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Alternate theory on the Third Sin

So, Rob stated that there have so far been three sins, and a lot of people seem to think that Galen using greater lay on hands caused the third sin. However, sins seem to be caused by messing with the rules, and there is another clearer event of this occuring, that being Roamin rerolling the dice in senate of deadlantis when his motion didn't pass. It seems all the sins will be caused by different kinds of cheating, and rerolling the dice is a pretty obvious way of cheating, so, since I think that was actually the first time someone messed with the dice, it would be cool if thats what caused the sin!


  • I doubt it. They throw a skull into a pit to determine the tiebreaking vote, and Roamin's character basically tried to manipulate it by using magi... er, I mean he probably threw a sneaky pebble at it, the dastardly fellow.
  • @TheLuigiBrother Would be interesting, but the other 2 Sins we've seen have been to do with the Sinned character living their own death only for it to have been a small vision into the future.
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