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Need some help with some Lore!

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Hey guys. So I need some help with some lore stuff. I'm trying to make sure I have a proper list of what separates normal urealms characters from some of the divines and dragon aspects in this world. I mostly just want to try being consistent so I can show things that only divines can do.

So what are things that most mortals could never do? What are super powers or abilities that we would never put on spell form? I have things like Immortality (which is obvious) and Flight (too many flying characters is a pain in the ass and its more fun to fight on the ground usually) as well as some other stuff, but I thought I'd poke the community to see what you guys think? What are some things that I should only reserve for the in universe divines/gods of the world. Powers characters like Dragon Aspects and the Divines so far would have?


  • Mass teleportation, Like at the end of Den of Devils seems like something a bit too powerful for most if not all mortals. Especially long distance.
    Plus if everyone has it, what's the reason nobody teleports away when they're about to die.
  • I feel that almost every mortal should not have the power of creation, with very few exceptions such as Dalfgan (that is if he even classifies as mortal).
  • Most mortals shouldn't be able to create life. 

    However, this could be easily be false as Erase exists. If regular people can use Erase, which can destroy life, then perhaps they can create life as well. 
  • On top of that I feel that only the dragon aspects are the ones that can possibly lift the ageless curse, maybe even only 2 or 3 of them.
  • Dimensional type abilities should be reserved for Gods/Devines. The only example I can provide has to do with Vlaurunga's flames; I can see them being so hot they melt space and time. One blast and bam, you never existed to begin with, you were scorched in your mothers womb.
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    Any focused sight or prediction of the past or future should only be given by divines and dragons.

    To clarify Dream Weavers can kind get a glimpse past and future at random times but only divines can know for sure what did or will happen

  • @Razer Well, it did take him time and he needed protecting. @TheRagingPyro Well, most don't since you need two synchronised throats. Right? - Immortality, perfect future-sight, insta-mass teleportation (So, basically what Razer said), perfect magical-protection (so, complete immunity to all elements)... There's not really much I'd say other than "the super powerful versions of spells mortals can do".
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    Transmutation should be at bare minimum given to only very powerful mages IMO

    Edit: There's a little of it already with gold and magic kinda, but I mean like other materials.
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    On the opposite side of creation possibly oblivion. Now this isn't just some brutal death roll where characters only die, I mean full on erasing from existence. If a character were to be erased every single aspect of them would be removed from the world, memories, their accomplishments, everything about them would cease to exist.
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    Spontaneous creation and Resurrection of Life, different from puppeteer shenanigans. Both making people pregnant and also creating new forms of life

    Also the creation of Planes/Realms such as the Realm of Holding

    Time Travel (If that's a thing) should definitely be limited to divine tier characters

    Bestowing Sentience/Sapience like Thor did with the Kobolds, also taking people intelligence maybe - Ropes into ideas like stealing or restoring people's Sanity -> Phineas

    Do Divines or Aspects grant wishes? To what Degree? 

    Do Divine's know of the Old Gods, how they Interfere?

    Could a Divine bring someone back form the dead, would that cause a sin of the unforgotten?

    Spontaneously change peoples Race/Class/Gender like we saw in the Catacombs. On that note can they strip a characters magical abilities from them?

    Can they bestow Knowledge, Immortality or abilities to their followers?

    Is one Divine able to kill another Divine, or other immortal being?

    Can divines create other divine's?

    I know I'm posing these ideas as questions, and some are more lore related then actual abilities, but they all more or less relate to the power levels of the different Deities.
  • Regular Mortals should not be able to anticipate an incoming attack, but the feeling of this attack inbound is vague, as in they might know that someone will attack them soon, but they don't know exactly how, giving them an advantage in combat. Also, flight, creation magic, immortality and Kamehameha type spells.
  • A small list on Dimensional abilities the other Dragon Aspects could have:

    Ouro'ras: Break the speed of light. Interrupt an interrupt; ultimate divine intervention
    Rokesh: (Slight rip off of White Beard from One Piece) Earthquakes that crack and break space itself
    Yvander: Universal heat death; solidification of the soul/mind
    Vlaurunga: (mentioned above) Fires that melt space and time
    Quintara Lotus: Alter reality, access other realities; the ability to swap out "powerful" enemies with the weakest version of themselves across all realities but retain all their memories.
    Golestandt- Instant Death streatched for an eternity; no rolls

  • I'm just going to type a list: (And I'm going to borrow stuff from my own mini-universe)
    Gods should only:
    • Remove the Curse of Medusa
    • Instantly kill a civilization of people. For example, they can just snap their finger and OH NO, all the porcs are dead (I think this should be reserved for Dragon Aspects)
    Most mortals should not:
    • Wield Creation Magic (Obviously)
    • Use any form of magic that involves the moon or sun
    • Reverse the Ageless Curse
    • Learn Legendary Spells
    • Traverse through the void
    Gods/Divines (Not Dragon Aspects) should NOT kill other gods/divines. I imagine the gods of Urealms are just a giant dysfunctional family that's forced to live together. Dragon Aspects can just kill divines. 

