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Question With Card Creator

Will you be leaving the current Season 3 card creator up after you update the game to S4 or S3.5? I ask because I made an expansion that currently has 1500 cards with immediate plans to add around 1000 more, probably more after the fact. I never intended to update the expansion to new URealms gamerules because the mod (my mod) already has drastically changed gamerules. However I am now worried that if the old card creator is not left up for use, I would either be forced to update all my cards (something I never wanted to do, nor have I have time to do) or abandon my project that I spent months on. 

Just asking to ease my mind. I would really hope you would leave a legacy card creator up. Thanks for listening. :)


  • Rob
    edited December 2017
    No. When we make changes to the game, all the tools change as well. We have no plans to support old versions of the game. People asked this of us with S2 changes as well. It is not helpful to my show or community to have it divided amongst itself with different versions of the game.
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