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Gnomes where do they come from?

anyone else kinda think Gnomes could be from another dimension? no one knows where they come from or how they were first born could it be that they are from a different dimension just that through the long years either the secret has been kept tight to the chest or they have forgotten i think its interesting theory


  • "We don't know, and we never will know"
  • "We don't know, and we never will know" 

  • Rob explained in Lyn Aveltara Gaiden that the lore is "Nobody knows where they come from". That doesn't mean we can't speculate about it but the offical lore is "We don't know".
  • I think gnomes are fruit and come from trees
  • gnomes are clearly just a product of elves inbreeding that lead to a genetic defect and of course they would want to keep that a secret
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    Origin of Gnomes Theories (now a inside joke) used to be called origin of gnomes any theories, but  changed after we learned it will never be answered. a long going forum that rob wrote in just to trick us and give us falls hope.
  • What if gnomes are Just spawned into the realms, like mobs in Minecraft.
  • i'm with kreeperkiller here. Until any proof otherwise is given, my belief is that the first Gnomes just kind of popped into existence from nothingness. There was no cause, no magic spell, no source, just an empty, non-magical field, and then suddenly it had gnomes in it.

    I'd wader that maybe the first hundred or so gnomes slowly popped into existence sparatically over a long period of time, they didn't all form at once, either one at a time or in groups of up to five, maybe ten for the very first batch, In the 2nd tower of ultimate wizardry, Lemon said "there are dozens if us" (and i think something about their numbers increasing?), so that's why i'm guessing the entire first generation didn't show up all at once.

    After about one hundred ish gnomes popping into existence without reason or cause, they stopped, and any future gnomes were offspring of these gnomes.

    the important thing here is that NOTHING CAUSED THE GNOMES TO EXIST. There is no reason, no mystery to be solved, just some weird fluke of nature where living fully sentient beings suddenly appeared out of thin air. No beenu, no dragons, no wizards, no goblins, no old gods, no nothing. Because remember: "Nobody knows where they came from" . If even one being or deity was involved with their creation, then SOMEONE would know. Since we know for sure that absolutely ZERO beings in existence are aware of their origin then it only stands to reason that their existence occurred not because of any being sentient or otherwise, but just some random natural occurrence that happened.
  • @TamTroll we can take it a step feather and say gnomes Only spawn in, they don’t reproduce. All gnomes have spawned in. Think about it, We have never seen a pregnant gnome.
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    @kreeperkiller63 ;  that does not work, Percy Bast mom is a gnome and as such they have to reproduce, as his fader is a elf so they have to have don it. 
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    @LexderMob i don't know how canon that was. if you re watch the beginning of the purge, rob said something about that probably not being canon. I assume he is referring to both elves probably can't breed with gnomes. and the elf they though was Percy;s father doesn't work timeline wise.

    TL;DR the canon of that is questionable. 
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    @kreeperkiller63 ;  except at the end when percy gets his legendary and Rob say that it is canon now. and then a bit after that mention howe hi will have to find a way to make it work. 

    so less questionable then spanning in from nothingness.  
  • i don't think it went anywhere, but in Den of Devils it was suggested that Raynel might have a baby on the way. So it's possible i'd say.

    largely depends on when we see her next. if she has a baby in her next appearance that takes place after the den of devils, they can. If she doesn't, they can't. or you know, she just wasn't pregnant.

    I'm gunna stick with the "They can get pregnent, just that first generation was spawned in" thing.
  • @LexderMob your probably right, I doubt that all gnomes are spawned. I just pushed that all gnomes were spawned idea, because it’s something interesting to think about.

    though that first few dozen gnomes being spawned theory still is in play
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    if the first gnomes truly have no a origin then yeah they probably spawned @kreeperkiller63 ;
  • "We have never seen a pregnant gnome."

    Oh, hey Raynel! Didn't see you over there.
  • I like to think that someone climbed to the top of the tower of ultimate wizardry and asked Quintara Lotus to make a new race that is interested in technology. 

    Perhaps it was a Beenu wanting technology to keep on living. Maybe a Believer who was from a book written about a fictional race who wanted friends. 

    Though we will never know I like to imagen it this way
  • something the title of this thread just made me think of.

    Gnomes. HUH! Where did they come from? absolutely NOWHERE!
    say it again!*

    *To the tune of "War, what is it good for? absolutely nothing"
  • I figured they were kinda remnants from another realm, maybe a dead one? And using their technology managed to save their race but at the cost of their memories of the old world. In other words, I'm suggesting they came before we, the old gods, and everything else.
  • But the thing is we'll never know, they didn't come before the old gods, Rob MADE Urealms gnomes. Even if what happened is they spawned in, or a dragon made them, or they were an experiment gone wrong, we as old gods CANNOT know. We have to just accept that gnomes exist.
  • @Ozoner we all accept this as fact. But as old gods, we can have personal headcannons as for where they came from. Ita just fun to speculate something with out an answer
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    Dirt is made out of gnomes and gnomes are made out of dirt. What I'm saying is they suddenly just popped out of the ground, dirt to gnome. That's why there so mysterious
  • You guys have the origins of gnomes all wrong!

    You see when a mummy Gnome and a daddy Gnome.... ....
  • We don't know because they probably weren't created by any of the gods or anyone an old god could control - my theory is that they were created in a freak magic accident during the birth of magic.
  • Rob made the Porcs, and said they came from Thor.
    Rob made the Elves, and said they came from Phanto.
    Rob made the Gnomes, and said they came from nowhere.

    Thus, Gnomes do not have any creator.

    It's fine to speculate the meme-possibilities of what they COULD HAVE been, as long as everyone knows the truth. Just like REAL science!  :)

    For example, I like to believe that if Gnomes DID come from somewhere, they would have come from Phanto's death; Whoever was trying to make Gnomes "accidentally, oopsie-doopsie, killed the moon." Experiment gone wrong, basically.
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    @CasualCow Dang it Max, quit being smart!

    ps. just a joke
  • WAIT... if its we dont know... and were the old gods... could it just be that we are gnomes.... we wouldnt know since an old god is a gnome.... (not saying we are gnomes.... but somehow... someway... we become a gnome.) just a really random thought
  • Gnomes are actually Romin's squires from LOM! 
    (If I remember correctly, he had like 50 of them)
  • Well my Grandmother was a Keen, so there may be more truth than you know. @Jamstaro
  • @AlternateWraph hey. i never said they couldnt be born. im just saying how they started. and for those who arent born...
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