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Need some help with some Lore!



  • Whatever Bopen is, I feel like only characters of his power and above should be able to resurrect the dead (their consciousness, I mean) by turning them into Ageless. I know there are cards in the game that let you resurrect the recently deceased by turning them into Ageless but we haven't ever had it happen in a show without Bopen's presence and I'm worried that at some point meaningful death will be made null and void with one of your cast members resurrecting another because they have that spell
  • @Drapperbat But there's the ageless ritual, that we've seen before from "normal" powered characters.
  • @Drapperbat Galen Sunsword in GPO. He brought Heathera back to life.
  • Regular mortals shouldn't be able to kill any divines or gods, not even injure them
  • @Gorinich The whole 'more real' thing makes me think of how Death works in Discworld novels, so I quite like that being a trait of the Divines.
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    A cool thing would be if they had the power to not love anyone. The idea is that mortals are weak and can't help themselves but get attached to something at every corner and fall in love. Bopen isn't attached to his crew, he just sees them as useful and replace-able tools.

    And it isn't like god's arent capable of love, its just that, if they so choose, they can be shield themselves from doing so. 

    I think a cool way to play it, would be that other god's view Golestandt's insanity as a result of him choosing to love Phanto, so that when Phanto died, Golestandt couldn't take it and lost his mind. So the rest of the gods now choose to be very careful about getting attached to anyone.
  • Controlling souls or manipulating them for the most part. Form changing/shape shifting.
  • Divines/gods should be able to track magic through things, like seeing a sand clone or a flock of ravens, and being able to find the others/actual. Maybe only the dragon aspects can do it for their assigned element.
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    erasing time
    destiny/future manipulation
    creating his own dimension

    No mortals should be able to do these things
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    The ability to create a sentient life form from nothing. So like lets say a divine wanted a penguin people that have a funtinoal society. BAM. you have a penguin people. Or a different divine wanted like a new type of beetle or something. Bam. You got a whole new species of beetles
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    Divines should have the ability to control the emotions of others, and not temporarily like Davey's staff in Sunswords. There can still be things like soothespirits, but removing emotions like that is not really "real", just a spell that can be removed. Divine emotion change is permanent, only able to be undone by other divines. (i.e. Cant change Attributes/ Cornerstones)

    Mortals should only be able to hold a certain amount of magical power. Similar to strength, you will never be strong enough to lift a mountain, you will also never acrew enough magic to levitate a mountain.

    Mortals should never be able to figure out to what extent of their life is just simply a game, or if it's real. Unless they commit sins of the unforgotten or whatever. 

    Mortals should never be able to make/ enchant things to cause Sins of the Unforgotten.

    No entity (besides sun dragons) should be able to create magic from nothing. (Not limiting creation magic, as divines using creation magic use some of the magic in the Realm) Maybe Kallisto provides a certain amount of magical stuff to the realm each day. Maybe that's what helps plants to photosynthesis.

    Ok I'm done with my rant, please take my lore :3
  • Perfect invisibility without the cloak or other such technology or items should be preserved for divines/specific creatures
  • @Spacewalker so what would you have with the sandbolds?
  • Creation magic is a classic and we all know it. Creating life and land itself, and in great quantities. Changing the properties of life is cool as well, definitely cooler than making people drink from some random skull found on the ground.

    Divine Beings have the capability be anywhere and everywhere at once, just like Santa Claus can. How do you think Rokesh is able to put up with all those monks attuning with him? Whether it's from being able to send yourself to any destination in the world with a mere thought, or being in tune with a certain something that's everywhere in the world (like plants or water or air), they'll be around.

    Dimensional shifting and shape shifting is another classic ability any Divine Being can use with ease. Perhaps there's little need to elaborate the latter, but there are quite a few dimensions in the world, including the Dreamworld and the Realm of Holding.
    But it's rumored the gods have their own dimension of existence - a sort of divine sandbox, to keep things simple. Virtually no ordinary person has even heard of it, but it is a place where divinity is known to meet... relax from the ordinary activities of the world... experiment with creation magic... and perhaps even, to view the Realms from a different perspective. Unseen by the rest of the world.

