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My Definitive Urealms Story Recap

The following is my definitive recap of the Urealms Story thus far. I will let you know that even though I try to cover as many as I can, I do not cover every single campaign with this, only the important ones. I will most likely not include campaigns if they have stories which are better told alone, or with the aid of only one or two campaigns. These include the Porbo story, the Silverflats story, etc. Without further ado, here we go.

Senate of Deadlantis: Act II
Before the birth of Magic, there were many races, however, two known races rose above the others, as they were blessed (created, even) with immortality by Phanto and Kallisto the Sun Gods. These two races were the Elves and the High Bears respectively. These two races, blinded by their sheer power, looked so lowly upon other races that they did not even invent words for pain or death, despite the fact that the animals and other races of the land, such as Kobolds and Beenu could feel pain and die just as normal. Their concept of death was so nonexistent that they even befriended Golestandt, the God of Death. That is... until the Old Gods arrived.

Senate of Deadlantis: Act III
Unsatisfied with this Utopia, the Old Gods intervened, and without even sitting up they murdered the Sun God Phanto, destroying his immortality blessing in the process, and dooming his corpse to rotate the planet endlessly as a celestial body now referred to as the "Moon". While Kallisto lived on and provided the world with sunlight and the High Bears with Immortality, the Elves were rendered helpless. In panic, fear, and surprise, they murdered and maimed each other for a long time, ending each other by countless numbers in the process, until eventually learning to cope with a lack of immortality, and discovering a pseudo replacement in the form of Dragon Silver, harvested straight from the back of the Dragon Gods to extend their lifespan. Some were lucky enough to escape the carnage by becoming cursed with "Agelessness", a form of undead that retains your spirit and body, in return for your flesh and working organs. Without the need to breathe, these few escaped into the Ocean to eventually form an entire city of Ageless, known as "Deadlantis". This event is known as "The Birth of Magic"

A long period of time then passed that has not yet been seen by the eyes of the Old Gods. However, based on future campaigns, a few things can be deduced.
-Bopen the Skeleton King is born, and then killed
-The Grand Paladin Order is formed
-The God "Thor" created a number of new races, such as Dwarves and Gnoll
-The Gnomes are created by the Old Gods

Lyn Azveltara Gaiden
One Elf, Lyn Azveltara Gaiden, escaped the carnage of the Birth of Magic and vowed to seek revenge on whoever murdered the Phanto Sun God, and begins to work towards her eventual ascent of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, a magical, seemingly endless magical tower constructed by the Dragon God Quintara Lotus, who resides at the top of the tower, so that she can seek her help and guidance, and hopefully obtain enough power to avenge Phanto. While climbing, she assumes a temporary mental link with Spiff: the Old God who, unbeknownst to Lyn, is controlling her every action.
Additionally, she is plagued with many visions of the future, including one of her excitedly discussing names for her child, and then another vision, which shows her mourning over an empty crib. Taking pity on Lyn, the Old God named Solaris changes the fabric of reality, decreeing that these visions should not be 100% destined to become true, leaving the fate of Lyn's child ambiguous.

Azveltara Z
Much later, Lyn Azveltara has succeeded in her mission and obtained great power. Additionally, he has trained a large number of skilled elves whom she values so highly she considers them part of the Azveltarian family and has blessed them with the Azveltarian ability to shapeshift into animal form. Lyn turns her attention to the Beenu race. The Beenu race is slightly feared by the Elves, since they are by far the most technologically advanced of the races, and already make use of technology far beyond the understanding of any other race, such as computers, robots (called "Elemechs"), and artificial reproductive technology.
For this reason, Lyn reaches the conclusion that the Beenu were responsible for Phanto's death, possibly due to jealousy that they were not blessed as the Elves were, or perhaps because she believed it was a vengeful act, striking back at the Elves due to their mistreatment and abuse of the Beenu before the Birth of Magic. Of course, Lyn, like the vast majority of characters in this world, has no idea of the existence of the Old Gods, despite her previous connection with the Old God Spiff, and the previous intervention the Old God Solaris had with her. But for whatever reason, Lyn, with her training behind her and her companions leading the way, is able to infiltrate the Beenu's headquarters, and turn their reproductive systems against them, before wiping them out almost completely.
No longer able to reproduce, any survivors of the attack eventually died off, and the Beenu race was extinguished, leaving behind nothing but empty catacombs and rusted machinery, which are destined to forever guard the various habitats where they used to live, despite the fact that the people they once guarded are long gone.
A few Beenu, however, put their entire remaining lives to work, and manage to succeed in outliving the remaining Beenu by a long period of time. The method in which they achieved this, however, is unknown. Perhaps the Beenu were able to upload their consciousness into an Elemech to achieve pseudo-immortality, or they were able to manifest their form as a ghost which existed forever. However they did it, it is not the last we've heard of them.
In the Aftermath, the Old Gods had a chance to impregnate Lyn, or curse her with infertility. In the end, Old God Qazerquoi blessed her with pregnancy.