    Mortals/Regular people should BE ABLE TO kill gods/divines. It's mostly for poetic reasons.
    (Ugh. That's all I can think of at the moment) 
  • I would just say the manipulation of reality without proper magics, whether it be summoning someone who was once dead back to life in an instant or completely erasing something from existence. Or just changing the properties of the known Realms universe, like making all grass blue or changing a group of elves into Beenu, a dead race. Anything that really breaks any real laws or rules in the world that had been set before. It is tough to explain, I guess, but something that would be pretty much inconceivable for a mere mortal to accomplish.
    If the Grand Paladin Order were to fight the Ageless in a giant war and a character wanted to stop it, they wouldn't even consider having the power to revert the Ageless back to being Living again, because that power is something they do not possess. But a deity could essentially do anything. They could even erase the idea of conflict from the universe, and thus make them live in harmony.
    It's anything that would make someone be in awe of their power, because they themselves can never obtain it. The bending or breaking of the rules of the universe.
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    • mortals cant use time magic, like going back in time to change a big event. I dont know if you want gods to have the power of time but mortals should absolutely not able to change time
  • Mortals should not be able to have children with divine beings or dragon aspects
  • @Murlin22 Just curious, but why? 
  • @UnluckyBimi ;
    Having demigod-like characters can be very hard to deal with as far as writing is concerned, unlike the gods they would be partly mortal which means they may interact and live among mortals despite being obscenely stronger than any mortal could ever be, unlike dragon aspects they would most likely participate in wars and help major organisations meaning if the Paladins had a demigod son of Ouro'ras rob would have to make an equally powerful opponent to him, but then again it's rawb and maybe he will have Demi gods 
  • @UnluckyBimi @Murlin22
    That does make sense. But who knows? It could be a Divine Decision one day
  • I know sandbolds already exist and I don't know the extent of their power, but having the power to control time (not time travel) is one of the most powerful power a character can have. Having the power to stop, slow down, or accelerate time, can make a character immensely powerful because time affects everything in a world. In that sense, you can make your time power affect divines or maybe even dragon aspect, because no entities live outside time.

    Divines may also be able to remove magic from a mortal, like a curse, so a character may never be able to cast any spell (I think it would be a pretty big thing in the Urealms world).

    Reality manipulation may also be a power for divines only as the opposite of illusion for mortal character. A mortal could trick another mortal by making him believe he was in a cave filled with lava, but a divine could literally change the environment of a character and create a cave filled with lava.

    It could also be interesting if mortal can become divines without the help of another divines or of a dragon aspect.
  • create new types of magic but that would limit the mortals.
  • Why is it such a simple yet difficult question? "What can a god do that others can't, expect for the obvious?" I can't think of anything, probably because I am not a god. Maybe they have abilities and an understanding of the world so much more powerful than anything mortals know, that they cant even comprehend their power. Maybe go a rout similar to the gnomish origin. There power is so vast and so strong, but no one know what it is.
  • Only Divines should be able to brew a drink so powerful that even the Old God Deadbones can't finish it.

    Would a divine be able to make a Believer believe in the possibility that they are a Believer? Would a self aware Believer be able to rewrite their own story as it happens, giving themselves skills and abilities they otherwise wouldn't possess?
  • I agree with Viizko. From what I understand, Dragon Aspects and Divines are almost completely godlike in power. I think some basic concepts of their power would be able to be recognized by mortals such as creation magic or absolute destruction, but others would just be too powerful and complicated that most mortals are incapable of truly understanding the power of Dragon Aspects and Divines. With this statement, I believe one major factor separating the Dragon Aspects and Divines with mortals is the ability to comprehend absolute power. For example, a Dragon Aspect may think creation magic is laughably simple and altering reality simple as snapping their fingers, while the average mortal wouldn't be able to harness or even comprehend that power within lifetimes. Dragon Aspects and Divines just have a stronger sense of omnipotence than the average mortal has.
  • Gods, Divines and Dragon Aspect cannot effect those with the blasphemous attribute for the same reason that blasphemous cannot cast spells. It's like water and oil, they just don't interact. It would explain why blasphemous people aren't just smote down and could provide an interesting monkey wrench somewhere down the line.

    Divines can find out where gnomes come from, but both mortals and old gods cannot. Doesn't mean that they all know, just that they have the ability to, but they can't and/or won't share that information with us. 

    Divines are more real then physical things. If a spell can be used to dispel "real" objects like it was an illusion, that won't work on a Divine. It may look to a casual observe that they can phase through things, but the reality is that those things are phasing through them. Sure mortals can walk thought walls but that is a process that expends magical energy, while for a Divine it's just how the metaphysics works.

    In general, many things that take effort and expended resources for a mortal to do, a Divine can just do by default. As such Divines can treat limited or anytime action gems as regular action gems.
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    Soul manipulation / creation. Probably, way too many ways to make that into a instant kill spell / making entirely new races/ messing with the nature of creatures in permanent ways. So many applications of soul magic, so it should probably be a divine only thing. (though maybe the instant kill would fit as a legendary spell)

  • I'd say physically altering their own body, or shapeshifting. Some mortals have the lite-version of these abilities like with Disguise or the Azveltarans, but I mean like permanent changes to their body or form that they can just do at any time. Like Golestandt changing into an elf. The divine feels like being an elephelk? They can just turn into it. They want to be 50 feet tall? They can just do it.
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    @SoliceEclipse That's an interesting thought about Believers. If Dragon Aspects and Divines have godlike powers, they might be able to convince a believer that they are a believer and be able to change their story. However, one thing that sticks out to me is that (from what I know and remember) we don't have any insight into any restrictions believers have based on their stories. For example, if a believer was the result of a book on a new Dragon Aspect, would a new god be created? Can a Dragon Aspect indirectly create another god or Dragon Aspect?
  • divines and dragon aspects should be able to accurately predict a characters future. Especially now that visions are no longer trustworthy for the most part.
  • Bring the dead back to (true) life. Not ageless, not a ghost, not some not-yet-seen lich form, true life.
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