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Need some Roleplay Card suggestions (Hope this is in the right category)

Hey. I've been thinking, but we don't have a roleplay spell deck. Now, we have a few roleplay abilities, like spell of bearding, for new and young mages in training, but I was thinking. What if we made more Roleplay Abilities, like the one in The Purge.

What I need specifically, are roleplay spells. I plan on using these concepts and ideas for a campaign, and then potentially for a custom card deck expansion thing

If any of you could help me out here, I would gladly appreciate it!


  • @Phendrix ; Ahem i have a full list of them in my head,

    1: sex roleplay spell  grow a dick or sensitivity spell or protection 
    2: dragon gold spell for divine/ dragon aspects
    3: Sealing for divine/ dragon aspects  take away a persons power to use spells or a select few
    4: Curse or blessing from gushy or someone who had blessings (Has to be from a divine or dragon aspect
    5: charge spell:  take a spell and charge it to deal double damage or lengthen the range
    6: focus/aim reduce the chances of failure on basic attacks to low rolls
  • @helperbot0613
    I mean, I look at those spells as powerful spells, and not anyone can just pick up

    Im talking about spells, that someone could pick up for the first time, and then use it to train. Like a spell to grow flowers, or make sparks come out of your hands. Or disguising other objects. Those kind of spell
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    ya see it depends on the gm..... do you allow people to just manipulate aspects at skill 0 or not  mastery level needs to be explained for roleplay spells to make sense to me... even though i have not done this yet i really am think about it now

    1 element: novice  2 skilled 3 expert  4 journeyman 5 master
  • @helperbot0613
    Yeah well. Looking at the fact that people cant just cast Legendary spells normally, and the card spell of bearding says its used to practice fire magic, i would say that there are some sense of masteries. 
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    @Phendrix i think more spells should have a mastery  restriction to them and some attributes or passives should lower mastery levels required,   i have too many ideas that are op or cannot be used by normal characters
  • @helperbot0613
    I mean. There already is. Like Blizzard and Pyroblast. Or the fact that if you don't get that spell at CC, or no one teaches you that spell, you don't get to cast said spell.
  • @Phendrix ; there ar many ways someone can get that spell, rng  another player, good placement of cards and money management. legendary rolls, rp reasons...
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    @Phendrix ; i am gonna start using a skill system for my more serious rps is all i am saying, i hope...
  • @helperbot0613
    Thats what i said. Unless you're talking about Blizzard and Pyroblast. What i meant by those 2 spells. Is that someone who isn't skilled in that element would fail when casting, since they can't/ arent a good enough mage yet

    Okay, this is a discussion for a whole other thread...
  • @Phendrix ; yeah this derailed quickly
  • I’m creating Rolepay Spells for Bliss rn dude.
  • custom card
    Some spells that may be useful in general may have useless counterparts.

    Maybe some spells that do extremely minuscule damage, like spells that deal with mosquitos

    Maybe some spells that deal with monotonous tasks like writing 
    custom card
  • @Ninja_Goose
    Those are amazing ideas! Thanks for helping out  :)
  • Cloak of Billowing, It Billows a cloak... that's it
  • And here's a supply you could add to your CC if you get enough Roleplay Abilities for a deck custom card
  • @MasterDJV
    With what I had in mind, I wanted there to be a small shop with 6 roleplay abilities to buy from, which are usually cheap, and then a consumable that costs 100 gold, where you get to Choose 1 random Roleplay spell from a choice of 5
  • 1 word sparklers, or just fireworks
  • Things from other systems that comes to mind are 0 Level spells. Things like light, flare, message, ghost sound. Things that could be useful or funny, but not help in combat. I might add a light spell, ghost sound(of a chorus), and an enlarge spell led to one of the funniest roleplay moments I've witnessed.

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    I may have gotten excited and made a few Roleplay Abilities:
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    custom card
    Yeeeaaahhhh..... :peace: 

  • @MasterDJV i love all of these! They're amazing. And if possible, could you just send idea? I really appreciate you sending the cards and all, but I have to do some balancing on my parts, and changes with cards that come in. Not that you made bad cards, they're wonderful! But like, there are some prices I would change, or some regular abilities to made into limiteds.
  • Ideas:

    A spell of [insert element] that just shoots out a very small and basic orb or projectile

    A cheap practice wand made of wood or plastic that shoots out really weak embers

    A spell that lets you emit little beams of [insert element] out of your fingers

    A spell that lets you create a flame hot enough to boil water ( for camping and travelling)

    Minor telekinesis that lets you shift small objects around ( this one is iffy because it depends on if you like the idea of telekinesis in Urealms)

    A spell that lets you change the temperature of an object, useful for cooking. melting things, or storing them in freezers

    Just in general, much weaker versions of spells that are like... the even lower EX version of a spell. So like a 5 Damage Fireball or something. A much smaller blizzard that doesn't require being Skilled.
  • @Phendrix I suppose, although I don't see why really any of these need changed prices and whatnot. besides Glowing aura (that one has a lot of use and I can understand changes to that), the rest only give roleplay benifits. The vine wall can basically be attacked thru, and the transmission can't be used in combat and the 1 damage shock will never out damage literally any other damage ability. Glad ya enjoyed them! 
  • @Flavor_Town_Reloaded
    I like your suggestions. Thank you a lot
  • When you say "roleplay spells" I'm not sure if there are any that aren't goofy in nature and wanted/needed. Like a spell the shoots confetti into the air. Or a spell that grows a beard. Roleplay spells that are more realistic and useful are less likely to be taken because,  they useless in combat but useful outside of combat. Like a spell that lights a small flame, or chills a cup of water or a bottle of mead. To put it simply. You want a useful spell, think of convenience. You want a spell people will take, get goofy.
  • custom card
    Boom, a spell to help you sleep, or to piss off anyone by recording five minutes of explosions and yelling and playing it back in their ears.
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