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New cards/Classes for Graspers from the Depths 100 Subs Update!

Let's start the morning with some ego stroking, I hit and lay on 100 subs for my fan expansion on steam \o/.
To celebrate (or just since I had the idea for awhile and not sure what to do xD) I want to ask people's ideas for two classes I got in mind.

First a Fire based class. I currently only have 1 Fire Spell in the entirety of Graspers from the Depths, Holy Fire, and I want to expand this with around a hand full. I am not too far yet, all I am planning is that the class will have no Dark Spells(since I got so many of those already) and that possibly several of the cards of this class adds appendages or something similar. I want to mark that this will likely not be Dragonic since I am not currently after another Legendary Class (but may make one in the future around my Dragon Bürn thinking about it<.<), and I use Dark spells in my expansions for magic that corrupts or uses foul magic.

Next is a Cult Leader Class. If anyone played during season 2 they might've stumbled over a fan expansion I made that gave all(?) classes extra abilities. Some of these were changed to treasures, attributes and abilities to my current classes, while one such as the Sorcerer's Kobold't(make all their spells have a mirrored effect) was the main idea around the Trickster Class.
I am making the latter example ones more, Using the cards I made for Paladin Holy Leader and Renounce the Light. The Holy Leader let the paladin fill all ability and accessory slots with Companions and their Abilities, while Renounce the Light meant that the Paladin was praying to another type of power than the Light. This Class will be all about making up a Divine, no matter if real or not, and having Companions that have a function within this Cult. I am currently planning to have several Class cards that gives different sort of Companions that are made to be "Living Idols" or "Cult Follower" ect, some giving extra effects. I might make a Concubine-esque card that let you choose between making Mercenary Companions or your own Party Members into your Followers to give them some bonuses.

Looking at my old fan expansion again, I am going to transfer some more cards over and add into Graspers. Any  thoughts or ideas? :)


  • Is there any more detail/ideas on the Fire-Wielder (as I'll refer to it 'til there's a name) since that seems a bit vague at the moment. - A "Cult" Class sure does sound interesting, but will their companions have their own actions or have a support-move to encourage/buff their leader (the player) when he attacks or uses a spell/ability? - The Cult Leader definitely is interesting, but at the moment they seem a bit vague. I'll go look at your other expansion-stuff, since just one of those classes gives me my own ideas for twists to put on my players.
  • @UnluckyBimi the Fire Class is vague since I really only know I want it to be mainly filled with Fire Spells and possibly have appendages it gets from these Spells. Do not ask me why, I don't know either xD It's just something I had in my head since I realized I need a class like this.

    As for the Cult Leader, I am still thinking about it. Since it will be Companion focused I might make Pseudo-Passives that are placed into Weapons, Shields and/or Armor Slots, I am not sure yet. I'll probably give them a card along the lines of the Lumberjack one that let's the Companion attack after the Lumberjack done so. Maybe I'll make so the class can gain 1 extra Regular Action for the rest of Combat by sacrificing 2 Anytimes, if not for the whole Campaign itself. 
    But there will be different kind of cards that will give specific type of Companions, some of those cards may give the player and the followers a bonus. Maybe cast the Spells of the special follower, maybe that all Followers gain one and the same random Spell them and the player can cast. 
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    @JackOfTheFlames The Fire-Wielder sounds a bit like a transmutation-magician of sorts where he can "burn" appendages onto himself. For example, he might have a spell to grow horns and then charge his foe and he grows these horns through shaping them onto his head with magic?
    Edit: Also, the horn-spell could be used to wield two flaming horn-like daggers? (or one big sword if you wanna be a unicorn)
  • Oh, that's a cool idea @UnluckyBimi ! Both the burning parts to them, or just... well, melt items and attach to themselves xD
  • @JackOfTheFlames For some reason that sounds like a warhammer orc who just heard of welding.
  • The Cultist Leader Class, now named Sect Head, is finished. now all I need is to work on the Fire class(which I honestly may just turn into a Dragon inspired Legendary Class), some more cards from my old expansion, then just some art and upload;P
  • @UnluckyBimi Thank you for the ideas, I got the classes created:)
  • Congrats on hitting 100 subs and good luck with your update! I'm working on my first update for my expansion right now but I haven't gotten nearly as much done as I would like because of school and my own campaigns. Best of luck to you, dude!
  • @JukeInTheBox Thank you! And good luck to you too :D just keep working on it!
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