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What fantasy world would you live in?

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Any world is acceptable(urealms included of course).
I'd live in the Pokemon Anime world, do I even need to explain?


  • Definitely not Urealms! Fuck, man people are dying left and right. Plus, what if I was born a goblin or some shit? No way!
    That also rules out ASOIAF. I don't wanna insta-die.
    So I'm gonna choose Harry Potter. Because, either I'd be a fucking wizard, or my life would be the exact same, no added risk of death. 
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    @snarkyslytherin Uh-oh! You accidently got put into the Urealms world instead of Harry Poter! You where born a Gobolf in an elven town. Roll to see is you get spawn camped!(literally)
  • to just kill myself so I don't get kicked to death by an elf
  • Your rope snaped. The elves curb stomped you to death and force your mother to leave the town.
  • see this is why Harry Potter is better than URealms, in terms of life:death ratio.
  • I'd be in the urealms world because I'm an old god I feel I could get a lot done due to this no matter who I was
  • I'd have to agree with @snarkyslytherin and say Harry Potter. It's close enough to our own world, where you won't be immediately killed by everything in sight, but also adds a cool mysticism and magic to everything. If you are born in a time where you don't have to worry about Voldemort or some crap, you pretty much get to live a decently normal life, except with magic and the occasional adventure.
  • The Avatar world post legend of Korra finale is pretty dope
  • Undertale. Why aren't more people saying undertale being a human you would have the power to reset time, as many times as I want. Undertale is way nicer then our would too
  • Id want to live in my own, Nirn, itd be full of terrifying monsters and warring nations but theyd never attack their creator.....right?
  • Digimon. Or the Nasuverse, one of those two. Marvel universe would be second, with URealms a close third.
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  • @Dorian Yea And with earth nation becoming the united states it's pretty dope

  • My top 3 are:
    2. Stargate - aliens/star travel , and there is a chance you becoming a shiny flying night light with god powers. Or you live a pretty normal boring life with no clue about anything.
    3. Urealms, even if the chances of death are insanely high, you can always just write a diary, where you include how you can write and read and how you write a dairy, and hope a believer picks it up, and writes their diary so another believer comes in.
  • Jurassic Park. It has all the benefits of our world but with fucking dinosaurs.

    alternatively: JJBA world, just to experience that glam rock fever dream before I die in collateral damage by some muscular peacocks fighting each other.
  • I'd like to live in the world of Eragon cause my best friend could be a dragon and the would be really sick
  • @Noubi Fake Dinosaurs that are somehow combined with frog DNA to be more weird monsters than anything resembling real life.
  • I have thought about this, and I think the world of sword art online. With virtual reality being that advanced you could theoretically take part in any world at a whim. No need to choose one.
  • @Shuckle Does that world come with a free imouto?
  • @Noubi Only if you join in early access. 
  • @Shuckle I'm in. Screw dinosaurs, this sounds way better.
    Just let me get 60 bucks from my mums credit card.
  • I think I'd probably go with Pokemon too, the idea that it's just safe enough for 10 year olds to just go out on a journey across the country with a bunch of friends is really comforting. Of course, I'd never object to being in a world with actual magic or other fantasy elements.
  • I'd say Pokémon as it's a socialist utopia. Everybody gets free big screen tvs, and free health care. The only problem is there's some sort of housing shortage. 
  • You know what I'm gonna be the outlier here and say I'd live in the world of Kingdom Death Monsters. Call me crazy. I don't care.
  • The sword art online world is pretty dope, just because i like the idea of games being so much more advanced then the are now, imagine urealms but super modern like it a real thing
  • Dragonball purely because tri beam
  • Urealms cuz yeah, and as for when pre- birth of magic so I can see it all go down. I would kick it Thor and the other aspects afterward, eventually becoming ageless when they eventually eat the other races and dragon aspects unifying the realm. I think it would be pretty good.
  • I'm just gonna be that one guy and say the pokemon world... except not the normal pokemon world, but the pokemon MYSTERY DUNGEON explorers of sky world! Honestly, I'm probably good enough to be an explorer and come on... who wouldn't want to be a pokemon!
  • I suppose this depends on if I get dumped into the world just as I am, or if I get to choose the person I would become when I enter the world.

    If I get to chose, I would be a muggle-born wizard in Harry Potter. That way I could observe both worlds and, if it should ever happen, help with cooperation between wizards and muggles.

    If I am just getting dropped in as I am, I would probably choose Pokemon, because then I could just start my late life of being a trainer and be at very little risk of dying, if the games and anime portray standard life with any accuracy.
  • One Piece!! I'd try to get a devil fruit and figure out haki.
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