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Suggestions/Fun ideas for some Hybrid Animal Monsters.

i have always loved the many mixed hybrid animal creatures in urealms, so would like to make a ton of Hybrid Animal Monsters, but was not really happy with the ideas i could come up with so decided it could be fun to ask if you guys/gals have any good or fun ideas that i might borrow, and other how need ideas can come and take a look as well of course! it wouldn't hurt if they have a fun or interesting mechanics/gimmicks. if you just have a funny combination name of two animals like custom card (Crow/Rooster) or animal and something else like custom card (Peacock/Rock) that fine to. is something to get my/others imagination started at least. i post my own creations here to so that others might be inspired to make something for them self.

Ps, preferably we keep the focus on beast and monsters in this forum. sup races and stuff like mixing the different races already have their own forums. and is as such not what this forum is about.


  • An Alligator mixed with a Crocodile, called an Aliidile or Crocogator.
  • @Caprikel ; not a bad idea but had already planed to have crunchodile but gonna write it down just in case  :)
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    Here's the sort of humorous hybrid types:
    1. A Centipede and a Millipede
    2. A Newt and a Salamander
    3. A Catfish and a Dogfish
    4. A Gecko and a Frog
    5. A Tortoise and a Rabbit

    And here's some more unique ones:

    1. A Velvet Worm and an Owl
    2. A Snapping Turtle and an Octopus
    3. A Tarantula and a Wasp
    4. A Cassowary and a Wolf
    5. A Bear and a Dog
  • A dinosaur and a dragon 
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    @kreeperkiller63 ; and what would that be called?
  • @LexderMob Ill go ahead and answer for him it would obviously be the majestic Dragosaur
  • @Kingedyou ;  thought it would end up being something like that, now i just have to find a good type of dinosaur to use in the mix. hopefully i find something funny to use
  • @LexderMob I suggest pterodactyl because it literally makes no difference but if not then I suggest a stegosaurus. 
  • Zebra and a kitty
    zebra kitties
  • An Axolotl and an Aye Aye 

  • @Dazzcon ; a Ayelotl then.  should make it talk like a old time pirate, aye matey
  • @bl1ndn3rd ; that´s cute. but will have to figure out if i can come up with a fitting gimmick to go with them
  • Why not just make a Chimera? A mix of two creatures from Urealms already and just fuse them together to make no sense in whatever way?

    Hey, why not pull a Mother 3 and just start fusing creatures with mechanical parts. You could probably go off from somewhere there if you have trouble.
  • Fusing two chimeras together to make a whole new chimera? My god, that's brilliant.

    If that were the case, then indeed both of the things @Nene mentioned would provide enough to make this a possibility.
  • @Nene ; the Chimera idea is not bad, don´t have to many creatures to chose between but could make it work. but i would like to avoid giving creatures mechanical parts unless its a really good name pun involve.  
  • A snake and a kobold. A sobold.
  • A centaur and a horse
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    Dwelf + Shezite: Hezite or D-Zite

    Pot Puppy + Wowzer: Wow/Woah! Puppy 

    Slime + Skeleton + A little magic: A Smellington/Smileleton

    Hat Rat + Blood Snake or any Snake: A Dapper Fang

    Tarandos + Robot Parts: A Mother 3 reference

    Donkey/Tarandos + Elf/Dwelf: Satyr/Centaur?

    Harpy + Owlrat/Scrooge or Gobolfs?: Not Beenu
  • A Kobold and a magician, yesbold
  • @LexderMob
    May I present, the Velocidragon. Dragoraptor. Velociwyrm. Raptorym.
    My I present, dragon/velociraptor thing with poofy feathers.

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    @Nene ; thats a fun lite list. writing them down. @Bready ;  the art helps selling it a lot. writing it down. 
  • I would have to be breaking all the logic of urealms if I continued. Like, mixing a Highbear with a Gnoll. Cuz first, I doubt that's possible, even with magic. Second, Gnobear? High Gnoll? Third, literally just grab anything that isn't one of the playable races, (Besides Porc or Dwelves), and mash that shit together. Best I have is making some new "Beenu's". 
  • A fun hybrid that a gm in my group introduced one campaign is a pack of Squigers. Cute lil tiger-squirrel hybrid.
  • @Siphonthenight ;  ooo i like that one, think i have a place which they could fit well in.
  • @LexderMob  ; If you did want to make The Axolotl and you also want want to make it a pirate, you could always make it a parody-esk inspired character like Davy Jones from pirates of the caribbean but instead of a beard made out of tendrils but all he has are sideburns, 
    As a side note Axolotl can regrow limbs so I would give him healing magic that lets him piccolo his arms back.
    But that is down to yourself  :p  
  • @Dazzcon
    They also love burritos too. Yum yum yum.
  • @Bready Aw, yes, they are known for their love Boruto, so am I to a degree, I just wish they did a spin off series on Boruto's Dad  :)
  • A "Water Bear" (Tardigrades) and actual Bears. The Highest Bear will be born!
  • Dire wolf x Unicorn = BIG ASS RAINBOW MOUNT WOLF
  • @NeoReaperXIII or it could be called a Direcorn/Uniwolf or something in that style.
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