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Savin's URealms Songs - Roamin's Lullaby for Lance



  • when you realize savin puts like 1/3rd the effort into his music memes you do and creates EVEN MORE  AMAZING songs. FeelsBadMan. Bu for real savin good shit dude
  • Man this is dope! Keep up the great work!
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    Hey guys, here's Leopold's version of the Song of Dragons from the latest campaign, enjoy!

    Edit: Re-uploaded to fix low volume.
  • @yano Thanks man, I don't want to make you feel bad though, you should share the music you're making, it's a form of art so there's no right or wrong way to do it, it'd be really cool to hear other interpretations of these songs!
    If somehow I make it look effortless, it's probably because you don't get to see the hours and hours of work I spend on each one of these songs, so don't be discouraged, it's not easy, but it gets better with practice!
  • @Savin Beautiful. Perfect. Amazing. Love it. 10/10.
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    What is this?

    First correct answer wins... something I guess idk.

    Edit: Whoops, I guess I can't embed private tracks...
  • @Savin if I had to guess, either Borracho or Orvan Weiss.
  • @Savin perhaps a song about Maelstrom and his chaotic ways?
  • This is one of the coolest things on this forums by far. ;)
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    @Loveland @MasterDJV Nothing that cool unfortunately, here is the answer:

    Yes, I transcribed Millbee's guitar solo...

    I wasn't sure if I'd do this song because the original is way too messy with Roamin (and maybe Millbee?) humming over the top throughout and Deadbones interjecting and lots of laughing it was pretty much impossible to work with.

    But then! (audio nerd stuff ahead) I noticed that Rob uses a stereo mic, and everyone else was in mono, which meant that I could invert one channel of audio and then sum them, completely cancelling out everyone but Rob perfectly, because due to his stereo mic there are subtle differences between the left and right channel so they don't cancel out exactly. Then it was a simple matter of boosting the bass frequencies in Rob's voice which had been partially cancelled, and I had a clean version with just Rob singing! (Sorry Roamin, your humming was making it way too difficult)

    And thanks @Fera :)
  • I'm loving these themes, they're great!
  • nice job getting only robs voice. I wouldn't have known what to do
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    @Loveland Thanks!

    @Dragonnskull Thanks, I was really surprised at how well it worked. I got the idea to do it because phase cancellation can be used to remove vocals from most songs because vocals are usually centered, and I remembered that Rob uses a stereo mic because sometimes he moves slightly over to one side during shows and I think my headphones are screwed up haha...

    Also for anyone who is interested I have re-uploaded Leopold's version of the Song of Dragons because I forgot to do some basic mastering so it was a bit quiet.

  • Just a quick little harp arrangement of Hopen for Bopen from The Fall of Dundinborough, I can't believe I forgot about this one for so long!

  • These are great. Keep up the amazing work!!!
  • That last one really fits a Divinity game style of music super cool!
  • @Ozoner Thanks! I'm a big fan of Divinity 2, and I love the music so it was definitely an influence when working on that one!
    @erock1118 Thank you! :)
  • Now for something a bit different! I've totally copied @FeedBackInc 's idea to create original character themes, so here's my attempt at a theme for the one and only Duke Daring!

  • @Savin the Intro to a Duke Daring Side Quest series?
  • Id recommend that we need an original theme for Bei 
  • @Savin Woah woah woah no fair >.> challenge accepted
  • @Fera That would certainly be a sidequest series I'd love to see! *cough* @DeadBones *cough*

    @IglooWarrior ; ~_~

    @bl1ndn3rd I will certainly consider it, maybe I'll do a poll to decide the next one!

    @FeedBackInc Looks like we've got ourselves a Battle of the Bards :bopen: 

  • @Savin ; Yes, we need to ensure that *cough* @DeadBones *cough* gets addicted to this idea.
  • @Fera Yes, please! *cough* @DeadBones *cough*

  • Wow that Duke theme is killer! Bravo, a Duke based side-quest series hmm...tales of Duke's exploits and quests around the realm? Obviously it'd be called DukeTales.
  • @DeadBones @Savin ;
    I believe a DukeTales/DuckTales song is sort of an obligation now
  • @DeadBones Thank you! I guess I'll have to start working on a Duke Daring remix of the DuckTales theme song... Thanks @Kingedyou :P 
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