    But sometimes... there are also anomaly in the world. Showing up for unknown reasons, disrupting the physical and magical laws for the Realms, and presenting danger in the extreme levels for those who don't have the divine. Perhaps it is the sign of divine magic gone wrong, perhaps a terrifying new use of creation magic. But anomalies are just the rumor... right?
  • First you have to establish what exactly is the difference between gods, and mortals?
    so far the only thing we know is there immortal, and have double vocal chords, allowing them to cast creation magic. 
    we also know gold=magic
    The magic we are familiar with is only a small portion of all the magic in the realms(mortals can only assess like 10% of the total magic potential, and gods can use the other 90% or something)
    so extremely wealthy people can make up for this and appear like a god with there massive amounts of gold. bopen
  • @Gushy48 creating shitlords is creating life

  • A mortal should never be powerful enough to single handedly take on a dragon or some sort of divine.
  • I can't think of a single thing for what only divines can do, but I feel like it would be fun if the divines and dragon aspects could not comprehend that they were not the true gods in urealms, sort of like the way a believer works. I just really like the idea that only the mortals of urealms can uncover the old gods, while the divines/dragon aspects could not understand it.
  • Divines should not be able to cause Sins of the Unforgotten and should not be able to have Sins. If a Divine is sinned, they should be killed instantly.

    Also, mortals should not be able to go to space
  • Divines should be the only being to gain legitimate power from the worship of others. ( obviously having others worship you can be useful to you but only divines should legit atelier increase in power from normal worship with no magic or physical interactions just the thought/ feels) / divines should own some meta level power over their idealogies/ religions/ following like a divine copyright on your magic and religion or maybe an emotion even in the case of Yvander that you get royalties for in the form of magic. Like Tambok gets stuff for all hype around his show from characters, Ouro'ras gets power from following of the light, Rokesh gets something from monks. I mean maybe not magic since divines and magic are kinda the same thing almost and it's assumed they have almost infinite power in terms of magic with dragon gold etc. 
  • Oh yeah, also creatures with access to creation magic should be able to snap and delete someone out of existence and it can be called destruction magic. Or at least goldstandt should be able to, with creation comes destruction.
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    Just wanted to throw in my thought: 
    Divines in general have the ability to create curses or blessings (Ageless Curse,etc.), so its not really the ability of magic but rather the persistence of magic over time. Therefore, some magics that mortals could obtain could still be used as Divine powers, however the difference being the Divine's power is unlimited and never ending, which makes them even more powerful. So maybe some differing curses or blessings could be added/changed to reflect that? (tldr: The ability grant everlasting debuffs or buffs i guess?)
  • @Arkanite That is exactly the source I stole the idea from. I tip my hat to a fellow fan of Pratchett.

    To expand on that idea. A mortal killing a Divine is like an illusion killing a mortal.
        Akin to an illusory floor hiding a pit or an illusory beast causing you to fall and break your neck, a Divine might die upon impact with a fundamental and cosmic object or entity. The problem here is that figuring out what things are sufficiently real to effect a Divine is next to impossible and might be as impossible as it is for a believer to tell their story from reality, or at least the mortal "level" of reality. So this method requires a great deal of luck to have a chance of success and the magic used has to be very powerful to fool the Divine that it is as real as they are.
       There are illusions that overstimulate the senses to such a degree that it causes harm to the person who felt it. This also requires great degrees of magical energy to seem real to the Divine,  even more then the previous method. The usual outcome is that the Divine seems to die then wakes up some time later and remembers the experience like a bad dream.
       None of these methods would work on the Dragon Aspects as they are too old, wise and weary of trickery to fall for such ploys. Especially since Phanto's death which where by a stroke of fortune the Beenu managed to do pull it off, regardless of whether or not they understand how they did it. As such the only Divines that a mortal could hope to have the slimmest chance of getting is one that is come combination of reckless, guilable, stupid or suicidal.

