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Lost in a dungeon Lore

George:"Get your fresh Fish here! Get your fresh Fish!"
Back then things were much easier to deal with No chaotic dragons...or most of them were not chaotic but that's besides the point i'm tryna make...  George:"Fresh fish here caught straight from the lake and the Southern Sea!" ???:"I will take a couple..." A hooded figure with a cloak ripped up to shreds at foot length and a small cut out on his hood on the left side...This man was non other Than Jacob Thrall...A Mysterious Mage with Iffy origins... George:"That will be 15 gold per Weight measure...30 for any of our rare fish..." Jacob:"I will take 2 Southern sea Bass and a small Water Fay..."  George:"Not much of a spender eh?"  He hands Jacob the fish in a bag and gets paid 60 gold...Alexa Thrall:"Ooof...sorry..."  She ran by and thought jacob didn't notice her stealing his gold pouch...Jacob:"Ugh..thieves..."  Felicia:"Alexa Wait Up!"

Molag bal:"We should just take what we want Jacob we don't need to ask...our power is vast..."  Jacob:"Then we will be no better than those we kill Molag..."  Jacob summons fire in his hand while summoning wind to cut off scales of the fish he bought...Next he places the fire under a Pan...  Molag:"I don't understand why we have to be so lawful...we could rule this world now..."  sudden visions of Jacob and Molag slaying thousands upon thousands of innocents flood Jacob's mind and then it stops when he cries out "ENOUGH! If you wish to do it then fine do it yourself brother...Don't come back...You siphon off my power too much as it is..."  Several footsteps rustle about around 13 combat tiles away... Bandit Leader:"Okay just one kid it seems..."  Bandit grunts:"Yeah? then we should just kill him...i bet no one is waiting for him or even wants him..."  Suddenly the bandit's vision goes black and they are all dead...
Molag Bal:"Your welcome brother..."   Jacob rolls his eyes and continues preparing his meal

An explanation of why he is mad at Molag Bal...He killed a girl he liked twice...On the other hand Jacob made Molag pay for it by Sealing him within himself and force him to be silent for several decades, in which case only made him crazier... soon jacob decided to unsilence him, which was his worse mistake.  Molag Bal loved playing around with his brother's emotions, Killing those he loved taking away those he had a crush on taunting him after every game he played with him, never once being a good brother...You can by this point tell that Molag bal is the worst being in this dimension, don't even get me started on jacob.. he is by far the worst...

Jacob:"Hmm..." suddenly Jacob fell into a hole into a dungeon...  Chaos:"Join us..."  Jacob reluctantly puts out his hand and grab ahold of the creature...  

The creature eventually became apart of him...For many thousands of years he ruled over the dungeon, solving problems righting wrongs and most of all making others happy... Chaos didn't like these things and eventually went into the unknown...Jacob had lost the source of his power and with it the ability to come in and or out of the dungeon...

Chaos:"Even after all these centuries you still don't pay attention to will pay...YOU WILL PAY ATTENTION TO US...YOU WILL KNOW YOUR LIMITS...WITHER AND FALL Jacob..."
The beast lets off 3 blasts of chaotic energy  Jacob dodges all of them and launches back a blinding light attack The chaos is hurt but it adapts and regains its energy and mass this time going for something else... It lunges at Jacob throwing its goo like punches low up low low mid up low until it connects and even then it continues...  Jacob gets hit multiple times and feels the energy draining from him every time he gets punched
Jacob lets off a blast of Void energy this time  sucking up the chaos's mass and warping it to another dimension Before it goes Jacob:"I Knew what your plans were the moment i touched you..You will not destroy my worlds or any others..."


Vlaurungapolis, a city containing almost every single race in the Multiverse(Jacob’s worlds), Bustling with traders,Veterans,Gypsies,Politicians,some important divines every now and then and some lesser crime…

Vlaurungapolis is on the coast and very dense. Home to more than 2 billion, housing over 12 guilds and corporations, the most popular of these was Gnome Tech. When this city was in its infant stages it was still at a population of 1.7 million, and at that point was when Gnome Tech began to flourish and stand out from the other guilds.

An operation known as EyeSore was what Gnome tech was operating on the most at the time and succeeded with, little did they know a certain other organization Merc Tech was also working on that project: The project was to make it so you could connect to an infinite amount of energy and tap into it to become a god, both companies succeeded but at what cost?

Today you can talk to two gods named June and July both of which are twins, I got the idea that all divines needed to be twins, so i made it so...I am not a divine although i have many different forms that are. My avatars Jacob,Monster,And one other i forgot his name...Had a mark on his left do i have a mark on my right...We are bound together to out do the other.

And all conflict is because we try to out do the other...I live in a world called Eclairium, a world i made myself...I am Known as VoidMaster and Jacob  5 gods are in that world beside me and 1 other Avatar as well.

Getting back to the point Vlaurungapolis has 3 districts, living district,Military and Market, Their military is so arrogant they think they can kill even gods...Fools if only they knew better, no they don’t deserve to…

One even has Greater pyroblast but uh let's ignore that little jimmy(Jer Nal)


  • Jacob:" made multiple different worlds left them alone for a bit and then decided Ah fuck it i am gonna merge em all together thats a great idea!"  Basically 
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    My Rp's that are combined are Lost in A dungeon,Titan Trails,Mgq, and bits and pieces from other rp's cause why not a mess is only best when there is a lot of it said no body ever...

    This is a work in progress for ever but i will be building a full on template soon
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    Story so far
    Hello... i am Jacob and this is my dungeon...however you got trapped here it matters not, 
    you are safe within these walls.
    What did you expect? some sort of madman in a dungeon?
    Well to be specific i am an old god not a madman...most of the time...
    Anyway there should be some rooms developing in a bit call out for me if you need anything,
    there are refreshments over there near the door to your left and there are extra sets of clothing as well as showers, restrooms and the kitchen if you don't feel like eating the appetizers...

    The above is Jacob talking to The Old gods that used to inhabit this place before he had the current pc's in the Facility. Little is known about these visitors


    Banned items

    Scaling and Stacking items


    Legendary Guidelines



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