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DJV's Custom class: Crossblade

Hello! This is my first custom class I've made and I'd like some feedback/potential suggestions for it if needed. The class is designed around a unique weapon that's half sword, half crossbow. The class is a melee range archer of sorts, the cards help explain the class:

Here's the album link if you'd prefer to look this way:

Class card, stamina and gold aren't too shabby:

Here's the weapon, the Crossblade, take notice that it has both the melee and ranged gem:

And here's the passive that brings it all together:

The first basic attack ability to utilize the passive:

and the other:

Here's a bit of utility with the bolts:

And why not add a grappling hook?

And some fun roleplay bolts:

this class's take on an interrupt that utilizes the uniqueness of the Crossbolt:

The ability to make sure this class gets double damage:

and interesting taunt ability that follows the principle of "an eye for an eye" that let's you punish attackers, especially in melee range:

An ability for players who'd like to explode and use all their actions in a single round:

And an amazing ability that lets you shred all adjacent enemies:

So the inspiration for this class came from a recent campaign where a random NPC archer was forced into melee range and survived :angryporc: and the hilariousness of it inspired me to this point, a ways from where I started. This class turned into a weird combo of ranger and sharpsword, with a flair of pettalwalker. If you have any ideas or feedback for this class I'd love to hear it. I beleive that it is balanced enough currently to fit as a normal class in the class deck. 

Also, if anyone can help me with this as a workshop item. I've got this uploaded as a workshop item, but for some reason I can't change the visibility of the mod to public:

The only thing I've been able to research is it may be due to not having a fully activated or premium account? But this can't be true for me because I've had this for years and am lvl 6 in steam. I've also spent plenty of money in steam and have had more than $5 in my wallet at a time recently. So if anyone can help me figure out why I can't change the visibility that'd be great so I can share this easier. I dunno if it helps, but here's the workshop link anyway, I don't think you can access it though:

"This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!"
The artwork on the card is courtesy of RadioactiveK


  • Good class, but abilities could do with range or damage added to them, especially smoke darts since that’d nerf the user due to the entire melee aspect of the class. 
  • @UnluckyBimi Well isn't that the point? You can take people out from safety, but you're much more effective in melee?
    Also, love the class, it's great, I'm totally not stealing that and using it on my own for a boss, no sirreee.

    PS: Why do me and UnluckyBimi always end up arguing on people's threads? I mean, really, at this point we could have a podcast on all of our discussions.
  • @KaeawynShifter Well, taking 'em out from afar would be useful... if there was range to their abilities and you didn't do max 20 damage (from the base class) per turn. (I'm just honing in on that, since my nurd-OCD kicks in on it). - Also, we don't argue that much on people's threads do we? Well, I know I do but typically not actually with you.
  • @UnluckyBimi I see what you mean. Although ignoring the smoke bolts there are already several other abilities designed to do more damage. The smoke bolts are more-so designed to be an ability for board control, stop the movement of a specific enemy to help your allies. Although looking at that now, that ability should probs only be 50 gold. Also, the class does 40 damage with normal basic attacks (if you have double damage up) as long as you have "Unique movement" at melee range. Melee basic for 20, then ranged basic for 20. So the class does more damage at melee range, but still has the option for longer range combat. Although, yeah smoke bolts probably needs a slight numbers change.

    @KaeawynShifter Glad that the specialization of the class was clear, hopefully that means I did something right  :D And of course, this seems like it'd be fun as a boss : )
  • @MasterDJV I fully understand the class, but it does seem a bit underwhelming (well, the abilities aren't really balanced between each-other). This is min-maxing nurding: Other than passives and limiteds, the only abilities that'd be worth it are "Double Take", "Slicing Motion" and "Grapple Shot", sure Smoke-bolts is alright for limiting movement but it really halves your own attack capabilities (and TBH, since you can typically move the same as a boss and you excel in melee you can just move after it if it does move). I can see the appeal of absorb, but that's risking a fair-sized chance to hit for 40 over an extra boost of damage (since it seems like it should be more geared to high-rolls, since if you just used that every turn and kept deflecting pyroblasts on non-highs it feels more like a limited in its' strength). (I'm mentally comparing it to other classes that are actually in URealms too). (And yes, I have realized that the only two abilities I'm really discarding are Festive Bolts, Absorb and Smoke-bolts). But seriously, for nurd-reasons, abilities could do with putting range on 'em since you might get somebody using 'em without the crossbow.
    Min-maxing is over: Festive Bolts would make a nice RP ability, and so would Smoke-bolts but they really do come across as either pointless or hindering for actual combat.
  • edited December 2017
    @UnluckyBimi I can agree that those few abilities are probably the best that I'd also probably always get, that's probably why I should replace something like hasteful movement with a regular ability, maybe focusing on a powerful ranged attack. 

    I get what your saying with absorb. my reasoning behind that ability was that you could always interrupt an attack with any other ability, so this is an ability your buying purely to interrupt, so it should be a bit better, especially if it is taking up an anytime. But if you are using your regular, then that means that you didn't do anything last turn so thats another commitment that your losing for that interrupt. Plus most the time your enemy isn't dumping pyroblast's every turn : P, most likely just like 30 max damage spells for regular enemies, otherwise that's why the work "attempt" is on the card, to prevent the ability from becoming to OP against big bosses.

    "since you might get somebody using 'em without the crossbow" that's exactly why I DONT want to put ranges on the card! because imagine if someone got wildearthbow and leatherwhip for their weapons? If there was the normal ranges on the cards then other people would be limited because there are other weapons with more range (and I don't want to put more range on the cards because then your getting into Longbow/Ranger range and this class is suppose to be closer range than that). I like the idea of a dynamic weapon setup where most Crossbladers will have different ranges for each attack if they buy additional/different weapons. 
  • @MasterDJV Skillfully explained. I'll still see absorb as a bit OP (although, that's 'cause I can see potential OP ways in a lot of situations) but you did well in pointing out why it's like that. - For the ranges, that does make sense as well although I do think you need the range-symbol on them (even if it's just the symbol and no numbers).
  • @UnluckyBimi No, you don't actually need the range gem, having the range gem and no number implies a range of 1, like the melee gem. Also, cards without range gems are based on your weapons, especially if they use basic attacks.
  • @KaeawynShifter That makes since, I went back and looked at similar cards, and cards like fireshotdeadeye , and masterfulstrike don't have range/melee gems either.

    @UnluckyBimi looking at Absorb again I can see where your coming from, maybe if I put on the card you can only have one spell absorbed at a time would fix that. Force a bit more fighting instead of constant absorption. especially when I'm debating creating this card:

    to replace Hasteful Movement 
  • @KaeawynShifter Huh. For some reason I just had the idea in my head that ranged abilities required the ranged gem (not sass), but never bothered to check for examples (which is actually rare for me, surprisingly) of that being the case. - Now that'll bother me for about 10 minutes.
  • @MasterDJV Yeah, that does seem a lot better IMO especially since just going from base-abilities/crossbow Hasteful Movement would allow for 120 damage (not using anytimes) since I remember something being said about abilities doing like. - Double Bolts is quite interesting, as in it could also be used as an impromptu-heal of sorts in that way (although the base absorb could also) and would be a good negater and/or trick against a boss who'd block the first bolt with an anytime before realizing two had been fired.
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