    A Divine would face the same if not greater difficultys slaying an Old God as a mortal has with slaying a Divine for the same reasons.
  • I think It would be interesting if all the dragon aspects (not divines) eventually became aware of the old gods, they would know we caused the death of phanto which would be an interesting dynamic, maybe only one could have this epiphany. What I’m leading into is maybe one being able to communicate with us in a Nader or Maelstrom fashion. Just an interesting idea I thought up
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    1. The first thing that comes to my mind is time travel. I think it would be best if no one could mess with time because that never goes well for story.
    2. Secondly I would say realm creation. Like the ability to hop between realms or create them (such as the realm of holding and whatever is happening with tower floors).
    3. Another thing I would see is the ability to give someone immortality or divinity. (I would imagine this might be on the old gods level of power)
    4. The last thing I could think of would be physical or mental control over other Divine.

    @Gorinich ; I really like your 3rd point.(That you made in your first post) Sort of like they have their own physics system.
  • I think something like just anything, spammable legendary spells, flight, whatever the hell you think is crazy enough that it blows our mind. The problem with us giving you those ideas though is that something would only totally blow our mind if we couldn't think of it. Like in The Purge, when Lance got turned ageless. Watching that fight my thoughts were: He dies or he wins, the thought of him becoming ageless was crazy and threw me off guard. So this ended up kinda being not helpful at all, but maybe gameplay wise just to be unbeatable. as many anytimes as they want, unlimited limiteds, just impossible mode enabled
  • @JewishHoneybun i am fine with time freezing powers. I see it like time is still ticking (in the realm) but some character are temporary super stunned (so it feels like time is frozen for them). What i think is to powerfull is characters going back in time to change the birth of magic or stopping lyn from killing the beenu. 

  • @Grimdrome Thank you, but I'm not making myself clear. It's a physics system that applies all the things. Divines just fall farther up on the "realness" then the mortals do. Believers are a bit further down then mortals, Old Gods are the highest as far as we can know, and Ytts are tangled up some how in there. It all ties together! *Frantic hand motions* *starts pinning images of Bopen and Maelstrom on a corkboard*
    1. Teleportation over long distances and dimensions
    2. Weather control
    3. A magical force/attack capable of leveling a town
    4. Creation magic which entails the creation of lifeforms, souls, dimensions, 
    5. Time rewind (stop, fast forward, and skip are free game)
    6. Cause natural disasters
    7. Unlimited Transformation (change into any creature or object)
    8. Replication of varying metals and materials which only can be made with creation magic
    9. Disease and Plague creation
    10. Ability to speak to animals (I can't remember if any mortals can do this or not yet)
    11. Blight or Bless large areas
    12. Gravity Alteration
    13. Memory alteration (change how someone remembers an event)
    14. Make another mortal be unable to cast spells permanently
    After making this list I realized it really comes down to Divine being able to use magic on a greater scale and size compared to mortals besides creation magic. Most of any effect I could think of is doable by mortals to just a lesser or limited degree. Mortals can even create a semblance of life with the flesh golems, as they aren't ageless and instead are more inline with golems from the fantasy genre having a centralized core.
  • 1. Permanently take away magic abilities from someone (AKA Making someone tranquil from dragon age games)
    2. Reality Manipulation
    3. Time Travel?
    4.Broken Levels of Mind Control, (ex: mind control a whole army etc.)
    5. Soul Magic
    6.Unlimited No-roll counterspell 
    7. Splitting themselves into infinite numbers of themselves
    8. Insta-Amnesia (Oh you were gonna seismic slam, nah you don't know how to seismic slam anymore, or just turn them into a vegetable)
    9. Interdimensional/Interplanar Travel (if that's even a thing)
    10. Freedom from influence of the old gods or capable of manipulating old gods
    11. Alter fate (If that's still a thing)
    12. Reverse Ageless "Curse"
    13.Overall absolute control over any domain of magic (Memory, Fire, Sound, Vison, Shadow, Stealth etc.)
    14. Terraforming (Turn a whole forest into a desert) 

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