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Hey guys, who's your favorite Urealms Husbando and Waifu?

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Question is pretty self explanatory, who is your favorite URealms Husbando (and I guess waifu's too, if you are a nerd :P ) !


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    I HAVE to go for Rohbear Leomaris... no particular reason whatsoever <.< >.>

    I guess Sleepy Time Bopen is a pretty good candidate too >:)
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     >_< sleepy time bopen is good

    (but harlen 4 lyfe)
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    Hmm I have a Tier list

    1. Dave
    2. Galen
    3. Rohbear

    1. Quiset
    2. Bei
    3. Quinn Vemtari

    Dave being personally one of my favorite characters of all time he dominates the husbando side of things with Galen and Rohbear coming up fairly far down. Like Dave is a 10 and Galen and Rohbear are like 8's.

    For the Waifus all of them tie almost equally just from how the characters were played out and their designs, which Six drew and she's currently streaming herself drawing Quintara Lotus and playing Binding of Isaac I have no clue what she's doing now, she's being distracted that's for sure. Quintara is also probably higher than the three girls but i don't believe dragon aspects count due to their greatness.

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    1. Aryu
    2. Galen
    3. Chilly Wizzy

    1. Raynel
    2. Heathera
    3. Gwenyth 
    yeah. I'm a weird person
  • Favorite husbando? 
    1. Clearly Galen cus moose bulge
    2. Harlen Hardbody
    3. Hmmm... Vitali?
    4. Golstandt cough cough kickstand

    1. Clearly ice cream waifu
    2. Bug princess irishlily
    3. Bopen (ye bopen is girl clearly)

    I win
  • Husbandos:
    1) Harlin
    2) Lunk
    3) Rob

    1) Kinny
    2) Alessa
    3) Raynel
  • @Ninja_Goose the  Bog  Bug Princess is one of the best Waifus  :p
  • Lyn. Who doesn't love a genocidal tsuma?
    Or maybe Coe's OGH character:..... Suzanna Sophia Sorella I think?
  • My husbando is Aryu, hence the current(as of writing this) avatar. Waifu goes to Zanaria, because ice cream waifu for the win.
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    my Porc boy Dob is gender neutral. Waifbando
    husbando pre BoM Virgo
    waifu jenathorn
  • Husbando: Aryu
    That boy is pretty.

    Waifu: Jenathorn
    I want that crazy turtle life.
  • Husbando: Orvan Weiss or Pee Jay "Dai" Johannesburg

    Waifu: Lola van Drych or Quiset
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    I would fuck most of deadbones' characters, that man makes good waifus and husnados.
  • @Umlaut Very true, but Spiff's on the path to the same thing.
  • My one and only waifu is the Sophia Suzanna Sorella
  • Husbando: Galen Sunsword, that dude is down right dreamy

    Waifu: Quiset and Kinney (Oh god I might have found my kinks...)
  • Husbandos:
    1. Galen
    2. Golestandt
    3. Vitali
  • @h00ney_b00ney16
    Galen was number 1 husbando for me. Until I saw Aryu’s art. 

    My reaction: Why am I so attracted to him?
  • Im surprised no one has mentioned Ca-rell yet who definitely has my vote
  • I only spend every waking moment thinking about Dalfgan and his silky beards.
  • Ca-rel or Gwyneth..... 
  • Dave and Davett
  • Waifus... Gwyneth is an obvious, Ca-rell, Penelope Saysong, Reesi Gandolin, Vanessa Squishwitz, I'm not sure if she'll ever be introduced, but Queen Shae.

    Husbandos, well gee. Philipe, Maelstrom, Galen, Dave, Harlin, I just have to go down a list of my favourite characters haha.
  • Kallark will always be my number one husbando. I have a soft spot for tragic dads :wink: 
  • @Lady_Kari ; Hey!  haven't seen ya in a while :3
  • Morgan Marie is clearly the best husbando of them all
  • Galen and Aryu best husbando
    Ca-Rell and Vanessa best waifu
  • @Gushy48 ;
    Says the guy who has a tragic dad RP character :peace: 
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