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Legendaries for your characters!

Hello! If you've every played a game with me from a Discord pick-up, you'd know that I love creating Legendaries for characters! I'm going to be on vacation for a while(away from playing Urealms) so in order to get my fill I'm offering my services to the Forums! If you'd like to have a legendary made for your character, link me your character's inventory, and a description of your character's backstory (No novels though please :P ). 

Now, I know there has been several of these before, some more successful than others, so I'll give ya a time-frame for this. The next few days I'll probably be all over this, creating Legendaries throughout the day. Then after that, I'll be off this a little more, probably only updating this at night. Once new years comes around I'll havta decide if I want to keep this going  :) until then go, feel free to send me characters!


  • Sure, here is my favorite character that i've played as: Rydel Vinisto.
    Rydel is Zanaria's cousin and was forced to join a dwarven gang after they blackmailed and threatened to hire Assassins to kill his family. He respects the gang(showstoppers) and has grown to be kind of trashy from his many years of being a gang wizard. Also he eventually got a bard girlfriend but thats unimportant.

  • @CasualCow Nice! So Rydel has grown darker during his time within the gang. He has also learned a new technique to utilize his inventory to deal additional damage!
    custom card
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    Tenth_knight_of_scratamantalis This is the Tenth Knight of Scratamantalis at one point when he was young he probably had a proper name but its been long forgotten since after both his parents were killed in a fire he was quickly taken by the Carp King since then he has spent all his time training and honing his skills he lives to serve the Carp King after his death he chose to climb the tower of ultimate wizardy to ask quintara lotus to revive the king no one has seen him since he entered

    edit: oh and he also adopted the child of a low bear and raised it as his own
  • @Kingedyou For your efforts, King Scratamantalis has chosen to aid you on your mission: custom card
  • @MasterDJV Holy shit that's perfect thank you!
  • @Kingedyou No problem fellow Knight of the King! May the blessings of King Scratamantalis be with you on your quest!
  • @MasterDJV And may our great king see the waves once more
  • Ringing in to humbly ask ye to make a legendary for the one, the only...
    Sallazhar_Sintour! (didthatwork?)(this is a weird request, aint it?)
    In case you haven't watched Rob's DOS2 streams, this guy left his family of art buffs to make a name for himself (in crime) and to get up close and personal with the art he loves so much. He'd also sell his party for..well..I was gonna write a gold coin, but Sallazhar's kinda greedy, so..
    Apologies in advance for my inventory being so stuffed--I rolled a 20 for gold  ~_~
  • @PoppyrusRose The one and only Sintour Sallazhar has created the ability of custom card
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    he has 158hp

    He was a small town dwarf who began traveling across the land killing and looting his way around the world and making a name for himself. I could go on about how he fought the whelpling at hells gate, or how he fought an entire ageless hord by himself, or even how he climbed the tower of ultimate wizardry, but this is Midas Lootworthy we are talking about surely you have heard these stories, but sadly these days would not last as one day he became lost. It was during one of these adventures where he was saving a dwarven maden from an a horde of angry hat rats were just as he killed the lasts hat rat he slipped on hat rat blood and hit his head against a rock and forgot who he was...

    sorry for the read but I love this backstory too much....
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    @TheIr0nKn1ght Lucky for you, it appears Midas Lootworthy has stumbled upon some custom card that may provide some insight about his previous self!
  • Thanks! that legendary looks like it could provide allot of roll playing fun!
  • @TheIr0nKn1ght That was the plan :P It's like storyteller but with a lot of Roleplay potential for your character :)

  • @MasterDJV nice! i almost forgot about Uncle Sall's Daredevil Vision! (what a name, huh?) Thank you! :^D
  • @PoppyrusRose No problem, that's what I'm here for :angryporc: 
  • Wika
    Yeah, I made her with an actual group. She's a villain who messes with people's minds, roleplay-wise she ended up getting retractable bone wings and only ever used Lascene as a roleplay action to launch a bunch of attacks at one person (it worked.) Wika is charming, but doesn't try to be, she makes the others in her group tank hits for her, and her Dark Spirit is actual the imprisoned soul of her mentor who she killed and enslaved in her shoulderplates (two skulls, like Phineas, but on a skirt-dress that goes halfway down her thighs). She actually managed to get the whole group out with a single RP-action Death Warp when the boss fight went poorly.

    Sorry if she's a bit OP, but I was min-maxing slightly when I made her. She uses her time-stopping (which I hope is what this legendary revolves around) to attack way more than she should. No pressure, but she's getting turned into a boss for a future campaign and I hope I can use your legendary for her then.
  • @KaeawynShifter With Wika being used as a Boss in the future I kept that in mind and made a fun gimmick using both her time/arcane spells and her trapped spirit: custom card

    and the other 2 cards you need: custom cardcustom card
  • I got one which is being used in a forum campaign, and i'm curious on what take you'd have for her legendary.


