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The Dice Reward Thing

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So, I've noticed that the daily reward dice actually slows down as it rolls, which is what normal dice do. However, the sound that accompanies the roll actually speeds up over time, which irked me a bit. So I went on the html and played around with the dice script and I found a configuration that made it go faster over time while matching the sound that plays in the background. I only tested it with my one computer so I have no idea if the timing works for other people, but I hope you guys put this under consideration.

function rollDie(data) {
var i = 0;
function randomDie() {
$("#rewardDie").attr("src", "" + (Math.floor(Math.random() * 20) + 1) + ".png");
var next = 4;
if (i > 5) next = 3;
if (i > 7) next = 2;
if (i > 10) next = 1;
if (i > 30) showDieResults(data);
else setTimeout(randomDie, next * 125);


  • I would tell people how to try this out for themselves, but it looks like the view for the dice roll is behind php or something so I don't know how to pull up so that it won't load if you already got your reward. For people who have rolled their reward but still have the page open with the dice up (or I guess if you haven't collected your reward yet you can do this after you roll), you can open up the console by right clicking it and inspecting the page. After pasting the code I have above and pressing enter, you can type rollDie(null) and press enter again to reroll the die and see if it feels better.
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