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Feedback for a custom class!

Hi guys, it's been a while since I've posted really anything. But I'm slowly working on a homebrew setting that utilizes the URealms system; it's mostly based off of Final Fantasy stuff, but one class in particular is not.

If you were making a class based off of the Switchaxe weapon in Monster Hunter games, how would you do it? How would you implement charging phials? How would you implement the mode switching (axe -> sword+shield)? I'm curious and would like to see your feedback, as it could ultimately help me think of my own execution of it, as that's not fully solid yet!


  • Maybe on one side of the card is the axe, then on the other is a sword+shield. 
  • That's an awesome idea. instead of a one-sided card, make cards that are double sided for the two modes. I love that.
  • For the phials, I'd have 'em be like the different ranger shots in terms of how they work. I'd have the switch-axe take up 2 weapon slots, (so sword-shield as one, axe as the other).
  • I like that, it allows them to have each weapon without bogging them down with additional weapons.
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