    The only daughter of the Blazers Family, Revi was kicked out the family home at a young age and forced to wander the Lightbeard Duchy of Tinderblight. She developed a love for fire through out her youth, and her love of fire helped her become a blacksmith. Eventually, she joined the Grand Paladin Order and developed a friendship with Lance Willakers, head of the Lightbeards. This friendship helped her immensely, as it brought her back into the Blazers Family, and eventually, made her the Duchess of Tinderblight when her abusive Parents died. It also helped her rise through the ranks of the Grand Paladin Order, and is now a Vizier within the Organisation's ranks.
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    @Jj_TeRroR_jJ It would appear Lance has a gift for you, those Cloth Robes are unworthy of your high position and talent, here, have a custom card!
  • Barrick_&_Dell

    You know the old story, boy is a simple farmer living in a small town, a new girl shows up in town and turns his life upside down in a whirlwind romance? Kinda like that, but with more her kicking the shit out of him at first. Barrick & Dell first met at a Inn/Bar where Dell was drinking herself stupid in celebration of how well her last adventure had gone while Barrick was just looking forward to his customary after work drink. Now Barrick's home town was tight knit, so he was just curious about the busty shezite as any red blooded male would be. After seating himself down next to her at the bar his hello was met with a very intimidating growl. Not to be dissuaded, Barrick tried striking up a conversation. Dell had a different kind of striking in mind, socking him square in the face. Now Barrick may have been a farmer now, but he wasn't always one. Any Lumberjack worth their Ax can take a blow and keep on trucking and while normally a gentleman, Barrick wasn't going to take a sucker punch lying down. The return blow stunned Dell, not for the not inconsiderable force behind it, but for the sheer audacity of some country bumpkin of hitting her gorgeous face. I'll spare you the who;e details, but needless to say the bar was completely trashed afterwards. And so was Dell's room after they were done with it.

    See, during that fight Dell could see the fire that Barrick's normally calm and collected demeanor hid, the lust for adventure (and other things) that was just below the surface. The fantasic mix of raging warrior and kind hearted man pulled on the longing that the solo adventurer had felt for so long. So during the exchange of blows, Dell may have allowed the Dvergr to land a few blows on her more... "sensative" regions, then gave up any pretense of subtlety and tackled him to the Bar floor mashing her lips against hers. Barrick was more than a little shocked at the change of battlefields, but he would be damned if he was going to lose to this beautiful woman. 

    One thing lead to another (quite a few times in fact) and the unbreakable duo of Barrick & Dell was born. Barrick left his farm in the hands of his cousin Tyberious (which is good, as Tyberious had been planning to kill Barrick to gain the land the farm was on as it held a large ore deposit, but thats not the point) and joined his paramour Dell in her quest for adventure. She the unbreakable front line and he the infallible back line.

    Love at first sight has nothing on love at first strike. 
  • @ShepardCom It would appear that this duo has been expirimenting with new 'techniques,' might wanna check up on their custom card.
  • Lewd. I love it. I'm not too sure what combo attacks there are but this is exactly what the lovely couple needs. Fantastic work.  :)
  • @ShepardCom Thanks man. I was trying to capitalize on your empty inventory and your packhunters while adding some flair with your bond  ;)
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    Gavel_Quinn_Azvelrara A woman who passes judgment to those who betray family(she is the family judge)  It is noted she has multiple Hatezen marks on her body
  • Leviathan_Pierce

    A once famous sharpshooter back in the Silverflats (well, only really known in the Silverflats) he was known as The Inferno and to close friends he was Renanin or simply "Rena". He worked alone and often took jobs to rid of nuisances. Oddly popular with the kids. He was captured by a rival and beaten to near death before dropping him onto a boat for someone else to deal with. After waking up on a elven ship he experienced strong amnesia and was then left on the docks while the elves went on their way not really caring for the dwelf other than healing him. Now not knowing what to do now he decided he was to start a new. New name, new appearance, new person. And so he became Leviathan Pierce (he's real proud coming up with that last name) a man with nothing hopefully finding some evidence of his past life or something to live for.
  • @MasterDJV Wow, that's cool, sorry it took so long for me to get back to the thread. Not at all what I had expected, but if how I'm interpreting the duplications thing is true that spirit is going to be re-casting a LOT of crits.
    PS: That is totally going to rekt the party when combined with custom card which she got from the treasure trove at the end of the campaign.
  • @KaeawynShifter The recasts are no-roll bonuses, they wont be crits. And man that stopwatch is op. Hopefully though this mechanic is a fun idea. 
  • @Milk @helperbot0613 I'll get to your legendaries later tonight! It's gotten to that time in the timeline :angryfunk: 
  • @MasterDJV Good to know, I won't have her be launching off copies then. Good news is she got an ability nerf with the boss buffs, the stopwatch isn't nearly as good with her new set, still lots of dark/arcane spells to copy though! I'll stop talking, this seems to be more of a 'thanks it was great' situation than a 'let me tell you all about my character' situation.
  • Oh no @helperbot0613 ! It appears there's been some sort of carriage accident nearby, the only item to survive the resulting explosion was this neat custom card, I think it might suit you!
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