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The man they call: The Wall (2112 Stamina Character)

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Inspired by @BarrowBro 's 1000+ range Greatsword, I endeavored to create a character with as much stamina as possible. Here is what I came up with.

keen (20 on the gold roll for 1200 gold) [18stam, 1300g]
templar [48 stam, 2800g]
writers [53stam, 2800g)
schizophrenic [73stam, 2800g]
eccentric [65stam, 3300g]
emo [66stam, 3500g]
midasfist (Emo treasure) [416stam, 3500g]
midasplate [771stam, 3400g]
Midas Shield
pig(Emo companion, sold for 1000 gold due to it's passive) [971stam, 4400g]
conjuregold (Emo Spell) [991stam, 4500g]
bookofbones (Emo Spell, +40stamina if all players play as ageless) [1031stam, 4500g]
auraofwealth [971stam, 4200g]
rubypress (Aura of wealth treasure, sold back to shop for 500g)[1071stam, 4700g]
multiclass [1061stam, 4650g]
Conjure Gold X4
warrior [1061stam, 4650g]
greatshield [2112stam, 4550g)

As with the Greatsword thread, if anyone can figure out how to further increase this feel free to shout out ideas.

Edit: Thanks to @rebloac for suggesting a multiclass into Warrior for the Greatshield, increasing the final stamina by another 601
Edit 2: Apparently Multiclass doesn't give the bonus stamina and gold, which makes sense honestly. And thanks to @EmberCecilia for the Idea to use Aura of Wealth to get and sell the Ruby Press. These two changes caused the final stamina to drop by 150


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    I'm not sure if it's part of the companion abilities deck but the mammoth card would probably make this a little bigger if you got it from the porc randoms.
  • If you have a passive left I'm pretty sure there's one that lets you put a second armor in a weapon slot, so get Heavy Plate and that's +60
  • Obviously I haven't done the maths but I feel Multiclass into greatshield might boost the total more than Midas Plate and the Enchanter stuff. Would mean significantly less gold though.
  • This is awesome! I think it's more health than most bosses
  • I also like the fact that 5000 gold is enough money for a 100+ range greatsword :)
  • You could go makeshift armor into a second warriors greatshield, but I'm not sure you could double a double
  • @Coldfire4134 I thought of that as well, but since it is linked to a legendary companion (Whelpling) I didn't bother with it.

    @Ozoner The only thing I can find that find that does that is the Guardian attribute. Both attributes I have provide more stamina in the long run, plus I would need to get Forge Armor as well, as I have no way to get the Heavy Plate without becoming a Paladin.
  • I don't think you get gold from your new class when you buy Multiclass but I've been wrong before
  • @CookiesAndMil_ While I agree, it only really makes a difference with the gold you have to play with.
  • If instead of book of bones you got Lay on Hands you'd lose 80 stamina at the end put could blast skilled dark mages for twice your maximum stamina so 4414 damage, looking at you  >_<
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    since you were a templar you could take aura of wealth and sell back the ruby press shield for a profit of 200 gold, boosting your health by another 20
  • actually there might even be a way to gain even more stamina by being a porc and getting mammoth as one of the companion abilities, though it is a passive, not sure how it works, maybe utilize it as a fleshweaver possibly?
  • I don't think Multiclass would increase your gold. Otherwise, there'd be literally no reason to not buy it every time it shows up.
  • Yeah Multiclass doesn't increase gold. That would be dumb
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    I wonder what this character would look like. A 2112 health keen decked in golden armor with a shield the size of his body and a big golden fist. Maybe a midget adeptus custodes with a power fist and storm shield.
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    Wrong thread, wish you could delete stuff.
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