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Help my brain exploded!!! - Technical talk

This is what i have got so far

For Idle Play Core World vvv

The core seeks out divines from other worlds to absorb them and defend its world against the impending doom, Chaos. Chaos seeks to make his own world by destroying others and absorbing the souls...Jana: Seeks to purge the world of any one who wishes to rule but Ouro Az.

State of matter matter, keep in mind that all current spells are what i am trying to avoid so any current spells here are a fail what i am trying to do is take out the elements and  state of matrter and divide them up into a state where you could  make you own spells much easier without having to think of some sort of  convoluted process yourself

Apart of the idea is  to separate tiers of magic element and state of matter
like gas/ other state, Status effects also matter so any status effects you can think of feel free to post the idea.

duly note that abilities may  be put under element and state

The core has already absorbed this world’s copy of divines and has 6 times the power of a normal divine, The core has 6 system changes, Arcane,Earth,Fire,Ice,Light,Dark

Core also has few S.o.M. combination systems like Gas, Solid,Liquid combining these  with some elements will make other things happen.  

Arcane gas:  Specification Status Down causes Confusion or Charm

Arcane Solid: Specification Construct causes you to be able to construct a spell scroll/Legendary spell scroll/Magic tattoo

Arcane Liquid: Specification Spiritual causes you to be able to see living beings and read their minds.

Idea for cross spell damage: a chosen spell (Not limited)  may be the main damage number for all spells with the same element ( element arcane 1/1 or element arcane 1/   and element other /1

Triple combinations Specialty:  Polygon Hydrogen Soul -  travel at light speed into another dimension at will

Earth Gas:  Poison/Wind/

Earth: Solid:  Physical Terrain Change  specific Dangerous Terrain Poisontype

Earth liquid:  Terrain change fluid

Fire: Gas:  Plasma - cannot dodge and cannot interrupt

Fire Solid:  Blaze - on fire targets take damage equal to the corresponding ability used to set target ablaze or a chosen spell type’s damage of similar element every turn until the Target gets rid of Burn status effect

Fire Liquid: Liquid Terrain Change   Specific Dangerous Terrain FireType

Ice/Water Gas:  Cloud - blind/heal


  • I need extra brains to help brainstorm type ideas that can be implemented, dont worry about naming i do that - cool names take the cake
  • Like, Ice Soild - Absolute zero? Reduce the temp to absolute zero and Applys Burn/freeze?
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    @Rukuri ;  the ones who are  Ice solid should be structure like...  that is gas soul Ice solid, a double state and Advanced element
  • i will edit the 1st post soon whit my ideas
  • I feel like I dove into the mind of a madman. That or in just so tired because its 7:30 am right now
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    @Viizko ; i am a madman in a sense, I really want This element combination thing explained and i am putting my brain to use as well as those who wish to help , and by explain i mean add a optional rule to follow for other rp's
  • this is mainly for an idea i need help with, for a roleplay i am building my world on
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    Working on Arcane specifically for now

    above skilled level of Arcane >>> Arcane Solid-Gas :  Control type    Arcane Solid-Liquid : Change state
    Arcane Gas-Liquid: Soul Type 

    Arcane uses >>>  moving furniture, choking a bitch enemy out, Puppeteering, Conjuring gold/treasure, Enchanting items, Personal use/ Couple Use, Elemental Charge, Constructing, Warping/Teleporting, Time control, 
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    Making cards below

    Arcane examples -  (Each arcane spell will have a required skill level of the corresponding element)
    custom card   custom card
    custom card
  • Arcane training needs some reworking and another skill is on its way
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