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Theory on Bopen

edited December 2017 in General Discussion
I think I just worked out what Bopen is, I don't think Bopen is a single individual, at least innately, I think Bopen is like the grand paladin, he transfer, this time through battle. Why do I say this. Death rolls. We know for a fact, a fact that Rob himself said he would never mess with Death rolls, if you fail, that character is dead, it is meant for finality and certainty. Bopen is the only character to survive a failed one, unless....he didn't, what if he died but the spirt of Bopen lived on, and took Percy's power to increase his own and making Percy's body the new host? I personally think Rob would not mess with death rolls so readily, he knows it would cheapen Death rolls, so he needs an explanation. The only other thing I can think of is that Bopen is a being meant to defy the old gods, something that the world created to spite us, the old gods. However I personally don't think that at the moment


  • I don't think we're quite meant to understand what Bopen is yet, and I say that because we're missing a huge part of the story: His first life. Every time we see Bopen he talk about his previous lifetimes. In the Fall of Dundinborough, he was ressurected which means he was alive at least once before. In this previous life, we have no idea what he was like or what he stood for, or how he died, or even what fueled his resurrection. Though considering Bopen and Golestandt are the only two characters who are so closely associated with Ageless I think it would be more than fair to assume that the two are related, and Bopen's resurrection would be directly related to Golestandt's awakening in The Silvermine Mountains.

    Since Golestandt was good friends with many of the Elves (As shown in the party Act in Senate of Deadlantis), Bopen could have been anything before. He might have also been a friend of the Elves, until some event occurred, perhaps it was the Birth of Magic, perhaps it was the founding of the Grand Paladin Order which despises Ageless, whatever it is, Bopen died, and he died with so much vengeance in his heart that he resurrected himself using the bones of one of the few remaining Dwarven Kings.
  • @Drapperbat Current-Bopen was around before Golestandt "awoke", so I doubt Bopen's resurrection is related to Golestandt waking up.
  • @Drapperbat Oh I agree with some of that, the biggest problem I have is, death rolls are very final in Urealms, if you fail one you should be dead, and any time someone is bought back to life it causes a Sin of the Unforgotten, which Bopen does not cause, that tells me there is something else going on here, like Rob has said in the past, hell even after Bopen survived a death roll that Death rolls are meant to be it, unless you face consequences, the Sins
  • @UnluckyBimi Personally I actually think the 2 aren't related at the moment
  • @Mortem Ditto on that. There's nothing really supporting it, especially since FoD happened a while before Silvermine Mountains.
  • @UnluckyBimi If I had to choose a aspect to have something to do with Bopen, I would choose Quintara, Bopen's magic is far more chaotic and he has a purple Aura, the colour of arcane.
  • @Mortem Shard of Perversion works differently than Bopen. Bopen doesn't take control of peoples' bodies, but rather their bones and not just one persons'. (Also, we saw him technically controlling Percy after Bopen's black-skull was crushed while Percy still lived).
  • @UnluckyBimi Yeah, however I am just saying there is stuff that can take over other bodies, who says it couldn't be modified by some powerful wizard or hell deity
  • @UnluckyBimi Hell, Final gift, the thing that was modified for the Grand Paladin, was changed in a similar way
  • @Mortem your point on death rolls I don't agree with, first off look at all the characters whi failed a death and aren't sinned, heathera, lance williakers, Bruce williakers, and half the players from the purge. death rolls aren't as meaningful as you make them out to be.
    also if you look at Bopen losing his skull from a story point of view rather than a gameplay point of view. Bopen surviving Percy bracking his skull makes perfect sence, sense we already know bopen doesn't die from losing his skull as we learned from the skeleton king Bopen Virgo fight.
  • @kreeperkiller63 Who is to say Heathera isn't Sin? And when did Bruce survive a Death roll? With the rest, the ageless curse is the one exception to the role, as they are still dead, and Bopen is not an ageless
  • @Mortem Bruce falied a death roll in the azveltara Z tournament, we don’t have a great resason to assume heathera is sinned. and your right bopen is not ageless, i just don’t agree with your argument to what bopen is.
    The problem with your theory(same with most peoples theorys) is we don’t have enough evidence to say it is one way or another. Also due to the randomness of the show rob might not even know what bopen will end up being.
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