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How powerful is alchemy?

Are witcher esq potions commmon,uncommon,or do potions that powerful even exist?
Can regular people do alchemy or is it extremely difficult?
Does it involve magic or not? These are some questions.


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    The alchemists of the high fantasy world are known for their enchanting magical concoctions that greatly enhance and protect in battle. 'Alchemist' in today's world is another world for 'drug dealer' but that doesn't mean you can't get a similar experience from them!

    Though Alchemist abilities are mostly physical in nature, every potion has magical properties so of course it's a magical process in some way.

    Though it is a rather uncommon skill, some regular people can learn alchemy if they're able to come across a basic alchemy kit and some glass bottles, though one will need to get deep into the subject if they want to learn it all, just like with every other class.
    The gameplay reason is because brewpotions and several other Alchemist abilties are cards available in the Item deck, so you don't necessarily have to be Alchemist class to learn this ability.

    All high-priced Potions & edible Consumables in the game, below:

    The rarity of a potion in the Random Potion Deck depends on their price. 20-cost are the cheapest and extremely common, 50-cost appear occasionally, and 100-cost are rare concoctions that are highly unlikely to be made more than once in a campaign.

    There are no known potions of extreme power... at least not yet.

    breathofgoldstandt (dragon's breath)

    expelixxir (high-quality cocaine)

    firebomb (hand granate)

    heavenlytears (invincibility)

    livingpotion (instant secret service)

    purifyingwater (literally makes you feel like new)

    elvensugarcookies (double the actions)

    invisibilitypotion (what potion?)

  • @knguy  Thank you,But here's a question.Is there something as powerful as the black water from 1886/The unlimited insta heal potion which everybody had access to.Im guessing things like that are not as common.
  • Maybe, but healing and injuries aren't nearly as significant as they used to be, and most healing abilities are quite overrated.

    There are all sorts of things for healing people over and over again, like Salty Sea Yogurt, Fiesta, and Everfull Goblet, and as it turns out most standard healing magic can cure a missing limb like it's nothing.

    Healing, as it stands, isn't the type of thing anyone feels like improving anytime soon, and it isn't gonna be nearly as powerful as you're suggesting without plain bypassing the game rules.

    A bottomless healing potion in a soda cap would be the closest thing you could get, or perhaps you could put it in a camelbak to share with your buddies. But the very thought of that is just ridiculous.
  • I feel like a multiclass Shaman Alchemist is the only appropriate answer here. Think about it, water shaman shoots out healing water when they use their abilities, why not bottle that up and distill it? Lets keep distilling that, get some pure Healium (As everyone knows that all healing spells and abilities contain at least some Healium). Okay, lets enchant something into an Everful Goblet, nah, make the enchant better, it'll last forever now. Pour the Healium in, and presto, infinite full-heal potion.
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