A large period of time then passes, in which we have much less information on what has changed about the world except that each race has now acclimated to one another and the Elves have almost entirely recovered from the shock left behind from the Birth of Magic. Although Elves who survived since before then via consuming Dragon Silver are rare, they do exist.

The Fall of Dundinborough
Here, we get to see a little bit of the inner workings of the Dwarven Kingdom of Dundinborough, followed by its fall. The kingdom is beset by wave after wave of Ageless. (Not to be confused with the Cult of Bones). Despite the valiant efforts of the royal guardsmen, and even with a mighty High Bear on their side, they are eventually overrun. However, before the Ageless army can even reach the monarchs, the very bones from within the monarchs are ripped out, and formed into Bopen, the Ageless King. And thus, Bopen has been reborn and the kingdom of Dundinborough is no more. Not everyone dies, however. Lance Willakers, son of the king of all Dwarves, shows up and rescues the royal guards.

The Sunswords
Here, we are introduced to characters Gwyneth Sunsword, and Kallark Gandolin, Bobby "Bob" Bobertson, Phineas Barringster and Xavius Barringster. [Sorry Coe. Dave might have been worth mentioning if he kept that Love Staff but he's as good as dead in the larger scale]. Gwyneth is one of the Sunsword's most high ranking members, mostly due to Virgo Sunsword, the leader of the Sunswords, being her Father. Kallark is her current lover, Xavius is her past lover and cousin to Phineas, and Bob isn't really important yet. This campaign's story is all about subtlety. Gwyneth struggles mentally with keeping her fellow Sunswords in line, because she knows that secretly, she is pregnant, and she must soon give up her role from within the Sunswords. Kallark spills Gwyneth's secret to everyone, and as a result, Gwenyth breaks up with Kallark and gives Xavius another shot. This group is seen transporting a carriage of prisoners to the Elve's ultimate prison, the Silvermine Mountains, where prisoners are forced to mine Dragon Silver for the Elves to consume and maintain immortality forever. The prisoners are fed with enough silver to extend the amount of time they can mine silver for, too.

However, one of the prisoners, Jakelad, is a member of the mysterious Ageless cult, known as the Cult of Bones, and his fellow cult members help Jakelad and the other prisoners escape, right outside the prison's main gate. While the Elves struggle to get the prisoners back, Gwyneth is stabbed as a result of the Old God's intervention with the scuffle, and her pregnancy is ruined. Some of the prisoners escape, some of the prisoners are freed since they helped the Elves in the fight, however, some prisoners, including two Kobold children found during the adventure, are accidentally incarcerated in the Silvermine Mountains.

Jewel of the Dingo Isles
After escaping, Jakelad eventually joins a pirate crew, aboard the "Bocoe", where he can hide from the Elves forever. The Bocoe is sent by the Grand Wizard Nisovin to retrieve the mystical Jewel of the Dingo Isles, for an unknown purpose. Before even arriving at the Dingo Isles, however, Jakelad attempts to backstab his crew and take the ship for the Cult of Bones. He is unsuccessful, however, and ultimately killed. The crew continues without him and ultimately succeeds in returning the Jewel to Nisovin.

Unexpected Discovery
Meanwhile, the Grand Paladin Order and the Guild of Explorers discover what they believe to be an ancient Beenu city, and agree to explore it together. With them, they bring No-Eye Bromas, a Gnome who has had experience with Beenu temples before, and has been so greatly affected by their ancient technology that he has been transformed into a Kobold, and seeks to return to his natural Gnome state. Additionally, he knows the critical weakness of all Beeny Elemechs and machinery: citrus acid. Inside, they find all sorts of ancient Beenu technology, which Bromas is able to help them readily shut down. Additionally, they find a mysterious apparition of an actual Beenu, one of which has not been seen for years. The Beenu reveals parts of their past, but also reveals that there are many like him, and provides one of their party members, Karl Landers, with a map showing the location of each one.
Most impressively of all, tucked well behind everything else, they find a buried Dragon Den, which contains a baby dragon. Baby dragons, known as Whelplings, are still fearsome beasts, however, and the party is forced to retreat.

