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If you could change any roll in the show to a 1 or a 20, which roll would it be?

any roll ya'll can think of, be it a death roll, a lore roll, an attack, something really cool, whatever. 


  • I would have liked the fish to turn into a king at the tower of ultimate wizardry
  • Kallark's deathroll at the end of Silvermine mountain, just to see how Gwenyth would be like in Woodcarvers and GPO.
  • Minecraft water physics, either way would be glorious. We either get a somewhat decent water system in that real world water logic works, or we get the hilariously stupid humor of 'oh god minecraft physics'.
  • Roamin pulling sursurflame from the stone in Den of Devils c:
  • I would change any of Bopen's executions into a 1. It would be hilarious to see how mad he'd get after a long monologue session and then he fails to kill someone right away.
  • Spiff's wife's death roll in The Purge. Nice Waifu didn't deserve that.
  • Gotta be deadbones's augment in Dundinborough
  • I'd change the 1 on magical insemination Senate of Deadlantis to a 20 because since it was a dragon aspect doing it I would love to see how that wouldve changed what happened, maybe even creating a new divine.
  • I wanted Penguins to be canon in URealms  :( 
  • Dai's deathroll in fall of Dundinborrough.

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    anything bopen has done too a 1
    even though i dont think bopen ever rolls at all...
  • Percy's Death roll to being a 20 so he could survive, I want to see the expansion of Dock-Elf's story.
  • All season staring roles to 1s, and all season ending rolls to 20s. Just for the novelty of it..
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