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Urealms character D&D alignment chart

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I love alignment charts, and I haven't seen any for Urealms characters. this is my attempt to make one, I want to see where people think characters like Lyn or Maelstrom should go. note i don't consider myself an expert on alignment charts so some of these characters could be in the wrong place. this is just to get the discussion started


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    I DID IT
  • @kreeperkiller63 try linking the image uil
  • Maelstrom is literally a pirate and he killed someone just because of a song. I wouldn't consider him very lawful. My first thought would be justin's character (or most characters in deadlantis) they have terrible policies about killing childrens but they do it with a system and some form of democracy. 

    I'm not very used to alignment chart either maybe I'm confusing things too. 
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    @Archemiendo I thought about that too. If you look back at that seance it took a lot to get maelstrom to snap like that. If you look at him though the whole campaign, the things he is doing is not mindless, not chaotic. He seems to have a plain, and goals he is acting upon. Also he is part of "the Order of Chaos" (Ordered chaos) there is an argument, for both lawful and chaos, in terms of maelstrom.

    TL;Dr maelstrom could really go in ether lawful or chaos
  • @kreeperkiller63   Normally I found these charts restrictive, but I think you did a good job to represent each category with an accurate character. And like you said Maelstrom could really go in either category, so Lyn would be more representative of the Lawfull Evil...
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    @Dalard I didn't put lyn in, because I have no idea where she would go, I can make an argument into putting her just about anywhere. In AZ she seem very chaotic evil. But in LAG see seems like she belongs in lawful good.
  • I'd like to see more with more characters alignment charts are always fun. 
  • I think most of the dragon aspects are going to be chaotic neutral. We already can tell Quintara Lotus is that. Golestandt is debatable, but I think his insanity exempts him from being considered evil. Yvander is the only other one we know enough about to make a judgement, but she sure as hell isn't good. I don't necessarily think Yvander will be evil either though, which leads me to believe chaotic neutral is possible.

    The rest is pure speculation, but it is possible that Ouro'ras is lawful good, Rokesh is neutral, and Vlaurunga is probably also chaotic neutral.
  • im not sure where I would put Gwyneth. She ordered the elimination of peaceful ageless, which seemed impulsive at best. But she seems to try her best to do "right thing". She is probably lawful good, but she could also be lawful evil, or even chaotic evil, Or any of the in betweens.
  • I would personally put Kallark as Lawful Good. He went back to save Gwyneth at the collapsing of the Silvermine Mountains, rescues kids, and helps protect and serve The Light.
  • @PoweradeCookie I agree with him being good, but because of his almost absurd attachment to the kobold kids, has him losing his mind from the funk. I would put him as neutral good, maybe chaotic good. Especially if you rewatch grand paladin order. He probably best fits neutral good. He just doesn't seem very orderly.
  • @kreeperkiller63
    I think the funk has become less and less associated with him over time, but yeah, I would agree with you.
  • @Shuckle yvander plans stuff like galf Dan and ice just seems more orderly to me 
  • @Shuckle I like the idea of all the gods being chaotic, random and unpredictable.
  • I was originally going to say that Lance is not lawful good, but thinking about it, I think he fits the bill quite nice. Lawful people don't necessarily follow the laws of the land, they just follow a code. That code could be the laws of the land, or something of their own making. Neutral good people break their established code at times for the greater good like Vitali, and chaotic good people do whatever they think is the right thing without really thinking about it, which fits Jimmy Blant well, but could also fit Nisovin or Duke Daring.

    While I'm already going down the list, Lawful neutral characters always follow their code, but vary in whether they do good or evil things. This is kind of a weird allignment so yours makes sense. True neutral characters just do what they can to survive and don't really care much about any morals but their own perseption of them. K4 being a mercenary fits the bill. Finally, chaotic neutral characters, while can be a trap new players fall into for a character that allows them to do whatever they want in rp because "I just felt like murdering him", if played right like Roamin did, can be hilarious and still a credit to the team. Trandon doesn't really care about the lives of his friends besides that they're helping him reach his end goal. I'd use Trandon as a perfect example of a chaotic neutral character.

    Now Maelstrom is the one I have a big problem with, as he doesn't really follow a code at all. He's a pirate but wants to mutiny, which is against pirate code. He's really just kind of an enigma. Lawful evil characters do evil things while using a code of laws to guide them. The mayor from the Purge could possibly fit this bill, with his excessive taxes, backroom deals with women, and almost selling out Roamin's character, but he was also trying to do some good, whether for selfish reasons or not we don't know. Neutral evil is pretty good for Bopen, but could even be an example of a lawful evil character. Bopen is a full fledged pirate, and always gives the choice "live as an ageless pirate or die", a sign of being lawful, if brutal, which is where the evil part comes in. Chimera again is hard to say because we don't know many things about him, he just certainly is evil, which inclined me to classify him as neutral evil, since he isn't really that chaotic in his motives.
  • I'd say Maelstrom is Chaotic Evil, Bopen is Lawful Evil and Chimera is Neutral Evil.
    Maelstrom is just obviously unstable and insane, Bopen likes hierarchy and order in his army, and Chimera is just a bandit I'm guessing, just doing whatever makes him the most money.
  • @Loveland @Zeeboon when I made the chart I really struggled with the evils, the first evil characters that come to mind are chim. maelstrom, bopen, and emp. And It it really hard to tell weather they’re lawful or chaotic. I don’t fell as much this way with bopen, but the other characters emp, mealstrom, and chim. They all have a connection with the order of chaos. They are ordered chaos. The way these characters act it’s hard to tell where they should go. Ultimately I put mealstrom in lawful because he clearly has a goal he is working for, he isn’t random, Even if he seems random.
  • @kreeperkiller63 considering how Rob is trying to make good and evil ambiguous in Urealms, evil can be really tough to gauge in someone, let alone what type of evil.
  • I always feel like URealms lives in the "Chaotic Chaotic" alignment. Yeah I said Chaotic twice. No I don't care that Dvergr has issues.
  • You want an alignment chart? I'll give you an alignment chart.

    Lawful Okay / Neutral Okay / Chaotic Okay
    Lawful Funny / RNGesus / Chaotic Funny
    Lawful Evil / Neutral Evil / Chaotic Evil
  • K4 would still be in the middle with that
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