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Some races I made....

Alright so here is a few races i made while on the card creator.

1.Human- custom card
Now i know humans are not in urelams for various reasons which i like but i thought about what a human racial would be so this is what i came up with. I think humans in a universe like urelams would be rare. They mostly would be from nomadic clans or trade caravans.

2.Vampire- custom card
Vampires are always hard for me to think up in terms of gameplay but i thought this was a fair balance.

There is not much here but as i think up new races to add, I'll shove them here. 


  • Geez 10 Stamina for Humans? No wonder why there are none in Urealms they all died.
  • I find the ideas cool but i feel they adjusting fx. humans have 10 hp
  • 25% thing can be a little tedious with math
  • edited November 2017
    What about that 30gold puzzle box? you spend 22.5 gold on it? or 2.5 on the 10g things? But i like the default lifesteal for vampires, good for any basic attack class
  • @Ozoner I assume you just round it up or down.
  • @Ozoner @Lone The math will be a little tedious but at the time I did not really think about too many other racials for humans. It was going to be either the 25% off or an 8 tile movement buff. At the I thought about making it 50% but it seemed a little overpowered. I liked the vampire racial more because it allowed players to think about other ways to play. If you combine it with the bloodauraplate and spellvamppages you can become a master of self healing.   

    @CasualCow ;
    Humans have such low health because it pushes players to buy much better gear than someone playing a dwarf as they need the extra stamina. It kinda makes spell casting classes less desirable to them. It can be a penalty if you have bad cornerstone and attribute draws, but that adds a tad of risk and excitement.

    Thank you all for the feedback!
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