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Need some help with some Lore!



  • one power I believe that the divine would Belief absorption.  This might sound stupid, but please hear me out.  While there are divine out there that are crazy powerful, I think it might have to do with how much others think how strong the divine is. Thus when someone thinks that a divine being can say, I dunno, blow up mountains with his pinky, and they believe in it hard enough, it likely can become true.  That's why the most powerful divine are the ones that we hear about, but there could be darker eldritch that no one talks about, but people subconsciously believe how powerful (and scary) they are.
  • @AlternateWraph
    *drops penny off Empire State Building*
    *Realizes that isn't lethal for a human*
    *Superglues hundreds of thousands of pennies together*
    *launches into sun*
    well, that's one less dragon to deal with.
  • We know gold is magic, the more gold you have the more magically powerful you are.
    We also know casting magic uses stamina or energy, your body can only use so much magic or gold at a time. 
    I would assume divines(beings with duel vocal chords) don’t have that a cap. They can use a much larger amount of gold per cast than mortals.
    We can also assume creation magic uses a lot of gold, something mortals don’t have the stamina to do. 

    Some characters with massive amounts of gold might have found a way to work around the stamina limitation, and cast creation magic (Bopen)

  • DO ELFS SLEEP!?!?!!
  • @tyoekk Yes and No. Depends on the Elf.
  • @tyoekk *speaking in Abrakadab* Yes.
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  • @Sweatingdwarf123 Well the first thing you should do is only reply to him with that problem on one thread, more than 1 is being a burden.
  • @Sweatingdwarf123 Don't worry about it, just try to act like you're rob when you are commenting at him, if you're being negative he'll ignore it, if you're spamming him he'll get angry, and angry rob is not a rob we want.
  • I think it might be interesting for the Old Gods, Divines, and Dragons to each "specialize" in their own form of msagic
    For example, the Dragon Aspects might be best suited for raw, untamed, power (like the ability to create anything with little effort), while the Divines might be better suited at creating smaller things (like blessings, curses, creating mortals), while the Old Gods might be best at altering, distorting, or spectating the world around them.
    Keep in mind this is not to say that a Dragon Aspect couldn't give blessings or create life , or that Divines couldn't have grand displays of power, but it would be difficult for them, just as it's difficult for the Old Gods to have a unanimous decision. It would explain some things like why Divines (Thor) created so many races and beings, while the Aspects only created elves, or why the Old Gods cannot create mountains, or create/destroy life directly and can only alter aspects of the story. This would also bring some light into why preventing someone's death could cause a sin, as we are overextending our power over the realm.

    Now for mortals... They should have a limit to how much power they should be able to attain with exceptions due to the influence of higher beings (i.e. mortals being controlled by the players, Dragons, Divine, etc) and that they are only empowered while they are being influenced by these higher beings. On their own, they shouldn't be able to create any permanent blessings/curses, fatally wound/injure higher beings, creating planes of existence (realm of holding), shape shifting, reviving/bringing life back to its original form, creating large amount of material (organic or inorganic), or long distance teleportation without extreme training, preparation, and concentration.
  • Maybe some divines can do some limited abilities unlimited times or have world breaking abilities
  • divined have pocket dimensions they can jump into at any time?

    maybe some are at least vaguely aware they are fictional and are okay with that and accept it?
  • I  CAN SEE THE FUTURE!  No omnipotent if the old gods can fool themselves then no more future sight that reveals too much info, now characters with foresight should only be able to see a cloudy future or multiable different futures with the true one being masked by the others
  • heres... a wierd idea..... what if a player gets to a certain point
    where they've gotten so powerful. and have like a full set of legendary gear. could maybe... and this is a strong maybe.... become a new god? or at the very least become a world renown legend.
  • Obviously. A spell to telepathically turn a character's body inside out. Resulting from a failed death roll, because this is way more graphic than a Legendary spell.

    No Clip through objects and immediately resolve puzzles. Ala Glamrous.

    1. Turning entire land masses into other materials. Such as the Meat divine turning entire countries into meat.
    2. The Ink divine truing entire rivers or oceans into ink than then starts applying itself to random surfaces nearby, in the form of elven letters else even cooler undefined languages.
    3. Thor, whom got drunk (again) and made an entirely new race of beasts or intelligent characters.
    4. The Bronze Divine, partially created by the beenu which creates beenu machines or devices out of thin air. Mostly to grind characters into meat, in an intimidating show of force.
  • Only a true divine can do a coin behind your ear trick.  :p

    I personally dont like overpowered characters since it takes drama away.
    It would be interesting for gnomes to pull of the tower of babylon or dwarves to destroy the existence of kobolds because they cant bear this EU bullshit kobolds destroying their culture, like brexit.
    So do divines need to have special spells to recognize themselves?
    Or to show dominion over lesser beings, or to be above magic?

    To be above magic is to alter how magic behaves in the realm.
    Arcane to look like the destructive energy of moss balls, broccoli soup everywhere.
    Light to make extra limbs grown. etc. No switching their categories cause i dont like it.

    For recognizing a divine it would be something connected to how they are born into the realm.
    Or just gold shine only other can see.

    Too be powerful just put Divine [spell card name] like Divine Divine Intervention. Done.

    Aspiring game developer so im satisfied if it atleast looks interesting.
  • They should be the only ones able to create from nothing. People would technically draw from mana reserves, or the world around them whereas the magic from the divines and aspects comes out of thin air.
  • dont get me wrong im not saying theyd be overpowered right out the gates.... but i agree... maybe they get so strong that the divines dont like it and thats an eventual battle... or maybe once all the divines die the world slowly starts dieing with them... or vice versa....(itd also give some reason as to why the ageless are a thing .... since maybe their dragon divine wasnt a natural divine... and it started corrupting the system?

  • MIND CONTROL.... "you see that direction.... walk in it... forever..."

    REALITY WARPING.....but i think only the old gods have this power... *cough* retcon *cough*
    "THE FISH BECOMES A MAN.... WAIT... NEVER MIND.... *cough*"

    Control Weather... "ill just put a hurricane over here... and a tornado over there..."

  • Just a fun one but only the gods actually know where gnomes come from. But obviously they only .mention it never say where they come from. I know it's not a super power but it's some fun lore to tease with.
  • How about the ability to auto crit just like when the old gods gave 4 people an auto crit in the skeleton king campaign. and when Bopen auto crit. Gods and god like beings same to be the only ones to change the outcome of events.
  • or every divine is so egotistical...they make up a legitimate excuse for why the gnomes exist... but we the audience know... theyre wrong.
  • Only the divine can use color in puppet pals.
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