The Silvermine Mountains
Shortly after the events of the Sunswords, Gwyneth and Xavius seem to have taken up some shift work at the Silvermine Mountains. Kallark is trying to convince Gwyneth to release the Kobold children wrongfully incarcerated, however, it is Silvermine Policy to only let people in, never out, since it's their most secure prison, despite the fact that they seem to think they are rehabilitating the prisoners. Meanwhile, a new group of prisoners is incarcerated, including Khn'n-rell, a shady mysterious albino Elf, who used to burn down villages, but was not arrested and taken to the Silvermine mountains until he decided to burn down Elf villages.
Khn'n-rell slowly recruits various prisoners with the promise of potential escape, until he gathers enough people to perform the Ageless ritual, practiced by the Cult of Bones. This causes the entire mountain to shake and erupt, until suddenly it begins to dawn on the prisoners that they are not in a mountain at all, but rather the fossilized Dragon god of death, Golestandt. Once a dear friend of many Elves, turned into a living prison used to fuel the Elve's pseudo-immortality business. Once resurrected, Golestandt flies off, causing a cave-in from the remaining rock so severe it kills many of the characters inside, including Xavius. Kallark put the kid in safety, as well as a few of the prisoners, escapes with Gwyneth, and sets off with her to chase Golestandt

[Footnote]: Currently I believe that the events from the Silvermine mountains occur directly before the events of the Fall of Dundinborough. It is my belief that the awakening of Golestandt, the God of Death, results in the rebirth of Bopen, the Ageless King. This theory seems to be unpopular though, so I placed the Fall of Dundinborough recap earlier in this timeline. You can interpret it however you like, though.

The New Crew
With the success they brought the Grand Wizard Nisovin, the crew of the Bocoe receives another mission from the Gnome Wizard. This time, they are ordered to retrieve the Sun Key from the Sunswords, which is one of the many keys required to access Dalfgan, one of the most powerful wizards in the world and one of the only non-dragons capable of casting Creation Magic, a magic so powerful the Gods used it when they originally created the races of the world. With the money they earned from their last mission, they recruit a handful of new members, one of which is the mysterious, yet incredibly powerful Maelstrom, a one-eyed Kobold with a thirst for blood, and another who is Nisovin's 39-year-old apprentice, Rick Snot. After a long boat ride, they finally arrive on the island home where the Key is being held, and successfully steal the key, killing multiple Elves in the process. Maelstrom, however, is left behind as he is caught up in the moment and murders one of the Bocoe's crew members. The Captain, Merci, is also captured, and left behind.
The Elves don't let the Key go without a fight, though. They chase down the Bocoe with their Flagship, which is captained by none other than Virgo Sunsword, the leader of the Sunswords as well as Bob and Phineas from The Sunswords. The pirates are swiftly taken care of, captured, and brought aboard the Elven Flagship, except for Rick Snot, two goblins, and a dog, who are left to drift the open waters upon the Bocoe.

The Woodcarvers
Taking place almost directly after the Silvermine Mountains. A simple woodcarving town is destroyed by the recently awoken Dragon Golestandt, leaving it's few survivors without families and in shock. Some of them meet up with Gwyneth and Kallark and help them seek to fight off the Ageless that now haunt their destroyed town. One of them, named Michael, however, leaves to seek revenge on his own.

Den of Devils
Meanwhile, the Grand Paladin Order has gone out of their way to seek help from adventurers across the realm, in order to search the recently discovered Dragon Den for Dragon Eggs, a rare specimen which Nisovin intends to get his Gnomish hands on. In the end, they succeed, however not without discovering a fully grown Dragon, which is accidentally awoken and set free. The repercussions for this are yet to be seen.

