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The Mixed Truths of URealms

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Some idiot plugs words into an anagram solver and this happens.
Unforgotten Realms
needs to add some Regretful Moon Ants.

Lance Willakers is the hero that Wrecks all Aliens.

Phineas Barringster suffers from a Rare Brightness Pain.

Nisovin's Wormhole makes me want to Howl More.

The unholy Blanket of Darkness causes people to do this Frank Skeleton Dab!

Clearly, Galen Sunsword is known for his ability to Wrangle Sounds.

The Grand Paladin Order has some exquisitely Philandered Dragon Art.

...what am I even doing...


  • The Phineas Barringster and Grand Paladin Order ones actually sounds right... and Lance's could be right depending on interpretation.
  • Did someone say...

    skeleton dab!?
  • @CookiesAndMil_ Go That'd be amazing... if there was a deformed gnome-skull on it and not a black skull...
  • Lance Willakers is the hero that Wrecks all Aliens@Razgrey

    By the Light, so it was foretold... Make the Order Great Again! Build that wall, Jimmies!

  • Little did we know that the Senate of Deadlantis is just a fieldstone at a Sedan.

    Did your mother fall during The Purge, Percy? Get her up! Oh wait...

    During Lyn Azveltara Gaiden, Harlin went to terrorizelava glade.

    I haven't watched much of Roamin's Band of Thieves, but did I hear that some hoe banned favoritisms?

    Bopen the Skeleton King's favorite treasure was a Ghostlike Token Ben Pen.
  • Why is this so enterntaining

  • I love these
  • edited December 2017
    This is amazing, all of it is canon!* All true!**

    The oceans are called sedan, and underwater cities are called fieldstones!***

    *probably not
    ***its plausible
  • If it didn't occur to you, none of his information is true, save for a few exceptions.
    During our Unexpected Discovery, some few curs voted expediency.

    It was a rare occurrence in The Many Gobos of Pat when we got boat nymph footages.

    You done watching The Fall of Dundinborough? There's a full fund at neighborhood.

    In the last room of Den of Devils, the team fled in doves.

    I got nothing else. Do these yourselves, people.
  • King Scratamantalis was turned into a handsome elf by a kiss. Unfortunately, I did not get the same result when kissing a tartan clam.
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