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humaniod compains

We have compains like the blood snake queen and the shetize that was once elfs so why not make more of them! So here is some i working on some will be  Legendary some not.
We know the rouge got a whip form a custom card but we never saw one but now you can:
custom card
custom card
custom card
custom card
custom card
custom card
custom card

(More will be on the way  :)  )

(This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit.)


  • cool stuff! might need some spellchecking though, plural of elf is Elves, it's Companion not compain etc.
  • Yeah, this seems good but it *really* needs spell-check, sadly the majority of people's fan-made cards and companions etc. here need serious levels of spell-check and grammar fixing. I've been quiet about it before but it seriously needs to be addressed, if you are dedicated enough to make a card at least make it readable without making my eyes nearly bleed from misspellings and simple grammar mistakes, or lack of capitalization and punctuation. I'd ask rawb to add a spell-checker to the card creator, but that's nearly impossible to do all of the special terms used in URealms. 

    Look, I know you guys want to make cards, which is great, because a live fanbase is why we even have a card creator, and if you're just going to copy-paste them into a google doc for personal use, that's great, feel free to make those cards however you want. But if you are going to be making a thread or posting them on another thread or doing anything with them on the forums THEN PLEASE JUST [expletive]ING SPELL CHECK YOUR [expletive]Y CARDS BECAUSE IF YOU DON'T I SWEAR I WILL RIP THEM UP AND [the rest of this sentence has been removed for mature content].

    Now that I'm done with that, sorry, I get a little bit angry when I see people not putting in enough effort to actually even check that their cards are capitalized or correctly spelled or even decipherable. I know this is an unnessecarily long post but I had to get this off of my chest. Please, if you've been making good cards then ignore this, but if you're new to making cards then just put some effort in.
  • @KaeawynShifter ;

    Just post this around. It works inside the URealms card creator. 
  • @JukeInTheBox
    Thanks, won't stop me from uncontrollably yelling at people though.
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