The Skeleton King
Ever since the events of the Fall of Dundinborough, Bopen the Skeleton King has been amassing his army, largely through conscripting pirates and the like. Anyone who refuses to become Ageless and join Bopen is swiftly murdered. He is beginning to look unstoppable. His disciples are a bit more kind when it comes to recruiting. While recruiting new members near the remains of Dundinborough, his crew members encounter a Kobold who looks identical to Maelstrom from the New Crew (but isn't), who speaks in terms which sound merely like gibberish to the characters, but makes sense to the Old Gods. Frustrated, the crew swiped at this Kobold, only to have the Kobold disintegrate into sand, revealing this being's true nature as a Sandbold.
Later, the same crew is raiding a Kobold village for gold, when Sandbolds again involve themselves, stopping time and rescuing the villagers before the raiders even knew what happened.
Finally, the crew sets sail to see the Elven Flagship sailing along, and decides to attack. They are successful, even killing the leader of the Sunswords: Virgo Sunsword, himself.

Senate of Deadlantis, Act I
The rest of the crew from Virgo's ship, including the Elves and the Pirates that were captured in The New Crew, are either killed swiftly or turned to Ageless, with the exception of Bob, who barely manages to evade the transformation thanks to the help of one of Bopen's top crewmates, Areani, the Medusa who can control people with her mind. Bob does, however, end up being mind controlled by Areani. Areani also tries to control Phineas, however by a stroke of luck Phineas manages to reverse the spell, and mind control Areani, saving himself. Bopen then declares that Phineas be taken to Deadlantis for bargaining.

The Grand Paladin Order
News of Virgo's death is swiftly brought to Gwyneth Sunswords, who has traversed all the way with Kallark and the characters recruited in The Woodcarvers to the Grand Paladin Order Headquarters. She has little time to grieve, however, as an army of Ageless the same size as the one that destroyed Dundinborough (if not, bigger) begins to attack the Grand Paladin Order HQ. However, the GPO succeeds where Dundinborough failed, and, despite the loss of some good people, the Grand Paladin Order survives the attack. Before everyone settles down, a new Grand Paladin must be selected, as Virgo is no more (Apparently Virgo led the Sunswords and the Grand Paladin Order[?]). While the characters believe they choose a new Grand Paladin of their own free will, the Old God Taey Rurj weighed in and decreed that Gwyneth Sunsword be the new Grand Paladin, instead of Lance Willakers.

Senate of Deadlantis, Act IV
By this point, the underwater Ageless city of Deadlantis has grown to the point of having its own council, and amidst their discussion, Bopen the Skeleton King interjects, and suggest that Ageless fight for their freedom once and for all, and shows the council Phineas,  the bargaining chip they have. The council eventually duels over it, but ultimately, with the influence of the Old God Caprikel, they ultimately decide to go to war, as well as steal children from coastal cities to turn them Ageless and force them to work in Deadlantis.

The Purge
The effects of Gwyneth being the Grand Paladin don't take long to manifest. While before, it was forbidden to witchhunt Ageless and kill them, Gwyneth has decreed that it be done. Any reluctance to disagree is quickly swept away when Ageless start to steal children from coastal cities and turn them Ageless. Luckily, the Morton, the mayor of Reldawin (a town known for harboring Ageless) has prepared for this, and set up an escape for his townsfolk. Although it is too late, and only a very small number of Ageless escape by the skin of their teeth.
While sailing away, however, a giant underwater behemoth attacks their getaway ship and destroys it, causing them to wash up on shore, where they are quickly met with several Grand Paladins, intent on cleaning them up.
However, through grit, determination, and the power of the Old Gods controlling them, they are able to persevere and win the fight, despite being just washed ashore from a wrecked ship. They are even able to defeat the legendary Lance Willakers. It is at this point, however, that Bopen shows up, with all the characters from the Jewel of the Dingo Isles, New Crew, and Skeleton King that he had conscripted. He forcefully recruits the survivors of Reldawin, save for one, Percy, who manages to drive his sword into Bopen's skull and body, destroying him.
A moment of silence passes, only for Percy's body to deconstruct in the same way that King Dundinborough's did, reforming Bopen the Skeleton King for the third time.

And that's it! You're up to speed. Not quite sure who I made this post for, tell me how accurate you think I was! If you read the whole thing I mean... which I don't blame you if you didn't...
I mostly just made this for myself I think. I like to splerge my thoughts onto paper so I thought I'd make it public because I know some of you can't get enough of this show. But I think writing this is enough to satisfy me all the way up until Season 3 Part 2. I hope it does for you, too.

And no I'm probably not going to update this as the story continues. Anyway bye o/
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