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Timezone Dilemna (resolved)

I've just realized that I did my first roll at like 11 PM so now I either have to wait every night till 11 to do the next one or skip a day so that I can fix it to somewhere in the afternoon. Why did I not notice this before?


  • Same thing happened to me.  :(
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    @Flavor_Town_Reloaded It's not on a player specific 24 hour rotation. The day resets at Midnight EST. so if you have rolled for awhile you could theoretically roll at 11:59pm and then again a minute later. If that makes sense, basically the time you roll doesn't matter as long as you roll on that day. At least that's what I believe, I've been kinda rolling at the same time every day so I could be wrong.
  • I don't think there is much you can do. I'm pretty sure all of the rolls are synced up to midnight in a certain time zone (maybe EST?)
  • i think it resets every time at midnight est, shouldnt matter what time you did it the day before

  • Oh, wow. Three almost identical responses at the same time.
  • @Maesquin Clearly you guys are just copying eachother. Ignore the fact that it's at the same time. Clearly planned.
  • If i wait for 40 minutes to see if this resets at midnight and it doesn't i'm gonna be pretty triggered
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    @Mainegor that's right, you caught us. We are actually a secret underground organization, with the goal of assimilating all of the forum users into our hivemind.
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    are you cdt? if so then youve already done todays roll, as right now its 12 in est @Flavor_Town_Reloaded
    edit: as opposed to it being any other time right now in est
  • @maesquin Dammit, why'd you have to tell him our secret! We've had one secret on this form and you already spoil it in less than a week? Jeeeeeeeez
  • @Maesquin @Timedagger100 Pffft, tell me something I didn't already know.
  • It's a daily reset. You're fine.
  • @Timedagger100 what are you talking about? The hivemind has already decided upon all of the things that we would say here, including this
  • @Maesquin Yes, even this compltely non fabricated argument.
  • @Timedagger100 Ah, yes. Indeed my fellow free and independent minded human being.
  • @Maesquin Do you have any idea when the hivemind may upgrade to version 2.0 to use telepathy instead of forum post to communicate my fellow free thinking Hue-man
  • @Timedagger100 I believe that Steve from accounting said that our budget is still to low to upgrade to telepathy. We need more people to join the hivemind group of free thinking hue-mahnes before we can afford it. It is projected that we could have sufficient funds within the next four seasonal cycle. 
  • @Maesquin The next-four season cycle?! Back when I was first assimilated add to the group of free thinking Ha-ue-mahins we would have made that intergalactic currency in a 1 season cycle! Steve needs to really get his act together and stop spending so much on incubation pods
  • @Timedagger100 I literally was done with this problem that night but now you guys have turned this into a thread about a hivemind authority desperately needing money
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