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Wacky Headcanon based off another totally unrelated RPG

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So this idea is based off knowledge of an RPG called JAGS Wonderland. It's a surreal horror setting where Wonderland is seeping into the cracks of reality. It's attached to a generic system called JAGS that's nothing to write home about, but can easily be ignored to focus on the more intriguing world. Everything in this thread consists of spoilers to the setting, so if you ever want to play this game don't look further ahead. A large part of the fun of the setting is getting flung into a terrifying situation and slowly peel away the lies, misinformation and conspiracy to find the terrifying truth, while not getting eaten by a monster that defies logic. If that sounds like something that appealing to you and you think that you can get someone else to GM it for you, then don't read further. Luckily the books if is available  for free here on the official JAGS site as pdfs. If you are lazy or don't have the time to read an entire book, here is the tvtropes page for a quicker overview of the setting. I'll wait here for you to read through it, take your time....
Are you done? Great, let's move on. Does anyone other then me notice the parallels between how Wonderland works and how the meta aspects of Urealms works. On one layer of reality you are a human but from in the Urealms universe you are an eldritch and Lovecraftian Old God who influences the world from far away. And notice how Urealms is similar to the lower chessboards. Each campaign is like it's own Drama orchestrated by outside forces. The laws it's governed by has more to do with the narrative tropes than physics. Precise units of measurement are hand waved away. It's all so silly, but grim underneath it all. So I posit that Urealms is located Wonderland on the third or fourth chessboard, and is an attempt to push back against Wonderland using the Caretaker's own rules. Based on Behind the Scenes videos, Rob is not in the know about this secret purpose of Urealms, unless he is an incredibly good actor and puts the effort into faking sincerity for videos he's not obligated to do. Plus, with the show he wouldn't have time to deal with eldritch bullshit. And if he gets infected then the whole project might get compromised. So obviously someone else who knows about Wonderland is influencing the operation. Ideally it would be someone we don't know about because they don't have as large an internet presence so we don't know about them, but if that's not the case, then that guy is totally Deadbones.

I've run out of mad ravings for now. While I am writing it like it's real, I am aware that JAGS Wonderland and Urealms are entirely fictional. This is me just messing around with the Metaness.


  • Wow, that was cool, I'm going to have to look through that and see if I can add anything from there subtly hinted at in RealmShift. Here's my fan theory:

    The Realm is a real fictional place, with real fictional people, just like any other fiction book in our world, or fictional setting, it exists, and we, through our ability to manipulate AEturnum (the fabric of fictional spacetime) we can make things happen, directly control people, etc. Rob and the rest of the cast and crew know this, and -
    just a second...
    *far off scream* "NO! Not again! Steph! GET OVER HERE AND DEAL WITH THIS!"
    *sound of clothes having dust brushed off them*
    Okay, I got to go now, I'll see you in episode -zz_Z--z-z-z-z-zzZ_Z-z
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