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I have a theory on bopen.

I'm going start this off with facts first.
He's ageless, hes got a ship and a crew, and steals gold. he has been able to survive a death blow, (get his skull crush by Virgo Sunsword.) But, aren't ageless one weakness the skull getting crush? Well yes, in fact, your total right, but bopen has a back up plan, 
Queen Dundinborough tells Prince Phineas Dundinborough about one of her favorite storys "The Fall of Dundinborough" which is a story of Bopen.
It goes on for a bit about how bopen has a ship and steals gold and kills people, but it goes on about how bopen has a ring and it has powers forge in it. A paragraph later it talks for a little bit of how he is unslay-able.

I think the "Ring" which the story talks about has a ageless curse on it but it wasn't a normal curse, it was one that gave endless life, and that Bopen found it after the birth of magic, when he was a young adult, and put it on, giving him the ageless curse, and for so many years he thought he was the only one and that he could't go to any normal people for they would think he was a monster, and sailed the ocean to try to stay away from everyone, but all though years on the ocean drove him mad, and he's also mad at the gods, (which is us old gods) but then he learned the dark arts from being mad, then along the lines he may have found other ageless which tolled him about deadlantis and then he went there being mad and said he was an ageless god and then he just started going off from there.

Q: "But Jimmy why can he float and move things?"
A: i think he can use telekinesis, and hes a master at it.
Q: "But Jimmy what prove do you have?"
A: HAHaha.... I don't have any, or there maybe some, but i'm not going watch everytime bopen been on the screen to figure that one.

The point of all this? is to say that bopen is a ageless and that he is unkill able because of a ring with a more evil ageless curse. He is no god of ageless, hes just some insane dude and that know telekinesis, i don't have any prove, but i rolled a 20 (I rolled the dice about 50 times, but i didn't get a 1, but i got a 2 like 10 times....) now before this ends I want to make one thing clear, Some of this may not be right or may be true, or rob will never respond to this post, (but I will still love the show either way!) 


  • "I don't have any proof, but I rolled a 20 (I rolled the dice about 50 times, but I didn't get a 1, but I got a 2 like 10 times)"
    Clearly the best evidence

    Also, I don't think Bopen is an actual ageless, or at least very different from ageless, so much that he wouldn't be considered ageless.
  • Bopen is an advanced Hat Rat Queen, confirmed. :p
  • I think that in the ring in the story translates to the sword in the "more real" world. I think the sword is magic and keeps him alive, and what needs to happen is bopen needs to get greater pyroblasted so that it melts.
  • I think the ring isn't a ring at all nut in fact by "ring" they mean his crown since ring is a shape and not just a piece of jewelry.
  • I don't like making theories on what Bopen is, find it too broad. I do not mind saying some aspects of his character, such as the fact he has in fact been defeated before, then came back during Doinbourough(How is up to debate), I personally have the theory that he is possible to defeat, hell I think the elves actually know how, however they don't know it is Bopen, notice that Bopen is very careful with his name, only telling Virgo when he is killed and so on
  • @Mortem I wouldn't exactly call Bopen "careful" with his name. He sure does like to say that he is Bopen, the Skeleton King.
  • @UnluckyBimi Look back through previews and campaigns, he only says his names when he is sure that person won't report, prime example being Phinias, he doesn't say his name is Bopen, in fact is very careful not to until he is sure he is taking him to deadlantis
  • @Mortem I personally disagree on that point, but there’s a big(ish) flaw in your original comment. “However they don’t know it is Bopen”, but they do.
  • @UnluckyBimi They know a powerful ageless is running around, however how do they know his name is Bopen?
  • @Mortem Yeah. Gwyneth would know, since she became GP after Virgo. 
  • @UnluckyBimi Ahh, see this is where I will admit I didn't fully explain, yeah she now knows, that is part of the theory, that Gywneth is now aware and is trying to work out how to defeat him, I am not saying it's a commonly known thing, I think it would more then likely be in a great library or something. I made a post about the whole thing a while ago, that fully explained my perspective on it
  • @Mortem Doesn't that conflict with the "they know how"? Also, I assume that Gwyneth would've informed the Elven Council/Leaders (or what-ever they're called) of such a thing, especially since she'd probably replace Virgo as the Sunswords' head (or Galen would, but still under her command as a GPO member).
  • @Mortem ;@UnluckyBimi

    Gwenyth doesn't know the identity of the Skeleton KIng that slew Virgo Sunsword. Bopen's last words to Virgo before killing him were "...I never did introduce my self"
  • @AlternateWraph Well, Gwyneth knows he's a Skeleton King as he did say it. They probably have reports of someone named "Bopen" recruiting for their ageless pirate crew. - Lance personally saw him in FoD, as did others, and seemed to know who he was. - All the pieces are there.
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