. 
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    just done with the campaign, and it went well. like to thank @kreeperkiller63 @Dazzcon @NeoReaperXIII @bl1ndn3rd ; in the end your suggestions ended up being used. @Qu33nAce ; your links was of good value to. i have made plans to use some of the other suggestions that was given in a future campaign. so might give some more thanks to some more folks then!
  • @LexderMob I had 3 suggestions, I’m curious which one you used?
  • @LexderMob ; :) Awesome! I feel likemaking some Direcorn art now 
  • @LexderMob ; Ayyy, i gotz picked.... i never get picked
  • @kreeperkiller63 the dinosaur/dragon one. i called it a Dinogon
  • i am gonna have a tropical island campaign next week and as such could use some new ideas for tropical theme Hybrid Animal Monsters, i have so far a Manrlin (Marlin/Mandrill) Scrab (Scarab/Crab). so if anyone have any good ides let me hear.
  • Other then Apesharks (Ape+Shark, a more advanced type of Monkeyfish that's just as intelligent as Elves), I don't have much in the form of hybrid animals.
  • @friskyBrisky ; yeah the Manrlin is basically something like that, but not really that much smarter then a Monkeyfish. well if you come up with something you know where to write
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